Many people choose to go on their honeymoon in April, and there are plenty of reasons for that. First of all, it’s a good time to have your wedding this month because it’s already warm and sunny in most places of the world, but it’s not too hot either.

Then, you have the exotic destinations where it’s either the end of the wet season or the beginning of the dry season, a period known as “shoulder season”. So the weather will be pretty good for a honeymoon, and you will also end up paying less than in peak season.

Whether you decide to go to the Caribbean, Dubai, Africa, or Australia, there are plenty of amazing places to choose from. Now let’s have a look at the best honeymoon destinations to visit in April.

1. Grenada

The Caribbean island of Grenada is completely restored to its tropical beauty after sustaining damage from Hurricane Ivan. The island is thriving, including its spice trade, with many of the affiliated companies open to the public. 

Honeymooners can enjoy relaxing in the colorful capital city of St. George. Enjoy romantic views of the harbor and long strolls on the island’s pristine sandy beaches. One of the world’s top beaches, Grand Anse Beach, is a short walk away. The turquoise water creates a stunning backdrop for a beach wedding. You also won’t have any problems finding the perfect hotel or resort for your honeymoon stay. 

Nature lovers will enjoy wandering through the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, and make sure to visit the Grand Etang Lake. The trails will take you through the rainforest, where you can enjoy the native plants, along with tropical birds and monkeys.

2. St. Lucia

The island of St. Lucia is a favorite with honeymooners. The tropical island is also a great place to hold a destination wedding. Along with fabulous beach resorts, honeymooners can also stay in open-air accommodations or at a luxury boutique hotel. Infinity pools are standard at most resorts, along with butler service and gorgeous scenery. 

While September is one of the more affordable months on the island, it is also hurricane season. Inclement weather might be the trade-off for the lower hotel and airfare prices. During April, you get the best weather, perfect for taking in the sights and activities, so an April honeymoon is ideal. 

Scuba diving is popular, and most hotels partner with experienced dive shops. Lessons are available for new divers, and there are plenty of underwater sites to explore. Take a dip in The Soufriere Volcano Sulphur Springs. The experience will leave you rejuvenated and ready to enjoy your honeymoon trip.

3. Santorini, Greece

Santorini might be a small island, but honeymooners will find plenty to do. The island is surrounded by stunning, romantic views and picturesque villages and churches.

When it comes to choosing a place to stay, you aren’t going to have a problem finding the perfect hotel in one of the island’s villages. Perissa and Kamari offer budget-friendly lodging, but villages around the caldera offer the best views and plenty of romantic walks. 

Something you don’t want to miss during your honeymoon trip to Santorini is watching the sunset from Oia. The sight of the sun setting over the open water is a romantic experience you will never forget. 

You can also enjoy a catamaran cruise around the island. A helicopter tour is another fun option for adventurous couples.

4. Dubai

This is a very rich and glamorous city with the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

It includes giant malls, huge boulevards, amazing restaurants, and other interesting places to visit. The weather is also very warm, and the place has plenty of amazing beaches to lay on. So you can combine days of city exploration with days of just laying in the sun and swimming.

Summer in Dubai is unbearable because of the very high temperatures. But the weather in April is a bit more comfortable. Most tourist crowds come here earlier in the year when it’s even cooler, so this will mean that you will have quieter malls and beaches to enjoy.

5. Paris

There is nothing quite like Paris in April. The weather is ideal, flowers are blooming, and the City of Love has plenty to offer honeymooners. You can splurge and stay at a luxury hotel or keep costs lower. The choice is yours.

Along with fabulous food, don’t forget to try the wine. You can find wine tastings at several of the city’s finer establishments. The Louvre is a museum you don’t want to miss, and you will find several romantic paintings by famous French artists, including Money and Renoir.

The Eiffel Tower at sunset is the perfect way to start a romantic evening. Enjoy a glass of champagne on the top deck as you gaze out over the fabulous city.

6. Maldives

Honeymooners looking for a honeymoon filled with outdoor adventures will want to consider the Maldives. The weather in April is ideal for snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear turquoise waters.

You can enjoy relaxing swims in the warm water or take romantic strolls on the beach. Island-hopping is another fun activity. Helicopter tours are available if you want a bird’s eye view of the island.

You also want to take advantage of the opportunity to dine on the beach. Hopefully, you are there during a full moon. It makes for an incredibly romantic night.

7. Switzerland

The European nation may not be on your short list of potential honeymoon sites, but maybe it should be. Switzerland is a top-rated honeymoon destination that is also surprisingly affordable considering what the country has to offer.

Enjoy stunning views of the Alps from your hotel room and spend the day traveling through the mountains. You can rent bicycles for a romantic bike ride or hold hands while riding the train through the valleys.

The largest Alpine lake, Lake Geneva in Europe is in Switzerland. It is the ideal place for a stroll and picnic. The country offers something for every couple’s budget when it comes to finding a romantic place to stay.

8. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

April is one of the best times to visit the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora. Get ready for some seriously spectacular views and plenty of romance. Bora Bora is similar to the Maldives and Fiji but has its unique attractions.

While you expect to see turquoise water from your resort or hotel window, there are other breathtaking sights honeymooners won’t want to miss. Couples that stay in a water villa will want to enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach.

The island is home to colorful coral reefs and tropical fish. Activities include snorkeling and deep-sea diving. You can shop for black pearls in the local shops and pick up some delicious vanilla beans.

We cover the average cost of a Bora Bora honeymoon here.

9. Tuscany

If you are looking for a romantic honeymoon, it’s hard to beat Tuscany. The weather is ideal in April for wandering the picturesque countryside. You can tour castles and visit quaint villages off of the beaten path. 

There are plenty of romantic hotels in the area’s villages, so couples won’t have a problem finding the perfect place to stay.

10. Munnar, India

Tea plantations

Munnar may not be on your list, but it is one of the best places to book a honeymoon in April. You get gorgeous weather to go with the stunning mountain views.

The region also offers plenty of activities for newlyweds. Visit the tea and spice plantations and pick up samples to remember your visit. The tea gardens are also the perfect place to take some pictures with your partner.

Other places worth visiting include Raja Mountain and Pothamedu View.

11. Seychelles

This is a wonderful country in the Indian Ocean composed of 115 islands. It is a part of the African continent, making it the smallest country by population in Africa, with just around 90,000 residents.

The islands are simply breathtaking with crystal clear waters and soft white beaches. It’s a dream honeymoon destination that is not as expensive as other more popular places. It exceeds the hype and offers plenty of experiences to try besides just lying on the beach all day. Unwind with your loved one by exploring the wilder side or by exploring the amazing underwater world through snorkeling.

April is right before the dry season in Seychelles, so the days will be a bit cooler and drier than the wet season. Also, the waters are the clearest this month, making it the perfect time to go diving. The good weather conditions also allow most of the wildlife to lurk around, so you will have plenty of chances to spot exotic animals you usually do not see at home.

12. Antigua & Barbuda

The main island of Antigua is known to have 365 beaches, so if you could stay here for an entire year, you could lay on a different beach every day. The other island, Barbuda is also filled with splendid exotic beaches where you can have a dream honeymoon.

In April there is also the Antigua Sailing Week, so you can enjoy some of the most amazing yachts in the world, whether you are a fan of sailing or not.

This time of the year is the end of the dry season, making the weather great, and the crowds who had spent the winter here are already gone. In Barbuda, you can also view the largest colony of frigate birds.

13. California

If you’re already living in the States or somewhere nearby and going to an exotic island is not an option, you can always head to California. There are plenty of things to do around here, and there is something for everyone. If you like outdoor activities, you can go on a hike through the amazing Yosemite National Park.

But you can visit famous Hollywood if you like shopping, movies, and actors and want to enjoy the glamorous life. Here you also have the Napa and Sonoma wine regions where you can taste some amazing wines, and the cool city of San Francisco where you can spend a few days visiting interesting places.

So if you’re more of an adventure seeker than a beach person, California is a great choice for a honeymoon in April. The temperatures are mild, and the valleys in Napa and Sonoma are in full bloom, giving some wonderful views. And if you like music and live concerts, you can even head to the Coachella festival in April every year.

14. Fiji

This splendid exotic location includes 333 islands with jungles, beaches, and lagoons that are out of this world. The weather here in April is less humid and not as warm, so it’s the perfect time to arrive before the crowds.

Since this is not peak season, the prices are also lower, whether we are talking about accommodation at luxurious resorts, food, or entertainment. And at this time of the year, you might even be able to spot some amazing manta rays swimming in the ocean. Explore our favorite places to stay during your honeymoon in Fiji.

15. Australia

This is a huge country where you could spend months and still have new things to do and new places to see. A good region to visit in April is Western Australia, where you can enjoy some amazing wines in the city of Margaret River, see the cute animals known as quokkas on the Rottnest Island, and swim with whale sharks at the Ningaloo Reef.

In Australia it is autumn in April, so the temperatures are just right. It’s not too hot but not cold either. This means that you can go on hikes, road trips, or other adventures to admire the amazing wildlife of this country (kangaroos and koala bears included). There are many amazing places to see in this country, so make sure to do your research first.

So here were some of the best honeymoon destinations to visit in April. If you decide to choose one of them, make sure to tell us everything about your experience in the comments area below.

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