Belize is bordered by Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea. There are many excellent honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean and Belize is no exception. This small country has become a prime honeymoon destination for any couple looking for white beaches, beautiful rain forests, and the epicenter of what used to be the ancient Maya civilization. This is where nature’s magnificence meets history. Throw in the second largest barrier reef, and you have eco-perfection. Your romantic Belize honeymoon awaits!

There is a large emphasis on the local cuisine, from Mayan, Creole, and Indian. The food is diverse and tasty enough to keep you happy. 

Belize comprises approximately 200 islands that make for an ideal beach honeymoon. The fishing, diving, and snorkeling can’t be beat. But Belize gets even more interesting. One of Belize’s major attractions is the Great Blue Hole, beloved by scuba divers around the world for its clear waters and unique marine life. The Great Blue Hole is literally an underwater sinkhole. It is deep, it is blue, and it is an incredible sight to behold. The sinkhole is the result of water seeping through sea caves, which are also a must-see in Belize. With more than 239 miles of coastline, Belize is all about its clear, crystalline waters. 

Belize has more than one Blue Hole. The other one can be found inside of the St. Herman’s Cave System. It’s all part of one of the world’s unique and fascinating ecosystems. 

Nature has truly blessed Belize. There are areas that haven’t changed in hundreds of years. Almost half of this tiny country has protected habitats for its flora, birds, fish, reptiles, and other animals. Left over from the great Mayan civilization, there is a system of caves to be explored. These were once used for Mayan ceremonial rituals. There are many ancient Mayan ruins left, and a tour visiting them is highly recommended.

For nature at its most thrilling, there’s no place like a Belize honeymoon. 

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Coco Plum Island Resort

Coco Plum is a beautiful private island resort rich and perfect for honeymooners. It’s a dream island resort, providing the best authentic Caribbean experiences. This romantic resort is in Hopkins, 8 Miles off the Coast, South Water Cay Reserve, Coco Plum Cay, Belize.

Overall, it’s a sixteen-acre private island resort owned locally by the Belizeans. There are several villas for couples. Each of the 18 oceanfront cabanas­ offers the best view of the Caribbean sea. While enjoying a relaxing vacation, you can also participate in fishing, diving, swimming, kayaking, and snorkelling.

Besides the all-inclusive packages, guests can also visit the mainland. The Belize rainforest, Mayan ruins, cave tubing the rivers, and Belize zoo are popular mainland attractions. As Honeymooners, you can experience your dream vacation here. This island is also available for destination weddings.

So what are you waiting for? Make your dream a reality at the Coco Plum Island Resort!

More Information on Coco Plum Island Resort

Average Price Range: $755 to $844

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 18


Pelican reef villas resort

Welcome to Pelican Reef Villas Resort. This here is a marvellous resort with sandy beaches and constantly swaying palms. At the same time, feel the warm breezes coming from the Caribbean sea. This unparalleled luxurious resort sits at 2.5 miles south beachfront, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize.

As Pelican reef villas are condos with a pool, beach, and a bar, you can enjoy the fantastic view of the seaside, can ride bikes, paddleboards, kayaks, and play games with no additional charge. Besides, Coconut Carts Belize, 12 Belize, Shark Ray Alley are some of the nearby attractions.

Additionally, this resort offers AC rooms, private balconies, free wifi, private beaches, bar, pool, etc.  Also, Taco Shack, Carline’s Cookin’, Paradice Cream are some of the popular nearby restaurants.

The Pelican resort is perfect for newly married couples and honeymooners. Experience luxury along with some breathtaking natural sceneries in this tropical resort.

More Information on Pelican reef villas resort

Average Price Range: $276 to $415

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 23


Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort

Hamanasi is incredible and one of the bests of Belize. This has an elegant, offshore eco-resort. This naturally secluded dive resort is located at Hopkins/Sittee River Road Hopkins Village, Hopkins Belize.

Here they have spacious private treehouses, hardwood furnishings, private porches, suites with AC, and some excellent beachfront rooms to let you unwind. This magnificent resort also has a pool, lush gardens, bar, restaurants, and 5-star Marine Facilities. You may find their food extraordinarily delicious. Moreover, they always clean their resort as soon as a guest leaves. So you will always find their resort super clean & sanitized.

Besides, you can explore Mayan ruins, caves, jungle rivers, rainforest waterfalls, and jaguar preserve caves. Their excellent guides will make their excursions super fun. You can’t imagine your honeymoon or a perfect romantic vacation better than this resort. All-inclusive packages are available. Book fast and make them a part of your memory.

More Information on Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort

Average Price Range: $325 to $725

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 30


Belizean Dreams Resort

Belizean Dreams is the perfect modern & elegant resort. Belizeans manage this small resort, and they also own it. All in all, you will find it safe and friendly. Feel the warm breeze coming from the Caribbean sea and enjoy mother nature’s best-kept secrets here. However, this magnificent resort nestles on the coast of Hopkins village, Sittee River Road, Hopkins 501 Belize.

Here they have a variety of mouth-watering delicious Belizean foods and unlimited local drinks. Their all-inclusive resort comprises nine standalone villas. Moreover, they are all positioned in the shape of a horseshoe and only footsteps away from the Caribbean sea. Despite being full of natural beauties and secluded, the Belizean Dream is perfect for honeymooners.

Are you craving relaxation, romance, adventure, and thinking about where to go or dream of a destination wedding? Give the Belizean Dreams Resort a try!

More Information on Belizean Dreams Resort

Average Price Range: $184 to $217

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 27


Villa Verano

Villa Verano nestled at the luxury beach of Belize. This villa offers a luxury beachfront destination worthy of its stunning Belizean surroundings. Located at 1100 South Sittee River Sittee point phrase 1, Hopkins Belize.

Villa Verano has beach villas and exclusive access to elite guest facilities, such as a rooftop gym, hot tub, and games room. Moreover, you will find their resort super clean and sanitized. Also, their beachfront rentals provide ocean and mountain views, outdoor showers, a catamaran, an oceanside pool, paddleboards, and kayaks. Besides, you can have local activities like snorkelling, fishing, hiking, diving, and birding.

This resort is perfect for romantic holidays, honeymoons, and destination weddings as it’s secluded. Also, there are five restaurants within five minutes walk. Mayan ruins, rainforest, cave, and the Caribbean sea aren’t that far. Experience luxury and let your dream of a perfect resort vacation come true. They warmly welcome you.

More Information on Villa Verano

Average Price Range: $215 to $1991

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 10


The Lodge At Chaa Creek

Chaa Creek is an eco-friendly property with a luxurious natural environment. It’s a large, clean & sanitized property, with many facilities nearby. Here you can enjoy their mouth-watering delicious meals as well as tropical drinks. This unique lodge is located at 77 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Belize.

Chaa Creek is a tributary of the Macal River in the Cayo District in western Belize. So here, you can enjoy the unparalleled luxury of the Macal River, rainforest, and all those pristine natural environments. They also have a wide range of exciting, educational, and healthy activities for adventurers, including hiking, kayaking, visiting the Mayan site, rainforest, etc. In addition, they offer tours, amenities, accommodations, and expeditions.

Chaa Creek is a superb place for newly married or honeymooners. Enjoy your dream beach vacations here in this eco-friendly environment.

More Information on The Lodge At Chaa Creek

Average Price Range: $205 to $494

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 28


Laru Beya Resort & Villas

Welcome to Laru Beya Resort & Villas. Laru stands at Placencia Road, Placencia 00501 Belize. It is an all-inclusive boutique resort with beautifully neat, clean, and sanitized surroundings.

Laru Beya has a secluded beach area, but it also lets you experience the unique cultural communities within walking distance. In addition, admire the breathtaking views of the Caribbean sea and feel its warmth. Also, this hotel offers golf carts to ride into town. Additionally, they have a quiet and comfortable beachfront resort.

Moreover, a wide variety of rooms, suites and a private balcony are built for your relaxation. Besides, they serve a hammock on each balcony along with an infinity pool. They also have an onsite restaurant and bar serving tropical drinks and mouth-watering international dishes.

If you are looking for a private, secluded, and spacious suite for a romantic getaway or your honeymoon, Laru Beya has the perfect vacation waiting for you.

More Information on Laru Beya Resort & Villas

Average Price Range: $147 to $250

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 30


Xanadu Island Resort

Xanadu Island Resort is eco-friendly, nestled amongst tropical indigenous, and a few steps away from the Caribbean sea. This resort is in Sea Grape Drive, San Pedro, Ambergris Caya Belize.

Xanadu takes care of their guests, community, and environment in an excellent way. Also, their beautiful natural grounds and unique buildings will draw your attention. Experience the uniqueness of the dome building while having a delightfully romantic evening on your private veranda. Besides, the green surroundings and the beach are perfect for pleasant strolls.

Ready to explore? Visit Mayan ruins, rainforest, cave and the downtown. They have a wide range of exciting, educational, and healthy activities for adventurers. Kayaking, bike riding, & paddling boards are only but a few of them. Also, their mouth-watering delicious foods and tropical drinks will blow your mind.

Moreover, this unique, boutique, eco-friendly resort can be great for honeymooners as they need some secluded private time together. Book fast and make the eco-friendly Xanadu Resort your next destination.

More Information on Xanadu Island Resort

Average Price Range: $380 to $499

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 19


Chabil Mar Guest Exclusive Resort

Chabil Mar! The Gloriousness of this resort and superior hospitality will surely grab your attention. This resort stands at 2284 Placencia Peninsula Road, Placencia Belize. It’s dazzling as it is clean & sanitized. Although it nestles amongst nature, you can still enjoy all the accommodations of modern life.

You get to explore the locally grown hardwoods and colourful artworks of local artisans. Besides, you can enjoy bike riding, kayaking, paddling boards, and fishing. Have a stroll along the beach to the Placencia Village as well.

Time to explore their delicious dishes prepared by the award-winning Chef, Daniel. His marvellous dishes will blow your mind. Also, their pure tropical drinks will repercuss your mind.

Their villas are the most beautiful as they all are sea-facing, including private verandas & large living rooms. Thereafter, taste the nightlife at your private beach with a tropical fruit cocktail in hand. This secluded, unique boutique resort can be a dream destination for honeymooners as well. Additionally, you can experience their customized Belize vacation packages.

More Information on Chabil Mar Guest Exclusive Resort

Average Price Range: $291 to $399

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 21


Naia Resort and Spa

Looking for a perfect vacation in Belize? Try Naia Resort and Spa. This stunning, eco-friendly resort stands at the Placencia Peninsula Stann Creek District, Placencia, Belize. Naia offers barefoot luxury, extending along a mile of palm-studded beach with natural playgrounds. The resort includes 35 secluded beach houses altogether.

There lies a unique destination spa at the center of Naia Resort. In addition, this spa has five treatment rooms offering spa rituals, signature treatments, and personalized wellness programs.

While relaxing in the secluded beach house, the view of the Caribbean sea will force you to stay there forever. Moreover, spacious, modern rooms with a small kitchen and outdoor shower are the key attractions there. Naia also offers delicious foods and tropical cocktails that will simply make you fall in love.

You can make day trips to Mayan ruins and waterfalls or go paddle boating and diving in the beautiful Caribbean sea. As it’s a secluded place with natural playgrounds, a customized spa, this resort is a bit uncommon, perfect for adventurers and newlyweds.

More Information on Naia Resort and Spa

Average Price Range: $360 to $577

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 35


Ray Caye Island Resort

Ray Caye Island Resort is a beautiful private island resort. It’s standing on the edge of the Silk Marine Reserve, 17 miles offshore, Placencia Belize.

You can explore the lifestyle of this island while strolling. Enjoy world-class diving and board riding as well. Additionally, they have a wide range of exciting, educational, and healthy activities for adventurers. Their dishes are mesmerizing as well. Also, their tropical drinks are superb. They serve oceanfront rooms, including AC, private balcony, and private beach.

Moreover, this island is rich and incomparably beautiful. Words fail to describe the rich natural beauty of this island, leaving a lot to the imagination. Besides, the unspoiled environment of the island promises an unforgettable experience as well.

Therefore, the beauty of Ray Caye Island and its services can make your dream vacation special. This unique, boutique, eco-friendly resort is one of the bests for honeymooners, offering some splendid time together. Experience peace & luxury with this beautiful island resort.

More Information on Ray Caye Island Resort

Average Price Range: $250 to $452

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 12


Mystic River Resort

The eco-friendly Mystic River resort nestles on a steep bank of the beautiful Macal River. It stands at mile 6 Crist Rey Road, Negroman, San Ignacio 00000 Belize. This secluded place has no crowds, only soft breezes, rustling trees, sweet melodies, & breathtaking views.

This resort is a combination of luxury and adventure. In addition, an open-air restaurant, bar, splash pool, adventure desk, spa, and yoga deck comes at your service. Enjoy their luxurious services, including bedrooms & studios, a fireplace, as well as a private patio. The majestic views of the rainforest and the river will charm you at the same time.

Furthermore, there are many fun activities including, hiking, swimming, canoeing, horseback riding, birding, and tubing. You can also have a day trip to many nearby Mayan sites. Their mesmerizing mouth-watering dishes will take your heart away. At the same time, their tropical drinks will leave a lingering taste in your mouth. This eco-friendly jungle resort is genuinely unique and enough to blow your mind. A dream destination for newlyweds.

More Information on Mystic River Resort

Average Price Range: $223 to $357

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 15


Victoria House Resort & Spa

Victoria resort is unique, beautiful, and excellent for quiet relaxation. This resort stands at 22 Coconut Drive, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize. With beachfront villas, they offer a taste of barefoot elegance as well.

Firstly, the stunning ocean view villas, private pools, plantation-style rooms are the key attractions here. Feel the warm breeze and the breathtaking views of the Caribbean sea. Besides, explore the nightlife like never before! This resort is full of natural beauties. Also, their meals are excellent and drink complimented by personalized services. In addition, they serve rooms with AC, private balcony, minibar, and private beach.

This stunning resort stands luxuriously amongst nature. You can have day trips to many Mayan sites and participate in many fun activities as well. Besides, people visit this resort and keep coming back because of their service and hospitality.

All in all, this resort can be your dream beach for a wedding or a romantic getaway to remember.

More Information on Victoria House Resort & Spa

Average Price Range: $220 to $809

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 42


Cayo Espanto

Cayo Espanto stands at Cayo Espanto Island, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize. This resort is full of natural beauties with a mix of modern styles. Providing comfort and convenience, it offers a romantic setting specially designed for honeymooners & travellers like you.

This resort offers rooms with an AC, tv, minibar, and free wifi. Besides, Cayo provides a pool and complimentary breakfast. Don’t forget to check out the popular restaurants just steps away from Cayo.

Also, a lot of fun activities you can do in this luxury resort. Do explore the culture, nightlife of the locals. Want to do something more? Choose Hol Marine Reserve, have fun. You can stroll on the green or relax in a private hammock in your private villa. Besides, you should take their superb spa service as well. Also, make sure to visit the famous sites of Belize.

Cayo Espanto will unwind your mind, and you will fall in love with it. You don’t need to search elsewhere for a peaceful place as Cayo has the most serene & secluded area waiting for you.

More Information on Cayo Espanto

Average Price Range: $2102 to $2846

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 7


Hopkins Bay, a Muy’Ono Resort

Hopkins Bay is a beach resort with a breathtaking view of the Caribbean sea. Here, they have beachfront accommodation that offers relaxing comfort in a natural setting. Perfect for some quality private times for families as well as newlyweds!

This resort stands near the Caribbean sea, North End North, Hopkins Belize. Enjoy Belize’s best adventures, including hiking, snorkelling, and fishing. Besides, explore the Mayan sites, waterfalls, and caves. Also, Their meals are healthy and rich in taste. You can have a tropical drink in hand while enjoying yourself in the pool.

Additionally, Honeymooners can enjoy a romantic getaway in a one-bedroom beach loft. As this resort is secluded and has a luxurious sea view, it’s perfect for couples. Besides, you would love to swing on a hammock in the palm trees while those fantastic views of the sea let your mind unwind. Book your beachfront; Hopkins can’t wait to meet you.

More Information on Hopkins Bay, a Muy’Ono Resort

Average Price Range: $131 to $356

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 38

About Belize

Belize, such a tiny country, has a complex mix of heritages and cultures, far more than most other, larger countries. In all, seven separate cultures have settled into the country and have made their presence felt.

  1. Chinese and Japanese have had a huge influence, especially when it comes to the local food. 
  2. Louisiana does not hold a monopoly on anything Creole. There is a large Creole community in Belize. Most members are descendants of slaves who have intermarried. Don’t miss the ultimate Creole culinary masterpiece – the perfect beans and rice. 
  3. The East Indians came here as entrepreneurs and are among the country’s first and original homeowners.
  4. The Garifunas are the descendants of the original Caribbean people. Try not to miss one of their colorful festivals or holidays.
  5. When you’re in Belize, you are in Maya country, and its descendants still live here. This once great civilization has left us a treasure of ancient history and ruins. 
  6. You may not expect a Mennonite community here, but there is one. They lead their lives separately, but their farms contribute to the overall food culture of Belize.
  7. The Mayans were here first, then came the Spaniards. When the two cultures intermarried, the Mestizos, a separate third culture, was created. The Mestizos have had a large influence on Belize’s culinary world. While on the subject of culinary, there are no McDonalds or Burger Kings to be found on Belize. 

Belize City can act as the de facto capital of Belize. It is the country’s primary port, and it is likely that visitors will end up here at least once. Its colonial buildings and hectic shopping areas make Belize City the launching point to Mayan digs and Cayo’s caves. While in Belize City, visit the oldest Anglican church in Central America.

The Cayo district is a natural wonderland of forests, rivers, caves, mountains, waterfalls, and Mayan history. It is Belize’s major tourist attraction and includes more than 1 million acres. San Ignacio and Santa Elena are popular places from which to launch your Mayan explorations.

Xunantunich is the largest Mayan temple, and it is located by the Guatemalan border in the Cayo district, two hours from Belize City. Visitors will arrive at the site via a ferry across the Mopan River. The climb to the top can be challenging, but you do get to enjoy the perfect vista. Following Xunantunich, visit one of Belize’s famed caves by the Caves Branch River. Tube down the river and through the caves and a few underground tunnels. 

The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and its beautiful waterfalls is made for hiking, bird watching, and swimming. Located in the Reserve are the amazing Rio on Pools, natural swimming pools created by the waterfalls. The surroundings are perfect for a romantic picnic. It’s like a desert oasis, only you are surrounded by water instead of sand.

There is much to do and see on your Belize honeymoon.

Best Time to Visit Belize

Belize’s temperatures remain warm and tropical all year round. Its dry and best season is from November through April. It can get crowded, but visitors eager for blue skies, bluer waters, and comfortable temperatures flock here to see Belize at its best. The waters are calm and inviting for scuba diving and swimming. When tourists flock to Belize for the holidays in December and January, the cost of a stay will be the highest. If cost is a factor, wait until the winter crowd has left, but the April humidity has not yet begun. That’s when visitors can revel in the best bargains.

The spring months of April and May invoke hotter and humid Caribbean tropical heat, while the summer months through the end of October can see plenty of rain and wind. The winds can be very strong, bringing hurricane gusts to the coasts.

To take part in local celebrations, visit September 21st and celebrate Belize Independence Day. If you don’t mind the heat, the Holiday Boat Parade in San Petro is an annual event taking place in June. If you are into crustaceans (no judgment here), all of Belize bursts with its annual Lobsterfest during the same month. At this time, lobsters can be had for a mere song, so this may be your best opportunity at gorging on plenty of lobster.

Top Things to do in Belize

Mayan Ruins

Belize was the heart of the Mayan empire. It was mighty and fierce, and there are now thousands of temples remaining in remembrance of that brilliant era. We have already mentioned the huge Temple at Xunantunich. The following are equally fascinating and worth a tour:


Deep in the rainforest by the Maya Mountains, you will find one of the most powerful cities of the Empire, Caracol. It is larger than Belize City and was the center of Mayan life. The entire city, with its temples and pyramids, is now overgrown by the rainforest. You can still climb the buildings and explore, preferably with a knowledgeable guide.


Located near the village of San Pedro in the south, Lubaantun was a trading hub. The soil allowed the residents to grow and trade in important crops, such as cacao, which were exchanged for jewels and other valuables. There are five plazas left, along with 14 large structures. What makes these buildings fascinating is that they were not erected with standard mortar. They were put together with precise pieces of stone like a giant puzzle.

Cacao Farm 

Ketaka Tours in San Ignacio provides a three-hour tour of a genuine Mayan cacao farm. The above reference of cacao being traded for jewels is not hyperbole. In ancient times, the cacao bean was worth more than gold. Another Central American, the Aztec King Montezuma, was known to drink more than 50 cups each day. This tour takes guests through the entire chocolate-making process, from growing the beans to preparing chocolate delights. Taste all kinds of chocolate marvels before you leave.

Ambergris Caye

The hundreds of islands that comprise Belize are called cayes. The largest and best caye is the Ambergris Caye. The beach here is perfection, and the shopping is plentiful. The best way to visit Ambergris Caye is to stroll and mingle with the natives.

Everyone, from incoming fishermen to locals, has breakfast at Estel, located on the beach. It’s a must.

The snorkeling here is great, and you’ll have turtles and plenty of fish to keep you company.

Float in an inner tube at Palapa Bar, the Belize version of a Tiki bar. 

Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve

Lions and tigers … and jaguars. There are approximately 50 jaguars roaming the world’s only jaguar reserve. The Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary is near the village of Hopkins and is a favorite hiking destination. The jaguars roam free, but they are shy. No guarantees you will see one. They sometimes come out in the evening, so a guided tour with a ranger holds possibilities. But there is plenty of other wildlife. There are several jungle trails and even several refreshing waterfalls.

Camping in the Sanctuary is possible as there are campsites available. Otherwise, the nearest accommodations are in the village of Hopkins. If you need to arrange a tour or rent a car, you can do so in Hopkins.

Weather in Belize

Less than half a million people live in Belize, and the country is the size of New Jersey, and it has a diverse terrain – from 240 miles of coast to jungle to mountains. Still, the temperature throughout the country is fairly constant, a lovely 80 degrees in the summer and a comfortable 70 degrees during the winter months. Daylight and darkness are divided equally into 12-hour periods. 

The coastal area usually enjoys a cooling breeze which does not make its way inland.

The one notable distinction about the Belize weather are its dry winter seasons and rainy summers. The rain, however, rarely lasts all day and is generally followed by the sun.

A Belize honeymoon is one full of mild and comfortable weather.

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