Unsurprisingly, planning the perfect honeymoon can take a lot of work. There are tons of things to consider, like your budget, top destination picks, the season you plan on going, and what sorts of activities you would like to do. Planning an action-packed or relaxing honeymoon can seem like a massive job, especially if you’re working full-time and planning a wedding

Opting for a vacation at one of Sandal’s many resorts can prove to be a stress-free and cost-effective way to honeymoon. If you’re unsure whether Sandals Resorts is worth the money, we’ve narrowed down the benefits and any important information you should know before you press the “book” button. 

Where are Sandals Resorts located?

Sandals has 17 Luxury Included Resorts located in the Caribbean. Honeymooners can visit Jamaica, the Bahamas, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Curaçao, and Antigua. Every resort promises gorgeous beachfront settings, spacious and luxurious accommodations, restaurants, and other features that will make your honeymoon incredibly memorable. 

Why choose a Sandals Resort for your honeymoon?

First and foremost, Sandals make a great honeymoon spot because they are geared towards adults. This means that unruly children won’t accidentally kick sand into your iced beverages while you’re relaxing on the beach. Families and flocks of children aren’t exactly what you want to be surrounded by on your honeymoon. Sandals Resorts are very popular with young couples seeking a romantic vacation, which means everyone has the same goal of connecting with their own partner. Because of this, people tend to keep to themselves. Newlyweds can enjoy all of the first-class amenities that Sandals Resorts have to offer without screaming babies in the background. 

In terms of amenities, Sandals Resorts really understands the assignment. Guests have unlimited access to their on-site restaurants and bars, which means newlyweds won’t have to worry about booking reservations at restaurants in town or cooking for themselves. Instead, they can eat and drink as much as they want without having to worry about hailing a taxi back to their resort. Every Sandals Resort also offers rooms with 24-hour room and butler service, unlike many other hotels and resorts. Newlyweds staying in the club or butler level rooms can take advantage of services like breakfast in bed, romantic dinner set-up on their patio, poolside service, and assistance with booking adventure excursions or spa visits. It really does not get any easier or stress-free than this!

Sandals Resorts include activities like golf, motorized water sports, snorkeling, and scuba diving for couples who get antsy after lounging on the beach or by the pool for a few hours. Every resort also offers several land-based activities for couples, including basketball, tennis, beach volleyball, bocce ball, croquet, and golf. For those who love a good workout, there are also fully equipped fitness centers available for use. 

And at night time, there’s plenty of free entertainment. Honeymooners can catch live music, performances, themed parties, and events at the beach. 

Every resort also boasts 24-hour restaurants with gourmet cuisine because on vacation, there’s really no telling on when you’ll feel peckish. Newlyweds can visit one of the dining spots for a late night snack after watching the sunset or mid-day after working up an appetite while playing in the water. Like all of the food, liquor is also included and at Sandals Resorts, you’ll get access to the best top-shelf liquor. While at less expensive, all-inclusive hotels, guests are served cheap alcohol and watered down drinks—yuck! 

The rooms at Sandals Resorts are spacious and have private balconies that overlook courtyards, the ocean, or the pool. The decor style of the resort and room really depends on which location you’re visiting. For example, the Sandals Resorts in Jamaica feature dark mahogany. But if you’re looking for sleek, modern decor there’s surely a Sandals Resort in a different location that will fit your needs, like the resort in Barbados

Simply put, going to a Sandals Resort is a surefire way to have the most romantic honeymoon that you could ever dream of. 

How much do Sandals Resorts cost?

Because staying at a Sandals Resort includes all of your food and drinks, expect to pay a pretty penny for your trip. But the total cost of your Sandals vacation will depend on which resort you’re choosing to stay at, as well as your room category and when you’re going. If you’re hoping to get a bit of a deal, visiting between the months of June and November will be slightly more affordable. 

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Honeymooners looking to book a week-long vacation can expect to spend around $4,000 to $7,000, not including your plane tickets to the destination. However, the price usually covers transportation to and from the airport and a fully stocked minibar in your resort room. 

But if one thing is certain, you get what you pay for when it comes to all-inclusive resorts. 

With cheaper all-inclusives, expect average meals, watered-down bevies, and forgettable customer service. When you splurge to stay at a Sandals Resort, you’ll quickly realize that spending money to have access to the restaurants and amenities was totally worth it. 

And speaking of places to eat, each location of the award-winning resort has around ten to sixteen restaurants, all serving a different type of cuisine like international, French, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Japanese, steak, seafood, healthy dining, and more. 

Even better, most of the restaurants found at Sandals Resorts are waterfront or offer guests picturesque water views from the table. 

With this much variety, you won’t get sick of the food after a few days. Plus, the restaurants at Sandals Resorts are not all buffet-style. Many of the restaurants are a la carte, unlike the cheaper all-inclusives, which usually include buffet-style dining and charge more for the fancier restaurants. 

When staying at cheaper all-inclusives, oftentimes you venture into town to get some variety at other restaurants, even though you’re paying for unlimited food and drink at the resort. Many people make this mistake when booking an all-inclusive with poor dining options. Paying more for an all-inclusive with good food will end up saving you money. 

Also, tipping isn’t expected at Sandals Resorts. While tipping the staff who clean your room each day is greatly appreciated, it’s not expected. And the same goes for when you’re visiting one of the on-site restaurants. This will end up saving you heaps of money in the long-run as tipping at the off-site restaurants and bars can really add up. 

Summary: Are Sandals Resorts worth the cost?

Sandals Resorts are without a doubt, worth the cost.

With outstanding ambiance, upscale dining options, clean pool and beach areas, staying at one of the Sandals Resorts is a care-free experience for newlyweds. And did we mention that most of the locations have swim-up bars, infinity and river pools, hot tubs, and beachfront restaurants? 

Newlyweds can also spend time at the multiple bars found at every Sandals Resort. Along with the swim-up cars, there are piano bars, British pubs, rooftop bars, bars on the beach, fancy lounges, and bars over the water. .

If you’re not yet sold, consider that the service provided by the folks working at Sandals is unlike any other. Every staff member goes above and beyond to ensure that visitors are having the best experience of their lives. By the end of the trip, you’ll feel as if the resort staff are your new friends. 

Honeymooners can also rest assured that there are no hidden fees at Sandals. This means that you can leave your wallet or purse in your room for the entire trip. The only time you’ll have to pay extra is for off-site excursions or treatments at the spa. In this case, these services will be charged to your room and the bill can be settled at the end of your stay. 

Depending on the location, some of the resorts also offer complimentary honeymoon packages to those who visit within a month of their wedding date. The complimentary package can include sparkling wine, flower petals and turndown service on the bed for the first night, and breakfast in bed for one special morning. Be sure to ask your travel agent or the Sandals booking team about any honeymoon-related complimentary upgrades when booking.

Even though the price tag on a Sandals Resort vacation may seem a little steep, remember that your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. You’ve found someone that brings you happiness and that most definitely deserves a memorable celebration. 

Undoubtedly, a luxurious honeymoon at any of the Sandals Resorts is the perfect start to a long, love-filled marriage. 

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