Curacao is a Dutch island that’s gaining popularity among young couples and honeymooners. As more and more people visit this beautiful place, the Curacao wedding trend is on a rise.

It’s rich with diverse history, pristine beaches, awe-inspiring water sports, and many romantic resorts and boutique hotels.

Since it lies outside the hurricane belt, it’s safe to visit any time of the year. That gives you the independence to plan your destination wedding on your preferred dates.

With white sands, blue beaches, and colorful colonial architecture, this place offers the perfect moments for couples in love.

About Destination Weddings in Curacao

Why Get Married in Curacao

Curacao offers many adventurous and sightseeing activities. Couples often extend their wedding vacation and plan their honeymoon here as well.

Curacao has world-class beaches and the most unbelievably clear and blue waters. There are many resorts here that will handle the wedding planning and execution so you can sit back and relax.

While you’re here for your Curacao wedding, visit Fort Amsterdam Willemstad, a UNESCO world heritage site. You’ll feel the presence of a European ambiance in the Dutch colonial buildings here. Also, check out the murals on the walls that reflect the artsy side of the place.

Average Cost of a Destination Wedding in Curacao

For $1,000, you can get a wedding with personal touches from the wedding planner. The package includes preparations for up to 10 guests.

This cost is for a symbolic ceremony and doesn’t include legal paperwork costs. The package includes the wedding location along with a bouquet for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom.

There will be a single-tier wedding cake and wine toast for the guests. This cost will not include accommodation for the guests. The wedding couple will get breakfast in bed served with mimosas.

That’s the basic package. As you add more features (flowers, music, photography, etc.), the costs will go up.

The 5 Best Curacao Wedding Venues

Sandals Royal Curacao

This all-inclusive adults-only resort sits in the island arc of Leeward Antilles and enjoys the blend of cultural and natural wonders.

It’s the perfect place to add intimacy and romance to your Curacao wedding as you walk hand-in-hand on the sandy white shores. The unique desert-like landscape gently merges into the ocean and invites swimmers and divers to take a dip.

The resort has an expansive pool that lets you cool down after a stroll on the beach. Behold the horizon where Tafelberg Mountain meets the city skyline. If you’re the adventurous type, climb to new heights and absorb the spectacular sunsets.

The resort is spread over a 44-acre area and the total estate area is 3,000 acres. You can get a Dutch bike to explore the entire estate. You can also request a MINI Cooper to explore Curacao.

There are 8 restaurants and 3 food trucks. You get unlimited premium liquors at their 13 bars, including a swim-up bar.

There are day and night live entertainment options that will keep you occupied. The resort offers in-house wedding planning and coordination teams that will take care of every little event detail. Just sit back and relax and let the Sandals wedding team take care of things.

Curacao Marriott Beach Resort

Explore the sun-kissed Caribbean waters at the Curacao Marriott. This elegant beach resort has a 6-acre beach-facing area and is known for its warm hospitality.

Enjoy the tropical oasis at the hotel that creates magical memories that will last a lifetime. Make your Curacao wedding even dreamier with beautiful venues on the beach or inside the resort.

The hotel has four dining concepts that offer flavors from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for international spices or local Caribbean delicacies, you’ll find them all here.

There are several amenities for you and your guests. Continue your workout schedule at the fitness center or go snorkeling in the seawater. Leave the little guests at the kids club that offers several exciting activities for children.

Curacao Marriott offers an exclusive beachfront location that will give you unforgettable sunset views. Capture beautiful memories in the camera as you two unite under the golden glow of the setting sun.

And if you want an indoor location, the hotel has several event halls including two ballrooms. The wedding coordinator of the hotel will take care of your wedding and related activities so you two can focus on nothing but love.

Renaissance Wind Creek Curacao Resort

Renaissance Wind Creek resort stands right next to the sparkling ocean and offers stunning views of the sea as well as the city.

Experience a luxurious Curacao wedding with comfortable accommodation that carries a modern look and feel. Revel in the beautiful views of a private beach or visit the nearby city for shopping and sightseeing – there is so much you can do when you’re at Renaissance Wind Creek.

In the evening, head to the casino and try your luck there, or visit the Christoffel National Park to view the natural exquisiteness of flora and fauna of the place.

There are several event spaces here that give way to magical weddings. The wedding planning team of the hotel will take care of all the fine details while you relax and enjoy your wedding vacation.

All reception halls in this hotel are equipped with A/V facilities and wireless internet so you can have a slideshow presentation of your beautiful moments together.

Get a bite at one of the restaurants of the hotel and take a sip from their delicious handmade cocktails. Swim in the infinity pool with your loved one and enjoy a never-before intimate experience.

Avila Beach Hotel

Avila hotel is located in the center of the island and right next to a beautiful and pristine beach. It provides access to two private beaches where you and your loved one can relax and enjoy intimate moments together.

It’s within a walking distance from the city center and if you want to explore Curacao, this is at the ideal location. Curacao offers so much more than beaches and natural scenery. The architecture and history of the place are rich and dynamic. This hotel offers just the right place for you to stay and discover the city.

It has two restaurants and two bars where you can get international cuisine and delicious cocktails and wines. And if you want to explore more, there are dozens of restaurants nearby.

With the stunning setting of the hotel, you’ll find many photo hotspots. Whether you want to read your vows at the beach or indoors, you can plan your dream wedding here.

The hotel has three distinct wings (La Belle Alliance, Caribbean Oceanfront Blues, and The Octagon) and each wing offers unique and amazing views.

Before your big day, head to their spa and get invigorating therapy to relax your body and calm your mind. Recharge your senses so you feel energetic and passionate on your special day.

Sunscape Curacao Resort

Create wonderful memories of your Curacao wedding with Sunscape Curacao resort. This family-friendly resort has 341 suites and rooms and offers many activities for kids and grown-ups.

If you’re planning to invite guests with children, this resort would be a good option for you. Experience snorkeling in the crystal-clear Caribbean waters or take a boat for a diving excursion.

Give rest to your muscles at their in-house spa that offers a range of holistic treatments. Get a comforting massage to prepare you for your big day.

Want to try your newlywed luck? Head over to the casino and try your hand at games or just relax at the pool bar with an icy cold cocktail. There’s never a single dull moment at Sunscape Curacao.

There are many wedding venues here to accommodate your guests. Whether you plan an elopement or a grand celebration, you can have it here.

The hotel has a dedicated wedding coordinator who will take care of everything. The basic wedding package starts from $1,100 and you get a wedding cake and a wine toast for two. This cost is for a symbolic ceremony. The legal paperwork costs will be extra.

Can you legally marry in Curacao?

Yes, you can. Curacao is a part of the Kingdom of Netherlands but is autonomous and can manage its own affairs.

If you plan a symbolic Curacao wedding, you have to marry in your home country and then come here to read the vows. However, when you get a legal ceremony here, your marriage gets registered in Curacao.

Keep in mind that legal paperwork will come with extra charges. Also, it takes extra time and planning. Your hotel or resort can help you out with the documents and other requirements. Discuss your needs before arriving here.

Can you elope in Curacao?

You can elope or have a grand wedding – whichever way you prefer. Elopements are more affordable and can extend into a honeymoon as well. This is why many young couples prefer a Curacao wedding that includes just the bride and groom.

For an elopement, you can find an adults-only resort here that will let you have intimate moments with each other.

For a larger gathering, you might want a family-friendly resort that has kids and family-focused activities. If you plan a big celebration, book your resort in advance because most hotels get swamped during the tourist season.

Here are the legal documents you need for a Curacao wedding:

  • A written request stating that you two want to get married. You have to send the request to the municipality.
  • Birth certificates of the bride and groom
  • Passports of the bride and groom
  • Divorce or death certificates of the previous spouses (if applicable)
  • A declaration that both of you are single
  • A declaration of the professions of the bride and groom and their parents

The documents have to be translated into Dutch by a certified translator. You’ll need two witnesses and the wedding planner can take care of that.

Curacao Wedding Planning Tips

How to get there

The only airport in Curacao is Hato International Airport. It has multiple flights from the US, Europe, and other countries. You can get direct flights from Newark, Miami, and Charlotte.

The place is also well-connected through waterways so you can come here on a cruise or yacht.

Citizens of the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan don’t need a visa to enter Curacao. However, you’ll need to carry your passport. Your passport will also be required at the time of your wedding. You can stay for up to three months here without a visa.

Curacao Weather

Curacao has warm and sunny weather all year long. The best part about a Curacao wedding is that it lies outside the hurricane belt so it’s always safe to travel here.

January to September are dry while October to December are rainy. Rainfall is scarce here, even in the rainy months.

The temperature stays pretty constant throughout the year with the coolest month being January (26oC) and September being the warmest (29oC).

Because of its pleasant weather and scarce rainfall, it has become a popular destination among not just young couples but also other travelers.

Best Time of Year to Get Married in Curacao

The best time for any Caribbean wedding is the dry season. However, Curacao is different. Since it’s mainly dry here, you can have a Curacao wedding whenever you want. As mentioned earlier, Curacao lies outside the hurricane belt, which means you can come here any time you want.

The rainy months are October, November, and December but the amount of precipitation is very less, which means even rainy months are good for a Curacao wedding. Besides, if you want an indoor wedding, a rainy day wouldn’t matter anyway. But if you want a beach wedding, it’s best to plan a trip during the dry season.

Looking for honeymoon options? Here are some good venues for a Curacao honeymoon.

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