Abu Dhabi is an Emirate in the UAE located on the southern part of the Persian Gulf and is made up of a number of separate islands. With all of its Arabic offerings, Abu Dhabi may well be the most exotic honeymoon destination imaginable. 

Lounge on the beach, check out some incredible mosques located next to some of the most futuristic architecture in the world. It’s a unique blend of old and new. Visit the local souks, or just play with the animals at the Abu Dhabi Zoo. You will find some of the finest dining available in Abu Dhabi – sheiks aren’t known to catch a hot dog on the run. 

Abu Dhabi radiates luxury, whether it’s the city’s first-class accommodations or restaurants fit for an emir, it provides a new definition to pampering and extravagance. In Abu Dhabi, the living is both easy and rich. And there are many mysteries to be explored. It’s like stepping into Aladdin’s Lamp.

The city exudes a rich historic culture, such as the grand Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which has been described as “poetry in stone.” On the island of Saadiyat, you’ll find first-rate art at the Louvre Abu Dhabi near the tranquil beach. A fun theme park is located on the Yes Island and perfect for a fun honeymoon frolic. Ride the world’s fastest rollercoaster, then ride a Ferrari on a real racetrack. That’s just an average day on your Abu Dhabi honeymoon.

Be aware that in Abu Dhabi, as a tourist, you will only be able to drink at licensed restaurants and clubs.

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The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi

Legendary Arabic Luxury

At The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal, escape to a world of Middle Eastern opulence. Each moment reawakens the senses, from sunrises over Al Maqta Creek to sunsets that illuminate Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The resort has eight restaurants and five-star accommodation, situated inside 10 Venetian-inspired buildings that form a crescent around one of the largest outdoor pools in the area.

Choose from a variety of options for accommodation and enjoy free breakfast and valet parking. Visit our schedule of events and discover the daily offerings of our restaurants. A wide variety of happenings await, from happy hours to themed night. Join us for a delightful afternoon tea followed by your favorite tea mix, including savory hors d’oeuvres, scones, and chocolate treats.

Discover the stunning indoor and outdoor venues ideally suited to wedding ceremonies, setting a new standard in romantic elegance.

More Information on The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi

Average Price Range: $140 to $316

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Distance to Airport: 21 minutes

Number of Rooms: 532


The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi

Rejuvenate with an Unrivaled Attention to Detail

The 5-star destination resort, overlooking a pristine beach, the cerulean Arabian Gulf, and the celebrated Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, presents a serene escape and captivating wildlife just minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi and the Cultural District of Saadiyat. We invite resort guests to rejuvenate at Iridium Spa, energize in the luxury indoor lap pool or three outdoor pools, or bask on the private Abu Dhabi beach before dining at one of six destination restaurants and bars. Boasting the island’s main address.

In the refined hotel rooms and suites, which each boast a private balcony and signature St. Regis Butler service-available at any time, day or night, Mediterranean-inspired architecture combines modern interiors and tactile natural materials. Dining at the resort is a culinary delight where guests can choose from six restaurants that are unique. The individually designed venues and exclusive environments give guests every chance to have memorable dining experiences.

More Information on The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi

Average Price Range: $194 to $637

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 27 minutes

Number of Rooms: 377


Qasr Al Sarab Resort

Unparalleled Seclusion and Majesty Awaits You

On the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, the Empty Quarter, the world’s largest sand desert, beckons. Anantara’s Qasr Al Sarab rises like a mirage from flame-colored dunes, inviting adventure in the most luxurious of styles. Traverse the camelback of the Rub ‘al Khali. Dine under the desert heavens. At our relaxing Abu Dhabi spa, unwind with hammam and desert rose rituals.

Endless dunes to admire from your ideal oasis. A lush terrace with a garden facing arid beauty. Sunsets elevated from your balcony. A panorama of the desert from your wrap-around sun lounge. Your desert sanctuary awaits, unparalleled in seclusion and majesty. Dinner and lounge with panoramic dune views. In your private pool, refresh yourself. Glance on your terrace over desert grandeur-sunbathing by day and dining in total seclusion under starry nights.

Spacious rooms and suites are housed in a fortress of turrets, courtyards, and fountains, while pool villas stand apart opposite the sunset Royal Pavilion Villas is one of the finest 5-star hotels in Abu Dhabi.

More Information on Qasr Al Sarab Resort

Average Price Range: $283 to $758

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Distance to Airport: 127 minutes

Number of Rooms: 206


Royal Pavilion Villas

Immerse and Envelop Yourself Otherworldly Beauty

Escape, in the aptly named Empty Quarter, from everyday life and into the desert. Just an hour and a half minutes from Abu Dhabi, in Liwa Hotel in Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest sand desert envelops you in otherworldly beauty. Travel in over blazing dunes by helicopter, or go in by camel procession. Luxuriate in the seclusion of the pool villa, with only ten villas dotted across the countryside.

Each experience at Abu Dhabi’s Royal Pavilion Villas is private and personalized. Dine with your personal chef on hand in your leisure time. For adventure and discovery, head out. Your desert sanctuary awaits, unparalleled in seclusion and majesty. Swimming, lounging, and dining, surrounded by nothing but sand dunes. Dine as and when you like, with our restaurants exclusively reserved for guests of the Royal Pavilion and open upon request. Customize each meal with your chef. Cross the desert to dining at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, for a change of scene. All of this gives fine dining in Abu Dhabi a new definition.

More Information on Royal Pavilion Villas

Average Price Range: $2010 to $2010

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Distance to Airport: 120 minutes

Number of Rooms: 75


The St. Regis Abu Dhabi

Vibrant Destination Distinguished by its Indoor-outdoor Flow

Effortlessly combining genuine Arabian hospitality with over a hundred years of bespoke St. Regis tradition, the St. Regis Abu Dhabi. In addition to its sandy beach, the hotel provides direct access to the private Nation Riviera Beach Resort, including a health and fitness center, a children’s club, and a wonderful renovated swimming pool.

The St. Regis Abu Dhabi is also in close proximity to the trendy and sophisticated district of Al Bateen, Qasr Al Watan, Emirates Palace, and many of the city’s embassies, oil and gas companies or business institutions, adjacent to the Nation Galleria Mall with more than 60 retail stores, a cinema and a range of entertainment options.

The St. Regis Abu Dhabi, being a luxury hotel, yet creating boutique experiences, is the social epicenter of royalty and luminaries in the art of West Corniche residential living. St. Regis Abu Dhabi offers a world of dining and entertainment. At any time of the day, guests and visitors can experience a splendidly balanced mix of intriguing yet sophisticated tastes, flavors, and sensations in superlative restaurants and bars.

More Information on The St. Regis Abu Dhabi

Average Price Range: $160 to $491

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Distance to Airport: 24 minutes

Number of Rooms: 283


Desert Islands Resort

A Green Oasis Overlooking the Ocean

Anantara’s Desert Islands Resort & Spa invites you to immerse yourself in Wadi adventures and discoveries. Embark on wildlife drives for families. Explore rock formations and ancient ruins by horseback. Just some of the many activities on offer are finding new passions for falconry, land sailing, and archery. Sir Bani Yas Island, founded by His Majesty Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, is a protected wildlife sanctuary just off the coast of Abu Dhabi. The island offers a distinct escape from the planet and is home to free-roaming animals, including the nearly extinct Arabian Oryx.

With floor-to-ceiling windows offering inspiring views, Desert Islands rooms are spacious and bright. From a ground floor terrace close to the resort pool to a top-floor balcony with an ocean panorama, choose your setting. Formerly the Emirati royals’ holiday retreat, the Desert Islands offers elegant relaxation in the most extraordinary of resorts in Abu Dhabi.

More Information on Desert Islands Resort

Average Price Range: $203 to $497

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Distance to Airport: 8 minutes

Number of Rooms: 64


Al Yamm Resort

Immerse Yourself In The Majesty Of Nature and its Elegance

Hideaway from the pool or get out and explore the waters, kayaking or horseback riding across the island. At our resort in Abu Dhabi, Snorkel protected reefs and immersed themselves in the majesty of nature. Sir Bani Yas Island, founded by His Majesty Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, is a wildlife sanctuary just off the coast of Abu Dhabi. The island offers a distinct escape from the world and is home to free-roaming animals, including the nearly extinct Arabian Oryx.

In beach villas reminiscent of ancient Bedouin Barasti dwellings, Anantara Al Yamm offers luxury castaway accommodation. From your outdoor terrace, take in the mesmerizing views of migratory birds. In beach villas, prominent among Abu Dhabi beach resorts, Anantara Al Yamm provides luxury castaway accommodation reminiscent of old Bedouin Barasti dwellings. Unwind with mangrove or Arabian Gulf views in serene comfort and elegance. From your outdoor terrace, take in the mesmerizing views of migratory birds.

More Information on Al Yamm Resort

Average Price Range: $378 to $891

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Distance to Airport: 5 minutes

Number of Rooms: 29


Eastern Mangroves Hotel

Spend Days Refreshed in the Expanse of Mangroves and Tranquillity

The Anantara Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi Hotel, combining business and leisure, borders the skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi on one side and refreshes an expanse of mangroves and tranquillity on the other. During your stay at one of the most popular five-star hotels in Abu Dhabi, spend productive days in the city center, then return to strolling, waterfront swimming, and mangrove kayaking.

Spacious, contemporary, and light-flooded rooms with modern amenities to enhance your stay. Choose your outlook and enjoy your private balcony, from the inspiring skyline to the peaceful mangroves. With a private entrance, rooftop terrace, and infinity pool, suites range from luxurious to one-of-a-kind. Enjoy indoor and outdoor living spaces overlooking the mangroves with unrivaled views. Anantara offers a peaceful urban sanctuary, with private balconies overlooking the skyline of the city or the mangroves. Choose Kasara Executive accommodation from the moment of arrival and enjoy a host of personalized privileges.

More Information on Eastern Mangroves Hotel

Average Price Range: $98 to $226

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 22 minutes

Number of Rooms: 222

About Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has such natural beauty and astonishing manmade attractions, it can be a challenge to the senses. It a city that is Instagram-ready at all times. The towering high-rises, the desert, mountains, and the beaches, plush restaurants, and grand mosques all add up to a vast treasure found nowhere else. While most of the city of Abu Dhabi is on one island, there are 200 smaller islands also worth exploring. Abu Dhabi began its life as a Bedouin settlement with a mere 40,000 inhabitants. It wasn’t until 1967 that all that sand was transformed into an architectural marvel. Now, close to three million citizens live here. And visitors come to celebrate the luxury, if only for a limited time.

Away from the grandeur of the inner city, you will the 4,000-foot Jebel Hafeet mountain. It is the sole mountain in Abu Dhabi and stands tall to guard to city. The best time to visit here is during the winter and spring months. You can drive to the top and enjoy one of the most stunning views in the Emirate. You’ll find a lovely resort, the Mercure Jebel Hafeet, for an overnight stay. With most of Abu Dhabi consisting of a desert-like terrain, you’ll marvel at the lush greenery surrounding the mountain during you Abu Dhabi honeymoon.

For a totally different perspective of Abu Dhabi, visit Al Ain, a 4,000-year-old oasis found within the city. Before Abu Dhabi grew into a powerful entity, this was a stop for thirsty camel trekkers. Older and less modern than the main city, Al Ain houses 600,000 people and hundreds of farms. Al-Ain is a great way to learn about traditional desert living, and the oasis draws a lot of visitors. Stop at the entrance for a video that explains how the Al Ain oasis functions. You’ll learn about the 3,000-year-old irrigation system, then feel free to wander down the roads and the farms themselves. They are used to tourists and frequently hold special events.

There is no doubt that Abu Dhabi, for all that it has to offer, is partially defined by its architecture. In addition to some magnificent mosques, there is Qasr al Watan, the Presidential palace and a functioning government office. Don’t miss the round Aldar HQ building, which resembles a cookie. Outdoing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Capital Gate building, known as the “Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi,” is a 35-floor structure built at an 18 angle. 

There are many other marvelous towers, and a tour of buildings on your Abu Dhabi honeymoon is highly recommended.

While there are no direct restrictions on what to wear in Abu Dhabi, it’s a very conservative country. No thongs at the beach. At a mall, your clothes should cover you from the shoulders to the knees. Shorts are not considered respectful. It’s no major problem if you transgress, though. A security guard will politely speak with you and provide you with more covering, if needed. 

When entering the Grand Mosque, women need to wear an abaya. You will be provided with one for free at the entrance.

At the pool or at the beach, feel free to wear a bikini, or lean toward a one-piece bathing suit.

Best Time to Visit Abu Dhabi

The winter months of November through March are comfortable and constitute the prime time to visit Abu Dhabi. Temperatures reach a comfortable 89 degrees. There is only a slight rainfall during this period. If the ocean is too cool for swimming, be assured your hotel’s swimming pool will be heated. 

If you are planning on a winter Abu Dhabi honeymoon, this is the time for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and other festivities before the temperature begins to soar. 

The summer months, on the other hand, are hot. This is a desert, and the temperature can easily top 100 degrees and reach 120 degrees. The ocean waters can get incredibly warm and cease to be refreshing. Sandstorms are not unheard of. Of course, this is not the prime tourist season, and flights and accommodations can be had for cheap if you don’t mind boiling.

Spring and fall transition seasons tend to be short. The weather goes directly from comfortable to the boiling point.

Abu Dhabi’s most important holiday, Ramadan, falls between April and May. This is seriously observed. You will not be able to eat in public or show any display of affection. Dress must be very modest. Visiting during Ramadan will be different than visiting at any other time but will allow you to immerse yourself in the experience. Businesses will only open during the evening after being closed during the day.

Top Things to do in Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace is the world’s most expensive hotel. As soon as you set foot into its 240-foot atrium, you are surrounded by sheer opulence. While the top suite may be out of your budget at $15,000 per night, spending a night or two at some of the less expensive rooms at $400 a night will serve as the perfect way to begin your marriage and provide you with a lifetime of memories. Each room comes with its own butler.

From the building itself to the lush gardens with fountains, the Emirates Palace is pure indulgence. It directly overlooks the beach and pure waters. Much of the Palace is constructed with marble and real gold. You will even find a vending machine that spits out gold bars! When the sun sets, the Palace has an actual golden glow. The Palace is huge, with 114 domes, 1002 chandeliers, and 102 elevators, and an attentive staff of 2,600. There are 14 restaurants for your eating pleasure, and the food is divine. Divine enough to use 11 pounds of gold annually just to decorate their cuisine. The cheesecake is gold-encrusted, and Sara Lee is shocked.

If you feel the Emirates Palace is out of your price range, here is a secret. Take a free tour of the entire property and revel in this Arabic fantasy. Then splurge at one of the restaurants for one of their incredible meals. 

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This mosque is the largest in the world (everything in Abu Dhabi seems larger than life). It has 1000 different columns, over 80 domes, the world largest (once again) rug and chandeliers. 

The Mosque may be explored privately, but joining an architectural tour is highly recommended. 

Desert Tours

When you are reveling in the grandeur that is Abu Dhabi, you can easily forget this is pure desert terrain. There are several tour providers, such as Emirate Tours, Abu Dhabi Adventure Tours, and Arabian Adventures that will lead you into the desert for some fun.

Dinner for Two Tour

Can life get any more romantic? Enjoy a private, romantic dinner for two amidst the dunes. You will be picked up taken into the desert for some dune bashing. That should get the adrenaline going. Stop for a bright and colorful sunset. Then, visit your destination. In true desert style, there will be carpets and plush cushions. Prepare yourself for a visit to a camel farm and a camel ride before dining. Dinner will be lit with candles. You will be dressed in authentic Bedouin clothes, which you get to keep as souvenirs. Feast on a tasty BBQ dinner accompanied by champagne. This will be an evening to remember. Call 971 2 441 0040 for more information.

Quad Bike Tour

Roar through the sand on a quad bike for about an hour. Your guide will train you and keep you safe. You can even dress in traditional Arab garb. Call 971 2 441 0040 for more information.


Gold is big in Abu Dhabi, and so much of it can be found at the local souk at the Marina Mall. You’ll find everything here, from a bowling alley to a movie theater to an amusement park. As you wander through the souk and its hundreds of stalls, prepare for sensory overload from the aroma of exotic spices. Also for sale is gold, and at some incredibly low prices. The observation deck offers a vista of the Emirates Palace and a breathtaking sunset. 

Weather in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has desert-like weather for the entire year, with little rain to cool things down. There is never any rain during the summer months of June through September, and bright sunshine can last for over ten hours a day. The temperature will likely be in the three-digits and can hit 120 degrees.

The temperature between the months of December and February are quite pleasant and can range from 67 to 80 degrees. The sun only shines for about eight hours during the day, giving the temperature some chance to remain cool during you Abu Dhabi honeymoon. 

Spring and fall tend to be short, but they bring some additional beauty. The cherry blossoms come alive during the spring and fill the city with a lovely scent. In the fall, the leaves change color and add an extra dimension to the landscape. Everyone loves a delightful picnic during the spring and fall months. T

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