It is known as the Kingdom of Wonder.

Cambodia is blessed with supernatural beauty, making it an ideal romantic honeymoon destination. The weather is warm, and expenses are low. It has a 443-kilometer coastline along the Gulf of Thailand. Or see the country while cruising the mighty Mekong River.

Cambodia is a meld of Cambodian, French, and Chinese cultures. There is much to explore here, from an incredible history to plenty of fabulous food. Cambodians are warm and welcoming, which creates the right atmosphere for your Cambodian honeymoon. 

There are many must-see spectacles in Cambodia. The greatest is the Angkor Wat, the world largest religious complex. Built in the 12th century, this Buddhist shrine has breathtaking architecture and carvings everywhere. It is grandeur like few other places on earth. It is worth a guided tour to get all the memories of this fascinating temple. Angkor Wat is so critical to Cambodia’s history, it is featured on the country’s flag.

While on your Cambodian honeymoon, take advantage of the mouthwatering cuisine. It resembles Thai in its spiciness, but any Cambodian will explain that they came up with these spicy dishes first. 

Surely lazy days on the beach are on your honeymoon agenda. There are private, idyllic islands that offer relaxation, white sand, azure water, and luxurious accommodations. 

For the epicenter of Cambodia, visit Siem Reap, the country’s second largest city. Here, you will enjoy dramatic old architecture, museums, traditional dance performances, shops, and silk farms. Of course, the incredible Angkor Wat temple is here, as well an abundance of other temples. In Siem Reap, you can shift between hundreds of years of culture to luxury resorts and restaurants in a heartbeat. 

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About Cambodia

Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy located in Southeast Asia bordering the Gulf of Thailand. Its capital is Phnom Penh. Ninety-five percent of the country’s 15 million citizens are Buddhists, and Buddhism has shaped and guided its development, history, and culture. Cambodia borders Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam.

In additional to its intricate river system and beaches, Cambodia has close to ten mountain ranges, all of which offer delightful hiking challenges. As you move from the coastal cities to the inland, less and less people will speak English. Instead, they speak Cambodia’s official language, Khmer.

Phnom Penh, the capital, can be colorful and hectic. They do have some fine dining. The magnificent Royal Palace is a complex that every visitor must experience.

The complex contains the Palace, Throne Hall, a tower with golden tiles, as well as the Treasury. There is the Silver Pagoda, made of the finest Italian marble and a throne room built with six tons of silver. An Emerald Buddha is made of crystal, solid gold, and close to 10,000 diamonds. 

Visitors needs to have knees and shoulders covered before entering the complex.

One of the best destinations for a Cambodia honeymoon is the Koh Rong beach, which can be reached by ferry. Here, paradise still exists. After lazing at one of the pristine beaches, enjoy the restaurants and bar, as well as the excellent accommodations. A romantic stroll along the beach at sunset will create forever memories. Boat tours from Koh Rong will take you past several private islands, delightful fishing villages, and more spectacular beaches. You can get off at any chosen location, spend some time exploring, and continue on with the next boat. Some boat tours are specifically geared for snorkeling, fishing, or watching the sunset. If you catch any fish, the captain can arrange for a BBQ.

Buddhism rules the lives of Cambodians. Religious festivals are plentiful and taken seriously. The country is filled with pagodas, and most homes have images of Buddha. By nature, Cambodians are very modest and traditional. Public display of affection, overly immodest clothes, and drunken behavior are not met with approval. 

It is interesting, but Cambodians do not shake hands or wave. A greeting, which is also a sign of respect, involves placing the palms of the hands together in front of you. The higher the palms, the greater the sign of respect. 

While the Riel is the official Cambodian currency, the US dollar is perfectly acceptable in most places. Many outlets, however, will refuse to deal with credit or debit cards. When in Cambodia, it’s a good idea to always have cash on you.

Best Time to Visit Cambodia

The weather is hot throughout the entire year. Essentially, Cambodia is divided into two seasons, wet and dry. The optimal time to visit is determined by what you want to do while on your Cambodian honeymoon.

In the spring, the King celebrates his birthday from May 13 through 15. It’s a government holiday when people dance in the streets and enjoy fireworks and there are parades throughout Cambodia. The main celebration takes place in Phnom Penh by the Independence Monument with a large parade to the Royal Palace. 

The November Water Festival, Bonn Om Touk, is one of the biggest festivals in Cambodia. It takes place during the full moon to celebrate the reversal of water flow between the Tonle Sap and the Mekong Rivers. Cambodians depend on the Tonle Sap River for its rich fish and for fertilizing silt deposits. This celebration is to thank and honor the river. There are three days of boat races and fireworks.

The November Water Festival, Bonn Om Touk, is one of the biggest festivals in Cambodia. It is a family-oriented three-day holiday; however, you can visit the pagodas and watch the rituals. The third day is the busiest, especially in Phnom Penh. There are elephant races and boxing matches. If you are in Phnom Penh, take part in the festivities by joining the crowd at the temple of Wat Phnom.

Top Things to do in Cambodia

Silk Farm Tour

The Angkor silk farm in Siem Reap is a reminder of how silk from the East used to be the ultimate in luxury. Only elites had access to this soft, exotic material. Take a tour and watch the silk-making process from the beginning (it starts with the silkworms) to the weaving looms to the finished material.

You can buy silk in their shop and bring it home and have a tailor turn it into a thing of beauty. The Farm is located off National Road 6. A shuttle from Siem Reap is available.

Mekong River Cruise

There are several cruises available at Pandaw River Cruises, from three to ten days and even longer. 

A river cruise up the Mekong is the way to immerse yourself in Cambodia’s history and culture. You will pass, stop at, and see sights from remote villages to the majesty of Angkor Wat, and Cambodia’s amazing scenery and landscape. When you stop, you will meet the local artists and dancers. You also have the opportunity to experience the local cuisine and cooking demonstrations. 

The rooms on the cruise are spacious and attractive. Relax on the sundeck or have a cocktail at the bar.

Wat Rong Khun (the White Temple)

The White Temple in Chiang Rai is a modern addition to the multitude of Cambodia’s temples. While it is a holy site and must be treated as such, there is a touch of whimsy about the temple.

The exterior is designed entirely in white, giving it a frozen, snow-covered with sparkling icicles appearance. The look is stunning. The temple is all about good and evil, going to heaven or hell. 

The bridge leading to the temple is the bridge between heaven and hell. Hands are stretching to the sky pleading for help and salvation. The very quirkiness of the design can strike a bit of fear in your heart. 

Perhaps a strange, yet definitely whimsical, addition to this temple, the “golden toilet,” is not to be missed. This “bathroom” is a multistoried building and larger than the average mansion and is golden in color. The bathrooms inside are spectacular. Remember that this is a holy site and dress accordingly. You can reach the White Temple by bus from Chiang Rai.

Mondulkiri Elephant And Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is located near Sen Monorum in Mondulkiri Province. It conducts several conservation programs to save and protect the endangered elephants. The tours will educate participants about native wildlife and conservation methods, including reforestation. This is where aging elephants come to retire. 

Learn more about elephants, play with them, feed them, and bathe with them in the elephant pool. Call 097 659 1101 for more information.

Weather in Cambodia

Cambodia has a wet and a dry season. The wet season, from May through September, sees a lot of rain, sometimes every day. Most of the time, however, the rain ceases after a few hours. One of the problems with the wet season is that roads get flooded and can turn to mud, as most of the roads are dirt instead of paved. Traveling can become very hazardous and difficult.

If you can take the rain, you’ll have a lush, green countryside to explore. The famed Angkor Wat takes on a special glow during the rainy season.

The dry season in Cambodia is from October through April. November and January are chilly, and by April the heat is sizzling. The roads improve, but at this time of year, they get filled with dust. The ideal place during the dry season is the beach and its refreshing waters.

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