You’ve already spent a few life savings worth on an incredible wedding, but we’re sure you want the magical moment to continue into your honeymoon. Considering some of the top budget-friendly honeymoon destinations can provide all of the romantic excitement for you and your new spouse while keeping money in your pocket.

Surveys show that most people wish they had more time and money to spend on their honeymoon, so these destinations help you accomplish both by not trekking too far from home to experience paradise!

1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a top honeymoon destination for all newlyweds, and it’s the perfect place to combine a budget-level expense with romantic getaway right in the US.

Many people go to Las Vegas to go married, so the city is set up perfectly for romance and after-wedding activities.

Las Vegas has some of the US’s best-themed hotels, which often provide honeymoon packages for a romantic room and amenities designed for couples. Surprise your spouse with a room full of flowers or petals leading to a candle-lit Jacuzzi.

Booking reservations at a romantic restaurant is easy with so many options. You could enjoy your meal over a bottle of champagne and views overlooking the famous Bellagio water fountain show.

In addition to romance, Las Vegas also gives you a bit of adventure, a top honeymoon priority for many couples. You can enjoy exploring the city is the hot weather or head out for a day trip to the Hoover Dam at the Grand Canyon.

2. San Francisco

Couples looking for the best budget city destinations for their honeymoon should highly consider San Francisco. San Francisco is a gem in California nearby to many city attractions and opportunities to explore just outside of the city.

San Francisco is along the bay, where you can find romantic cruises for dinner with stunning views of the skyline. San Francisco is also nearby the region’s top wine country, where you can spend an afternoon tasting some of the best wine in the state. When you get back in the city, take a stroll around Fisherman’s Wharf, the most popular area in SF for views along the pier, entertainment, and great restaurant options.

San Francisco is suitable for all budgets, with upscale hotels to budget-friendly options. The tranquility of the city is perfect for enjoying city life in California in a scenic destination.

3. Orlando

Florida is a major destination for honeymoon-goers, with many arriving at Disney World to spend their trip. Disney World isn’t just a place for kids, but also a perfect place for a honeymoon.

Traveling to Florida from almost anywhere in the US will save you time and money on travel to help keep you on budget. The good news is that you won’t sacrifice on the enjoyment of the honeymoon.

Disney World has unique resorts outfitted with amenities for couples. Some of the best things to do on a honeymoon at Disney World in Orlando is visiting the theme park, enjoying a couple’s spa, or having a romantic dinner for two.

Spending your honeymoon at Disney World will make it even more magical with the flexibility of fun in the beautiful weather and retreating to cozy rooms at night.

There are plenty of local events happening at Disney World for you to find a reason to dress up and have a newlywed’s night out.

4. The Dominican Republic

There are a couple of ways to reach the Caribbean from the continental US – by plane or cruise. However you arrive, you can be sure that the country has a lot in store for your honeymoon.

The Dominican Republic is a popular Caribbean destination for honeymooners. Traveling to DR is one of the cheapest countries in the region.

The most popular type of honeymoon, by far, is a beach vacation – the Dominican Republic has some of the most picturesque beaches and all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean.

Punta Cana, one of the top destinations located on the island’s coast, is an ideal budget destination for honeymoons. Consider the location of your idea of a perfect honeymoon that involves sunbathing on the beach with your spouse and enjoying beachside service.

The all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana are full of entertainment and nightlife to keep you occupied when the sun goes down.

5. Bahamas

Hop on a romantic cruise during your honeymoon and opt to spend a few nights in the Bahamas. Not only is it one of the best honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean, it’s also a very budget-friendly honeymoon destination.

Enjoy a stopover in the Bahamas to experience the pristine beaches and vibrant local culture. Your honeymoon is sure to be filled with lots of relaxation, great music, delicious food, and of course, romance.

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, has lots of accommodation options. It’s a popular docking port for cruises – in case the all-inclusive resorts are outside of your budget, the tourist-driven City has lots of other accommodations from hotel rooms to apartments or affordable villas.

When searching for a great honeymoon destination, you’ll find plenty of romantic packages that let you experience the Caribbean atmosphere from the Bahamas.

6. Aruba

If you only have a week to enjoy your honeymoon vacation and want to stay within the spending average of approximately $2500-3500, then Aruba is perhaps one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean.

Its location in the Caribbean makes it quick to travel to so you can spend more time relaxing on the Aruban beaches with your new spouse.

The best way to describe Aruba is white sand beaches and clear blue waters. There’s an abundance of it all! Spend some time relaxing or enjoying activities such as scuba diving or snorkeling in the ocean.

Aruba is a perfect destination for honeymooners thanks to hotels providing romantic packages with significant savings on activities and perks you’d be spending on anyway.

To get the best value at Aruba, take advantage of hotel specials, which you may even discover all-inclusive deals within your budget…

7. Cancun

Finding a budget honeymoon destination doesn’t necessarily mean only looking at the United States. Cancun, Mexico is a fantastic honeymoon destination that takes you far enough from home to make all of your friends envious.

Cancun is a resort city known for its perfect beaches. Since relaxing on the beach and great weather are top priorities to make a honeymoon special, Cancun has it all. And the best part is that it’s budget-friendly!

You can find lots of cheap round-trip flights to Cancun from around the US. Mexico also has a lower cost of living than home so that you can enjoy the luxuries of a five-star resort at the price of a 3-star hotel.

Cancun is a popular destination for couples with many activities, hotels, and restaurants set up for a romantic vacation. You’ll enjoy the best of the Mexican culture while not traveling too far from home to give you more time in paradise with your spouse.

8. Myrtle Beach

Since most people travel within the US for their honeymoon trip, Myrtle Beach is a destination that provides all of the perks of vacation while fitting into everyone’s honeymoon budget!

If you’re planning your honeymoon between June and August, Myrtle Beach is a dream destination located in South Carolina. It’s a time when the beaches are filled with lots of sunshine, warm waters, and seasonal attractions and restaurants are active for visitor traffic.

You won’t have to worry about busy tourist crowds at Myrtle Beach, thanks to specially designated honeymoon suites and beachfront hotels to get you an exclusive spot right on the beach to enjoy with your partner.

Myrtle Beach has something to do for all couples, with activities including romantic dinner cruises, visiting local wineries, or enjoying a casual stroll through the historic city center.

While Myrtle Beach isn’t the most exotic destination on our list, it’s filled with just enough excitement to make it an attractive place for an intimate honeymoon.

9. Costa Rica

You might be surprised at home budget-friendly a destination such as Costa Rica can be. Not only inexpensive, but it’s perhaps one of the most diverse places you can spend your honeymoon to stay thoroughly entertained for the duration of your trip.

Costa Rica is a relatively small country in Central America, so you have the added pleasure of spending time in one of the iconic destinations of Latin America. You can choose your city of choice based on what you want to do during your trip, or if time permits, explore the entire country.

The capital of Costa Rica, San José, lets you experience the vibrant local culture filled with art and history. For those interested in a beach honeymoon, consider Playa Hermosa, which literally translates to “beautiful beach.” For couples who want a bit of adventure, visit the rain forests to see the rich biodiversity of the country.

10. Jamaica

Ask any couple that’s been on a honeymoon cruise, and you’ll undoubtedly hear Jamaica as being one of the favorite destinations on the trip. With cruises becoming much more accessible, Jamaica is a perfect destination for a budget-friendly honeymoon.

Jamaica is one of the countries leading the growth of tourism in the Caribbean, and for a good reason.

Jamaica had lots of all-inclusive resorts for upscale holidays around the capital, Kingston. For those looking to have a romantic experience while saving money, there are other popular tourist destinations, such as Montego Bay.

Couples can enjoy the beach life on the island or venture through the nearby forests to find waterfalls and exotic wildlife.

Jamaica is well prepared for honeymooners, and many resorts provide romantic packages and dinner perks to make your trip that much more memorable.

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