If you are looking for the best Sandals in Jamaica for your honeymoon, you have come to the right place.

A Sandals Resorts is guaranteed to be an amazing honeymoon. These all-inclusive and adult-only resorts are all set in beautiful tropical locations where 5-star luxury is included. Sandals’ 16 resorts are spread over six gorgeous Caribbean islands.

There are seven different Sandals resorts on Jamaica. Below we have ranked and reviewed all six for the best honeymoon experience (but they are all wonderful!).

Finding the Best Sandals Resort in Jamaica

There are seven Sandals resorts in Jamaica. Let’s discuss them in brief and then find the right one for you.

Sandals Montego Bay     

This is the first Sandals resort to come up with all-inclusive deals. It offers two swim-up suites with butler services. For destination wedding couples, it has a beautiful over-the-water chapel. It has 12 world-class eateries including three gourmet restaurants.

With 6 exciting bars including one over-the-water bar and a swim-up bar, it has an amazing party scene. It’s the original Sandals resort that’s popular all over the world. When you stay here, you can go for swimming or motorized water sports in the daytime and fire-pit gazing at night.

Sandals Royal Caribbean

The Georgian-style architecture of this place speaks of a British heritage that complements its beautiful gardens. The resort has a private offshore island that you can visit on a ferry. The island has beach cabanas and pools that will remind you of Bali.

It also has a whirlpool and a swim-up bar. For ultimate luxury and comfort, you can stay at the over-the-water villas and relax on an overwater hammock made for two people.

While there are water activities for the daytime, the evenings here mark the beginning of a fun Caribbean nightlife.

Sandals Negril

Built for honeymooning couples, this Sandals resort offers a tranquil environment. Relax on a hammock for two and sip on a cool iced tea as you savor the golden beauty of sunsets. The resort has seven gourmet restaurants and offers access to the famous 7-mile beach.

Sandals Negril is home to five lively bars, including two swim-up bars, which offer premium liquors and handmade cocktails. It has special rooms with butler service so you can have a comfortable and luxurious stay.

There are several nighttime fun activities at the resort and there’s no dull moment when you stay here.

Sandals Royal Plantation

This is an all-butler resort, which means no matter which room you select, you’ll get a butler. That’s an amazing deal, considering that even the cheapest room here comes with a butler.

It is home to the famous caviar and champagne bar, which is the only one in Jamaica. The resort has 74 suites and features two private cove beaches. All rooms are ocean-facing, so you get excellent views, no matter where you stay.

There are five world-class restaurants in this resort and two premium bars. They have valet service and a special English-style afternoon tea.

Sandals Ochi

With more than 100 acres of Garden of Eden, this resort offers many opportunities to escape into an intimate world of your own. It offers 16 eateries and 11 bars where you can taste the best flavors from all over the world and premium liquors served exactly how you like them.

This resort has 105 big and small pools. It features an 18-hole golf course where you can have a lazy afternoon or practice your game. And when you’re in the mood for some wild fun, visit the Ochi beach club which hosts amazing parties.

Sandals South Coast

This resort has a 2-mile stretch of a pristine beach in Jamaica. With over-the-water bungalows and an over-the-water bar, Sandals South Coast is truly inspired by water. They even have an over-the-water chapel for couples looking for a destination wedding.

It has three beachfront pools where you can take a swim. And when it’s time for a bite, walk into any of their nine gourmet restaurants or seven unlimited bars for a drink.

The resort sits luxuriously in a 500-acre area of natural preserve. They also offer elite butler service so you’re pampered throughout your stay.

Sandals Dunn’s River

This is the newest addition to Sandals in Jamaica and will open in May 2023. It will have 12 gourmet restaurants and 9 bars including a swim-up bar. There will be specialist chefs to prepare dishes from all over the world.

They will have beachfront skypool suites and you can have a raft ride on the Dunn’s River. They’re planning to offer water sports and other activities and unlimited food and drinks, like other Sandals resorts.

The Best Sandals Resort in Jamaica Based on Guest Reviews

Let’s go through guest reviews to find the best Sandals resort in Jamaica.

With over 3000 reviews and above 94% rating, Sandals Royal Plantation isn’t just the best Sandals resort in Jamaica but also in the whole world. Most customers have rated it “very good” to “excellent” as it offers an intimate and romantic experience.

The next on this list is Sandals South Coast that’s highly rated for its attentive staff and the biggest pool in entire Jamaica.

The third one, according to guest reviews, is Sandals Negril that’s ranked due to its beautiful beach. It offers amazing natural views with mesmerizing sunsets and a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

The Best Sandals Resort in Jamaica Based on Other Factors

Guest reviews say a lot but not everyone is looking for the same thing. Some people are looking for excitement and adventure while others might be looking for tranquility and serenity. Let’s look at some factors you might want to consider while picking the right Sandals resort.


Honeymooning couples always look for romantic places where they can be intimate. Let’s look at the most premium suites offered by these resorts.

The most premium suites are offered by Sandals Royal Caribbean. Its over-the-water villa is the most secluded and intimate place you’ll find in all of Sandals resorts in Jamaica.

This villa is on a private island and sits on top of the water. You can walk into an infinity pool right from your room. The villa comes with private butler services.

The position for second most premium suites in all of Sandals in Jamaica is held by Honeymoon bungalows available in Sandals South Coast and Sandals Royal Caribbean. These are over-the-water villas arranged in the shape of a heart.


If you’re a party freak, the best Sandals resort in Jamaica for you would be Sandals Ochi. It has the Ochi beach club that’s pretty popular for its crazy parties.  

You might think parties are a thing of late nights. Not with the Ochi beach club. At Ochi, it’s party 24×7. Whether you want to take part in a line dance or ride a mechanical bull, you’ll find it all here.

And all the parties here are Jamaica style – full of action and beaming with color. The DJ knows how to set the mood so if you know how to enjoy that mood, this is the place to be.

The bars at Sandals Ochi are also among the best. Whether you want your drinks on the rocks or mixed with fruity flavors, you’ll get unlimited liquor served just the way you like it.


They say size doesn’t matter, but if it does for you, you might want to settle at Sandals Ochi. It’s the largest Sandals resort in Jamaica.

If you want unlimited romance, try this beautiful resort that’s spread across more than 100 acres of green area. It also has an elite butler village.

Since it’s a large area, you get unsurpassed privacy – just how you planned it. It’s a huge place and is divided into two parts – beachside and hillside. You can access both sides and get views of two types of sceneries in one place.

Swim-up rooms

Swim-up rooms are all the rage. Many people specifically want to visit Sandals because of the ever-popular rooms that have a pool right outside. You don’t have to walk to the pool. Just step outside the room and there’s a pool there.

But not all Sandals resorts have swim-up rooms. You’ll find them at Montego Bay, Royal Caribbean, South Coast, Negril, and Dunn’s River.

Over-the-water villas

Villas on top of the ocean – that’s another major feature that draws many people to Sandals. While over-the-water bungalows are indeed romantic and secluded, not every resort has them. If you’re looking for something truly majestic that makes your honeymoon extra special, make sure you book your accommodation at the right Sandals.

These bungalows are available at Royal Caribbean and South Coast. The best part about these bungalows is that they have areas with glass floors so you can feel like you’re walking on water. Want to have a grand vacation? Book an over-the-water villa for the most premium experience.

Family with kids

It’s a well-known fact that Sandals offers adults-only accommodation. However, if you have a family and kids, there is no reason not to enjoy the ultimate vacation place. There are Beaches resorts that belong to the Sandals family.

They have the same founder and the same ideas but they cater to families. You’ll find two Beaches hotels in Jamaica. These beautiful resorts have cartoon characters, waterparks, video game lounges, and lots of other fun activities for kids and teens. They even have special kiddie nightclubs where teenagers can go.


Beaches are a prominent attraction for most visitors coming to Jamaica. While you’ll get beach access at all Sandals resorts, the question is, which one of them offers the most beautiful beaches?

Sandals Negril takes the cake here. It provides access to Seven Mile beach, which is among the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. However, it’s not a completely private beach since other resorts on the stretch of the beach also own a portion.

For a long stretch of beach, you should try Sandals South Coast. It has a 2-mile run of beach that’s completely private. So only the resort’s customers can visit it.

If you want a beach that’s private to you, South Coast would be the best Sandals resort in Jamaica for you.


Sandals offers so many luxuries in one place that it seems that it must be very expensive. However, the truth is that Sandals offers a lot of amenities even to budget travelers.

Let’s look at some of the most budget-friendly resorts at Sandals.

Sandals Ochi is the most budget-friendly resort in Jamaica. You can get a Riviera Honeymoon Luxury room for just $217 per person per night. This price includes all costs, which means food and liquor are free. Also, you get to use all the facilities offered by the resort.

The next most budget-friendly Sandals resort is Negril which offers the Caribbean Deluxe room at $266 per person per night.

The most premium suite is at Royal Caribbean. The over-the-water villa costs $2289 per person per night. It is on a private island and features an infinity pool. It comes with butler services. Considering all the features it provides, it offers the best value for each dollar you spend.

The Exclusive Exchange Program

Sandals offers an Exclusive Exchange program so if you want to stay at one resort but use the features of two, you can do that.

For example, you can stay at either Royal Caribbean or Montego Bay and use the facilities of both. A similar program runs between Ochi and Royal Plantation.

Sandals Dunns River isn’t open yet but they also have an exchange program with Sandals Ochi. So if you’re planning to travel after May 2023, you can use this program and use the facilities of both resorts.

Looking for the best Sandals resorts from all over the world? Use our comprehensive guide to find them.

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