Cancun, located on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for newlyweds from many countries. This tropical paradise was created for romance. It’s a place where you fall even more in love. Just taking a stroll along the seaside’s white sand in the moonlight takes on a special meaning. 

The beaches in Cancun are stunning and irresistible. Of course, many newlyweds combine their Cancun honeymoon with a Cancun destination beach wedding for an ideal experience that cannot be surpassed. Cancun wedding packages are provided by many resorts in the area for those looking to combine a destination wedding with their Cancun honeymoon.

While a Cancun honeymoon may be in Eden, it is remarkably affordable. Even newlyweds on a budget can enjoy a luxurious time. Comfortable accommodations are reasonably priced, as are the flights to Cancun. Honeymooning in Cancun gives you great value for your money, just in case you went overboard on the wedding.

In addition to its almost surreal beauty, Cancun has extremely friendly people who will make you feel at home. Hospitality towards guests and visitors is a natural phenomenon here. 

A Cancun honeymoon also has a “wow” factor found in few other places. The pure white sand is created from crushed coral and won’t burn your feet. A small thing, but it matters. Cancun has the second largest barrier reef that is over 700 miles in length and creates a fantastic diving opportunity. You’ll find 500 different types of sea creatures and dozens of different corals. There’s an exciting underwater world waiting to be explored. 

If you are looking for a bit of history, you’ll find Mayan ruins not far from most hotels. As for the weather, this bit of paradise hovers at 80 degrees almost year-round.

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Beloved Playa Mujeres

The Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres is one of the top honeymoon resorts in the world. This beautiful resort is Adults-Only and All-Inclusive – perfect for your honeymoon. Beloved combines luxury and comfort with the intimacy of a ’boutique style’ hotel. Minutes north of Cancun, Playa Mujeres’ secluded beachfront is the perfect setting for a honeymoon. Pleasure and relaxation are integrated into every moment of a Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres honeymoon.

Contemporary luxury is the essence of Beloved Playa Mujeres. The stylish hotel architecture and decor, generous suites, spotless service, and deluxe facilities make for an exquisite honeymoon. At this intimate beachfront community you’ll enjoy personalized spa and wellness programs, fine dining, seaside golf, boating and fishing from the inland marina, and a host of other activities. The honeymoon package includes:

  • A basket of fresh fruits in your suite on your arrival
  • A bottle of sparkling wine
  • A special romantic dinner at one of their incredible restaurants
  • Special turndown service
  • Champagne breakfast in bed (once per stay)
  • 15% discount on your photo package
  • 15% discount on all spa treatments

More Information on Beloved Playa Mujeres

Average Price Range: $370 to $770

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 190


The Grand At Moon Palace Cancun

Get Swept Away at the Lover’s Paradise

Imagine a place of sophistication, promising that days will always be the blending of luxury, technology, and comfort. A place that ensures enticing magical evenings that fulfill your every craving. Imagine this rapturous realm set on a beach that seems to be plucked from a dreamy postcard. Now you are looking at Grand At Moon Palace Cancun.

This paradise has easy ground transportation from and back from Cancun International Airport until your stay at the Palace Resorts ends. Unquestionably, a holiday that both of you would love, including your wallet. For young couples and long-time lovers, this resort is truly a paradise. Enjoy your honeymoon with luxurious spa treatments, and life-long love memories.

More Information on The Grand At Moon Palace Cancun

Average Price Range: $450 to $861

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 22 minutes

Number of Rooms: 1316


Moon Palace Cancun

Discover the Two Sides of the Moon

This peaceful oasis and kingdom of serenity boasts a comfortable atmosphere and welcoming dining choices. Moon Palace Nizuc is great for couples and provides an extravagant pool, poolside gazebos, and a super screen to watch your favorite games right by the pool. Feel the serenity of the night under the stunning moon.

In the morning, unwind in a fun-filled sunshine personal paradise. Moon Palace Sunrise is busy and lively, offering great nightlife and dining choices, an arcade and console lounge, a Flowrider® Double Wave Simulator, and a 24-hour coffee shop!

The resort sizzles with vitality and opportunity, from sun-up to sun-down. As much or as little as you want, take in. You are certainly going to sense the pulse of paradise here. Embark on the next chapter of your lives with the intimate elegance of the most sought after honeymoon experience. Wake up in bed for breakfast and finish your night with a gourmet, romantic meal. Making sure that the memory of your honeymoon lasts forever.

More Information on Moon Palace Cancun

Average Price Range: $299 to $710

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 16 minutes

Number of Rooms: 2433


Isla Mujeres Palace

A Breathtaking Island with the Perfect Culinary Experience

The Isla is only here to give you the best service in their intimately elegant 62-room resort during your honeymoon. This beautiful island is yours. Relish luxurious luxury with an in-room double whirlpool tub, private shower, balcony, and more in this romantic getaway.

They say things are more laid back on the island. Anything that happens is based on your own time here at Isla Mujeres Palace. You’ll feel like the only two people in the world, whether you’re sipping craft cocktails under a thatched-roof shack, squeezing in some midday shuteye in your hammock, or gazing into your sweetie’s eyes during a romantic candlelit dinner.

Embrace a healthy or hearty beachside breakfast in the morning, laze by the pool for a delicious lunch, or dine under the stars for a romantic dinner. The Palace of Isla Mujeres is your palace, set the mood and the hotel will be curating the perfect culinary experience. Isla Mujeres is an island off the coast of Cancun, so your holiday begins with you skimming through a paradise of turquoise.

More Information on Isla Mujeres Palace

Average Price Range: $266 to $521

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 25 minutes

Number of Rooms: 62

About Cancun

More than six million people visit Cancun each year. There is a reason this Mexican city is so popular – besides the miles of white beaches, turquoise waters, fabulous weather, and an incredible history. Cancun is alive, with so much to do and enjoy. 

There are two separate areas to the city. One is “Ciudad Cancun” or downtown, which is where the locals live. “Isla Cancun,” or “Hotel Zone,” is where the tourists go. This area stretches along 15 miles of sand and water. This is where to find upscale accommodations, restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping. That is just the beginning, however.

Your Cancun honeymoon will take place by the most sparkling blue waters, the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy any kind of watersports or take lessons. Go surfing, sailing, or swimming. Take out any type of boat into the calming waters. 

Where there are clear ocean waters, you will usually find lovely beaches. When in Cancun, check out the following white-sand beaches. 

  1. Playa Delfines is located away from the hotels, so it tends to be less crowded. Get a comfortable chair and just enjoy the crashing of the ocean. There are vendors for refreshments.
  2. Puerto Morelos Beach is a part of the Village of Puerto Morelos, just south of Cancun. Cancun can get lively, and Puerto Morelos Beach can serve as the perfect calming antidote. The locals are friendly, so take the opportunity and stroll through the village.
  3. Playa Chac Mool is perfect for watersports. 
  4. Playa Tortugas is by the Isla Mueres ferry and is likely to attract crowds. It has calmer waters than the other beaches, making it ideal for swimming.
  5. Playa Forum is located next to Cancun’s lively nightspots and surrounded by restaurants and bars. 

While you are luxuriating in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, keep in mind you are in a genuine Mexican town. Visit with the locals in El Centro, or as it is also known, Downtown. So many visitors to Cancun miss the genuine part of Cancun and its people. Don’t be one of them. 

Just a short distance from your hotel, you will find El Meco, the remains of ancient Mayan ruins. It dates back 1,000 years and can be visited in about an hour. If you are up for it, see a bullfight at Plaza de Tores. For something less physical, take in a movie at the CineVIP theatre at the Plaza La America Mall. It’s a luxury theatre with fully reclining seats and a bar and refreshments.

While your hotel undoubtedly has some excellent dining options, why not discover some of the local eateries. La Habichuela at Calle Margaritas 25 Col. Centro has great seafood and steaks. 

Drop by the bars on Yaxchilan Avenue and stay for the live performance, which usually starts around midnight and lasts through to 4:00 am. Also, in the evenings and on the weekends, join the locals in the Parque Las Palapas. This park has free entertainment, food stalls, and vendors that have just about anything for sale.

Best Time to Visit Cancun

In truth, there is no “wrong” time to visit fabulous Cancun. It’s a wonderland at any time. However, depending on your interests, you can coordinate your timing for optimal fun and pleasure.

December through April is the perfect time if you want warm but not hot weather with little rain and very little humidity. Life in Cancun is literally a beach during this time. The water is warm enough to swim in but bring a light jacket for your evening stroll. If wildlife is an interest, such as when the sea turtles are nesting, coming during the month of May is your best choice. This is the perfect weather to go exploring everything Mexico and Cancun have to offer. 

Things heat up – literally – during the summer months of July through September. This is also the rainy season. So, if you are after a bargain for your transportation and accommodations, this is your best time. And, you will be avoiding crowds, as well.

Remember that Cancun is infamous for attracting youngsters on spring break in March. Unless you enjoy an extremely rollicking and noisy crowd, and bars bursting at the seams, March may not be your best time to visit.

Top Things to do in Cancun

You’re in Mayan country, so this is the perfect time to explore their amazing history.

Visit Chichen Itza

Chichén Itzá was the hub and seat of power of Mayan civilization approximately 1,000 years ago. Their lifestyle was remarkably artistic and advanced. Driving from Cancun can take two hours, so visiting Chichen Itza is definitely a day trip. There is so much to see. The largest and primary pyramid here is Kukulkan, with its 365 steps. Climb them if you dare.

There are hotels for an overnight stay, and don’t forget the sunblock and comfortable shoes. It is a good idea to get there early in the day to beat the heat. To learn more about this ancient civilization, a guided tour is highly recommended.

Captain Hook Private Show and Dinner Cruise.

Pirates were standard fare in ancient Mexico. Now, you can take part in your own pirate cruise. The cost is $35.00. Enjoy a gourmet dinner and open bar while being treated to stories about real pirates and sea battles. There will also be dancing. All in all, these pirates are pretty entertaining.

You leave Cancun in a Spanish galleon and will be guided around the ship by a pirate. The Captain can be found telling tales at the bar as the ship sails the Caribbean. Things turn alarming when a second ship arrives; cannons are fired, and pirates defend their turf with swords. It’s serious business. Call 1 855 275 5071 for more information.

Luxurious Diamond Bright Catamaran Adventure

Spend the day cruising in luxury from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, a bargain at $60.00. Relax by the open bar as you cruise the Caribbean to the island, where you will visit their beach club for some swimming and snorkeling by the Playa Norte beach. The marine life here is diverse and spectacular. You’ll have time to explore Isla Mujeres and shop. Your cruise, which includes lunch, lasts for seven hours.

Helicopter Tour Over the Caribbean

This is a splurge at $200 for a 12-minute ride, but you really can’t leave Cancun without having seen it from the air. Conducted by Urban Adventures, you’ll get a panoramic vista of Cancun and surrounding cities. This will create some truly unforgettable memories. 

The Ruins of Tulum

This is an ancient Mayan walled city built on cliffs high above the Caribbean. Goods such as cocoa beans and jade were traded here. The castle, El Castillo, is the major pyramid in this dig. The Temple of the Frescoes, which is near the castle, is quite well-preserved and offers an actual mural from ancient times. There are several other buildings within the ruins. If it gets too hot, look for the beach behind the pyramid and treat yourself to a swim with the cliffs and ruins above you. You can reach Tulum via a rental car, bus, or group taxi. There are also tours out of Cancun. If you wish to spend the night, the Town of Tulum has accommodations, from a hostel to the luxury Nomade Tulum.

Weather in Cancun

You hope for the perfect weather for your honeymoon. In Cancun, the odds are definitely in your favor, with 250 warm, sun-shiny, tropical days a year.

The rainy season lasts from June through October. Still, the temperature remains a delightful 84 degrees. As a rule, the sun comes out right after a rain shower, so all is good even in the rainy season. Admittedly, the humidity soars.

It tends to be dry from November through April. This is the time for being outside or in the water. Hurricanes can happen from June through November. You’ll get great travel deals during this time. And if a hurricane is actually imminent, simply pack up and stay further inland for a few days. Still, it’s difficult to come across a bad weather day in Cancun. 

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