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    Sandals resorts are made for honeymooning. Set in the idillic Caribbean, these resorts are both All-Inclusive and Adults-Only. Sandals resorts are located in Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua, The Bahamas, Grenada, and Barbados.

    Their amazing all-inclusive offering includes eating at 5-star restaurants, unlimited premium liquors, roundtrip airport transfers, free wifi, personal butler service, and many activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and golf.

    All visits to a Sandals are romantic, but they offer special honeymoon deals to start the perfect marriage. Sandals has been named the Caribbean’s Leading Hotel Brand at the World Travel Awards for the past two decades. Unquestionably, Sandals is the pinnacle of romantic beach vacations and HoneymoonGoals.com’s favorite honeymoon brand.

    Sound amazing? Well here are the best Sandals resorts for your honeymoon:

    Best Sandals Resorts for Your Honeymoon

    1 Sandals Grande St. Lucian Sandals.com โžก
    2 Sandals South Coast Sandals.com โžก
    3 Sandals Montego Bay Sandals.com โžก
    4 Sandals Grenada Sandals.com โžก
    5 Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort and Private Island Sandals.com โžก
    6 Sandals Halcyon Beach Sandals.com โžก
    7 Sandals Negril Sandals.com โžก
    8 Sandals Royal Barbados Sandals.com โžก
    9 Sandals Royal Bahamian Sandals.com โžก
    10 Sandals Grande Antigua Sandals.com โžก

    Sandals Grande St. Lucian

    An idyllic all-inclusive resort situated on its very own island, Sandals Grande St. Lucian is often described as a “closest holiday to a picture-perfect postcard.” Cradled to the west by Rodney Bay-with the calmest waters in all of St. Lucia-and to the east by the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean, this spectacular adult-only resort features stunning panoramic views and over – the-water landscapes.

    Volcanic mountains covered with green blankets emerge majestically from the impossibly clear blue sea. A protected mile-long beach offers an open invitation to days of constant water recreation. This is paradise as it was meant to be, full of natural beauty, rich in history, and full of pure romance.

    Sandals Grande St. Lucian Information

    Average Price Range: $650 to $2300

    All Inclusive: Yes

    Adults Only: Yes

    Villas Available: Yes

    Distance to Airport: 20 minutes

    Number of Rooms: 301


    Sandals South Coast

    The new Sandals South Coast is the perfect combination of European civility in an all-inclusive beachfront destination. From the brand new Over – the-Water Bungalows, the overwater bar and the romantic Over – the-Water Chapel, Sandals South Coast brings guests closer to the water than ever before.

    Set on a 2-mile strip of Jamaica’s most beautiful white sandy beach on the south coast and nestled within a 500-acre nature reserve, this stunning seaside oasis includes three distinctive European villages. Relax by one of the three baths, including Jamaica’s biggest, or dine at the new Sushi in the Sand restaurant.

    Sandals South Coast Information

    Average Price Range: $540 to $1925

    All Inclusive: Yes

    Adults Only: Yes

    Villas Available: Yes

    Distance to Airport: 45 minutes

    Number of Rooms: 360


    Sandals Montego Bay

    The very first Sandals has recently been masterfully reimagined as a modern, open concept, 5-Star Luxury Included, beach resort. Innovative and luxurious, Sandals Montego Bay is an adult-only beach nestled along the never-ending shoreline of Jamaica’s most exclusive private white sandy beach, where offshore reefs produce the calmest waters for recreation.

    Discover a chic and casual oasis, a stone’s throw from the water, evoking a carefree spirit of romance and luxury. The breathtaking open-air lobby with incredible sea views captures the island’s atmosphere. Stay in an over-the-water bungalow for an over-the-top experience during your honeymoon.

    Sandals Montego Bay Information

    Average Price Range: $617 to $2118

    All Inclusive: Yes

    Adults Only: Yes

    Villas Available: Yes

    Distance to Airport: 10 minutes

    Number of Rooms: 223


    Sandals Grenada

    Defying every convention of traditional design, Sandals’ new all-inclusive resort in Grenada takes innovation beyond the realm of imagination to create an extraordinary adult-only resort unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Swimming pools in the clouds and living rooms in swimming pools.

    Personal swimming pools, cascading waterfalls and meandering river streams. Here, in the heart of Grenada’s famous Pink Gin Beach, on an exclusive island paradise where the intoxicating scent of herbs and tropical blooms creates a heady elixir of magic, we’ve made the best of it to create a whole new Sandals experience… It’s one that takes you beyond the unexpected.

    Sandals Grenada Information

    Average Price Range: $600 to $2300

    All Inclusive: Yes

    Adults Only: Yes

    Villas Available: Yes

    Distance to Airport: 5 minutes

    Number of Rooms: 225


    Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort and Private Island

    At Jamaica’s most luxurious all-inclusive resort, two separate holidays are combined into one and provided with tropical island hospitality, rendering your stay in Jamaica a trip to recall.A kaleidoscope of lifestyles from Britain to Bali is prepared for you at Sandals Royal Caribbean. The resort’s undoubtedly British legacy starts with the Majestic Georgian-style Great House, flanked by manicured gardens and roaming peacocks-all complemented by well-healed rituals such as afternoon tea and a rousing game of croquet.

    Minutes away on this adults-only resort’s private offshore island, you’ll find luxurious Water Bungalows. The mysteries of the Orient unfold in a secluded natural setting where casual poolside and beachside pleasures can be enjoyed by day, while chic parties, an authentic Thai restaurant, and island-style extravaganzas invite excitement by night.

    Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort and Private Island Information

    Average Price Range: $500 to $1650

    All Inclusive: Yes

    Adults Only: Yes

    Villas Available: Yes

    Distance to Airport: 10 minutes

    Number of Rooms: 197


    Sandals Halcyon Beach

    If ever there was an all-inclusive resort that celebrates the quintessential Mediterranean, the only adult destination in Saint Lucia is Sandals Halcyon Bay. Here, in the middle of a tropical utopia, where majestic palm trees line the pristine beach and the green mountains rise from the turquoise sea, you will discover a charming and intimate sanctuary that is the essence of its name… quiet and cool.

    This is the real Garden of Eden, a Mediterranean beach resort where the senses are enriched by shimmering sea breezes, enticing ocean waters, and fragrant tropical blooms. Experience the all-new Beachfront Honeymoon Butler Suites with a private deck and plunge pool or enjoy gourmet dining in six specialty restaurants.

    Sandals Halcyon Beach Information

    Average Price Range: $560 to $1660

    All Inclusive: Yes

    Adults Only: Yes

    Villas Available: Yes

    Distance to Airport: 15 minutes

    Number of Rooms: 169


    Sandals Negril

    Love for Mother Nature ensures that Jamaica’s hippest adults-only resort is also the greenest resort-have been awarded the EarthCheck Double Platinum Certification for over a decade of unwavering commitment to environmental excellence. Come and let your love bloom in the barefoot elegance and chill-out atmosphere that is uniquely Sandals Negril.

    With its blissful ambience of calm, pleasant and uninhibited revelry, Sandals ‘ all-inclusive Negril resort epitomizes the free-spirited style that has long made Negril a tropical destination of choice for fun-loving enthusiasts. Here on pure white beaches kissed by the sea of aquamarine, this decadent Caribbean beach resort is nestled in lushly landscaped acres along the famous Seven-Mile Beach coast, taking you closer to the water than anywhere else in Negril.

    Sandals Negril Information

    Average Price Range: $500 to $1500

    All Inclusive: Yes

    Adults Only: Yes

    Villas Available: Yes

    Distance to Airport: 45 minutes

    Number of Rooms: 226


    Sandals Royal Barbados

    Enjoy Royal Treatment at Sandals Royal Barbados,ย one of two Sandals resorts on Barbados.

    Sandals Royal Barbados offers honeymooners uniqueย  accommodations including magnificent honeymoon suites. You can’t go wrong in a Sandals Royal Barbados suite with luxurious names like “Skypool”, “Swim-Up”, and “Millionaire”.

    Additionally, the all-inclusive resort also features six gourmet restaurants, gourmet donut shop, 4-lane bowling alley, rooftop bar, and enormous spa to relax with your spouse.

    Exclusive exchange privileges with nearby Sandals Barbados add to the resorts overflowing all-inclusive amenities like entertainment including live shows, stocked bars in every room, bowling at Lovers Lanes, and so much more.

    Sandals Royal Barbados Information

    Average Price Range: $675 to $2700

    All Inclusive: Yes

    Adults Only: Yes

    Villas Available: Yes

    Distance to Airport: 15 minutes

    Number of Rooms: 222


    Sandals Royal Bahamian

    Experience royal treatment at this glamorous adults-only resort featuring all-new River Pool Swim-up suites with butler service, two pristine white sandy beaches, and exclusive VIP airport transfers to Rolls-Royce or Mercedes-Benz butlers. Experience a new level of luxury at the most elegant all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas. Sandals Royal Bahamas is a combination of Western elegance and a tropical offshore island experience.

    Once the home of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, this beach resort features two sky-size colonnaded pools spanning the emerald shore, a 5-star Global Gourmet catering with 11 specialized restaurants and an award-winning Red Laneยฎ Spa.

    Sandals Royal Bahamian Information

    Average Price Range: $600 to $1800

    All Inclusive: Yes

    Adults Only: Yes

    Villas Available: Yes

    Distance to Airport: 15 minutes

    Number of Rooms: 400


    Sandals Grande Antigua

    Voted “World’s Most Romantic Hotel” year after year, the only adult hotel of Sandals Grande Antigua is situated on Antigua’s finest and most popular reef, Dickenson Bay. Explore the Caribbean Beachfront Village, a charming seaside garden oasis steeped in meandering paths, majestic palms and cooling Trade Winds.

    Venture into the world of trendy elegance where European grandeur unfolds from the hillside to the seaside villas of the Six-Star, the all-suite Mediterranean Oceanview Village. Relax on the silk-soft, pure white sands and let the warmth of the Caribbean fill your senses. Create the legend of your own lover as you share the most romantic holiday of your life. It’s two different universes

    Sandals Grande Antigua Information

    Average Price Range: $575 to $2000

    All Inclusive: No

    Adults Only: No

    Villas Available: No

    Distance to Airport: 20 minutes

    Number of Rooms: 373

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      About Sandals

      Sandals operates 15 amazing all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. Sandals resorts are situated on six of the most gorgeous Caribbean islands.

      Sandals resorts are specifically designed for couples, creating the perfect romantic getaway for newlyweds.

      Every Sandals resort is on a beach, so you are never far from the famed turquoise Caribbean waters. Sandals has resorts in Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua, The Bahamas, Grenada and Barbados.

      There is no shortage of activities and things to do. An all-inclusive Sandals honeymoon offers unlimited gourmet dining at up to sixteen specialty restaurants at your resort, access to land and water sports, and the most romantic suites. Additionally, a Sandals all-inclusive package includes complimentary green fees at our golf resorts and PADIยฎ certified scuba diving at most resorts.

      Sandals also offers a FREE upgrade to their honeymoon package after you book your stay and provide evidence of the wedding (marriage license or wedding invitation).

      In all, a Sandals honeymoon is truly one of the best options in the world.

      Best Time to Visit Sandals

      The best time to visit the Caribbean is generally considered to be December to April.

      This time of year is slightly cooler than the hot summer months. Additionally, it is drier and less humid. Many honeymooners from further north book their honeymoons during this time to escape the northern winter.

      May to November can be rainy but is still a great option because the Caribbean is always beautiful when the weather cooperates. Something to watch out for is hurricanes, which are most likely to occur from July to October.



      Weather in Sandals

      All of Sandals’ 15 resorts are located in the Caribbean, which is known for having an incredible climate.ย  Temperatures in the Caribbean stay relatively consistent at a lovely 75-85ยฐF year round.

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