Congratulations – you’ve found the one, and now it’s time to plan for your big day. Although it is essential to keep in mind the area of your family and friends when making decisions, don’t forget that this is your wedding. If a travel adventure has been calling out to you, why not think about having a destination wedding? From beachside locations or far-off castles; to domestic spots or foreign destinations – here are 25 exquisite destination wedding locations worth considering! Make sure your special day stands out as nothing less than extraordinary.


jamaica wedding

Dare to dream of the perfect wedding with Jamaica as its backdrop! Revel in the Caribbean’s sun-drenched beaches and sparkling turquoise waters. With a range of all-inclusive resorts, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience full of joyous memories. The island is also home to expert planners ready to craft your ideal celebration – so why not let them create your dream wedding?

Our Favorite Venue: Sandals Montego Bay

Saint Lucia

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St. Lucia is an extraordinary country with a unique blend of French, English, and African cultures, making it the perfect place to host your destination wedding! Here couples can enjoy thrilling adventures while simultaneously indulging in luxurious pampering – making for a truly unforgettable experience.

With numerous accommodations, from all-inclusive resorts to boutique luxury hotels, you can easily find a place that fits your preferences in this Caribbean paradise. Brilliant blue waters, unspoiled nature and powdery soft sand await any visitors lucky enough to come here – no matter how picky they may be! Make it even easier on your wedding guests by directing them to the Travel page of your wedding website so they can book their trips with ease!

Our Favorite Venue: Sandals Grande St. Lucian



Barbados, a secret tropical gem, is the perfect spot to host your low-key Caribbean destination wedding. The island features captivating colonial architecture and stunning vistas that will make your dream come true. Not only is it beautiful, but the prices are also very reasonable compared to other destinations.

Plus, since the country is an independent English Commonwealth, you can access some unique activities like cricket and afternoon tea breaks! And if all of this wasn’t enough for you already – temperatures from December through April are ideal for planning a breathtaking wedding package on this paradise!

Our Favorite Venue: Sandals Barbados


italy wedding

Italy is a dreamland for couples wanting to tie the knot. The Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre offer jaw-dropping seaside views in all their resplendent hues, while Tuscany delivers an idyllic rustic-luxe wine retreat.

Or why not guarantee your special day stands out even more by choosing one of Lake Como‘s majestic villas – George and Amal Clooney, John Legend & Chrissy Teigen or John Krasinski & Emily Blunt have already marked it as their wedding favorite!


french wedding

Seeking the perfect wedding destination? Look no further than France! Of course, Paris is a classic romantic option, but don’t discount other dreamy French locations.

From its grand châteaux in Loire Valley’s vineyards to seaside towns like St.-Tropez and Cannes along the Cote d’Azur – not forgetting Provence with its quaint villages and fragrant lavender fields – there are so many enchanting possibilities for your special day!



With its fourteen miles of radiant white sand, lush vegetation and quiet beaches, the island of Antigua is a sought-after destination for couples, honeymooners and small weddings. The ringed coral reefs that border it make swimming with the tropical fish an unforgettable experience. Beyond the beautiful landscape, there is so much to take in and do around the island.

Many all-inclusive resorts like Sandals Grande Antigua have exclusive access to these dreamy shorelines. Here you can enjoy traditional Caribbean beauty intertwined with modern delights – making your vacation one not soon forgotten!


mexico wedding

Mexico offers a unique experience for all types of travelers. From luxurious all-inclusive resorts in the Riviera Maya, to beachfront boutiques in Tulum and breathtaking ocean views from Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas – paradise awaits! For an even more unforgettable wedding destination, explore vibrant Mexico City!



When you have a wedding in Curacao, it’s like getting a genuine Caribbean experience. There’s something special about the island that you won’t find anywhere else – from its abundance of water sports and shopping to lively nightlife experiences.

Plus, since Willemstad is the main city with an economy thriving on locals, guests will regularly interact with real people while they’re here! Enjoy Carnival festivities by dancing along or join a local fisherman for some fresh catches – either way Curacao provides both stunning beauty and immersive culture at once so come for one and stay for both!

Our Favorite Venue: Sandals Curacao


ireland wedding

Ireland is the perfect destination for a fairytale wedding. Its ancient castles and lush landscapes make it ideal for making your special day one to remember forever! However, there are so many more romantic venues here than just castle walls – imagine saying ‘I do’ on an oceanfront cliff or in a Gothic cathedral nestled along the sea.

And of course there’s plenty of options available to keep your guests entertained from pub crawls in Dublin city centre to world-class golf courses and lots of historical sites too! Experience true romance with an Irish wedding; book now and plan the dreamiest celebration you wish for.



For the perfect two-in-one wedding and honeymoon destination, consider the Bahamas! Just a brief jaunt away from New York City, these picturesque islands offer plenty of sunshine, inviting beaches with silky sand between your toes and crystal clear waters – an ideal backdrop for exchanging vows.

Ensure to stick around after your ceremony so you can begin married life in total tranquility by taking advantage of all paradise offers.

Our Favorite Venue: Sandals Royal Bahamian


hawaii wedding

Hawaii is a true paradise for couples who are planning their wedding. With its expansive white and black sand beaches, lush jungles, breathtaking mountains and volcanoes, it’s perfect for an unforgettable ceremony!

You can choose from luxurious hotels to host both the wedding and your honeymoon; alternatively you can make each island special by having your wedding on one island and then traveling to another beautiful location when embarking on your post-wedding journey – all without needing a passport!

Puerto Rico

pr wedding

Puerto Rico is like an ever-changing canvas for its visitors, no two travelers will return with the same memories and images. If you seek adventure in the steamy rainforests of El Yunque, perhaps accompanied by the call of coqui frogs or exotic birds, this is your destination! For those that prefer more aquatic activities such as snorkeling and diving; enjoy dazzling white-sand beaches or marvel at one of few bioluminescent bays across Puerto Rico where waters actually glow in darkness.

For history and culture aficionados searching for an unforgettable wedding day, there’s nothing quite like a celebration in San Juan. Lose yourself in the magnetic Caribbean spirit of Viejo San Juan, marvel at its alluring Spanish architecture and savor the rich flavors from its kitchens! When you’re ready to make your dreams come true, choose one of our Puerto Rico wedding packages that are tailored to fit exactly what you need.

Our Favorite Venue: San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino


california wedding

California is the perfect destination to wed, no matter your style. For those of you dreaming of a rustic-chic ceremony in some of the most beautiful wine regions like Sonoma and Napa Valley, it’s an ideal option with all its majestic vineyards just waiting for your special day!

If that isn’t quite what you had envisioned and something more luxurious is on your list then southern California has plenty to offer boasting glamorous beachfront luxury hotels. And don’t forget about Joshua Tree or Palm Springs—breathtakingly unique desert landscapes providing stunning backdrops for photos that will last a lifetime!

Dominican Republic

dominican republic

Plan your romantic nuptials on the tranquil shores of Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic for a dreamy, under-the-radar wedding experience. With its rugged beauty and abundance of charming boutique hotels, you’re sure to find yourself surrounded by serenity during this special moment.

If it’s large all-inclusives that you seek, there are still plenty around – just not as many as Punta Cana‘s perennially beloved resorts!

Our Favorite Venue: Iberostar Dominicana


thailand wedding

Are you looking for something extra special to make your destination wedding stand out? Look no further than Thailand! While the flight may be lengthy, the breathtakingly beautiful beaches, awe-inspiring wildlife (hello elephants!) and fascinating cities like Bangkok all await.

Plus, an exotic journey abroad is definitely a great way to keep those guest numbers in check while still allowing family and friends back home to join in on the celebrations at a later date with a relaxed get together. What more could you want from such an unforgettable experience?

Costa Rica

costa rica wedding

Costa Rica is a magnificent destination, boasting lush rainforests, grand waterfalls, active volcanoes and incomparable black and white-sand beaches sandwiched between its Caribbean and Pacific Coasts. The short journey from coast to coast only takes three hours by car – allowing you to indulge in surfing on the wild Pacific Coast then bask in stunningly tranquil Caribbean waters all within one getaway!

Couples seeking an unforgettable destination wedding in Costa Rica must make sure to take advantage of the many outdoor activities like horseback riding, hiking, and fishing! Not only will you be able to explore the nation’s captivating ecosystems with your guests but also choose from a wide variety of venues for your ceremony. Discover our top-notch selection now and contact us today for a free quote – it’s that easy!

Our Favorite Venue: Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen


colorado wedding

For couples looking for an unforgettable wedding, something is enchanting about a winter destination bash. The mountain towns of Colorado are the ideal setting to capture stunning photos with the majestic Rocky Mountains in your backdrop.

If you and your guests love skiing (or simply après-ski), there’s plenty of adventure here! But it doesn’t stop at that; visitors can also relish upscale eateries, pamper themselves in luxurious spas, or enjoy admiring world-class art museums.


mc auaar wedding je16205 99561 Classic Hor

Aruba’s slogan of ‘One Happy Island’ speaks volumes about its paradise-like atmosphere. This beautiful island is a cultural mosaic, with Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English and French all influencing the language used by locals.

And that diversity can be seen throughout – from architecture to food and even people! Beach weddings don’t get any better than in Aruba; it’s truly an idyllic destination for couples looking to tie the knot.

With stunning backdrops like Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, Aruba is ideal for couples who seek a destination wedding. Not to mention that this Caribbean paradise also offers pristine coral reef snorkeling trips full of vibrant fish!

Your friends and family won’t soon forget their time in the sun – they’ll dream of returning throughout their lives!

Our Favorite Venue: Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

New Orleans

new orleans

Ignite the flame of love and have a romantic celebration that only New Orleans can provide. Its stunning architecture, mouth-watering cuisine, horse-drawn carriages down cobblestone pathways, and enigmatic atmosphere create an ideal setting for your special day.

Experience what The Big Easy has to offer – it’ll be truly unforgettable!

Virgin Islands


If you imagine a tropical, exotic wedding in the Caribbean when you plan your nuptials, then look no further than U.S Virgin Islands.

Whether you desire an intimate ceremony in one of its historic churches or on a pristine white-sand beach with Palms Trees swaying to the rhythm of island life as witness to your vows – USVI will make it memorable!

Our Favorite Venue: Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove


iStock 1226673490

Morocco is the idyllic wedding destination for those searching to celebrate their day in a warm climate all year round. The ideal time of year would be from AprilJune or SeptemberNovember when days are sunny and nights comfortably cool.

Whether you seek an intimate, desert ceremony amongst the captivating sand dunes or a modern city event amidst glimmering Marrakech, Morocco offers majestic settings for your special celebration.


bali wedding

If a carefree beach wedding is your dream, then get ready to book that flight to Bali! Its stunning white sand beaches and majestic mountains, alongside many traditional cultural sites and exciting bohemian flair, is an idyllic spot for any couple who wants an unforgettable yet relaxing day.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic venue or need some restful time away from the hustle and bustle of life – Bali has something special waiting for you!

Las Vegas

las vegas wedding

From a time-honored tradition to modern celebrity marriages, Vegas remains the ultimate destination for couples ready to tie the knot.

Whether it’s an intimate elopement or a grand ceremony and celebration, Las Vegas is here for you—after all, if it was good enough for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck…it’s definitely good enough for us!


portugal wedding
portugal wedding

Portugal, a small European nation, is beginning to get the attention it deserves as a top travel destination. Lisbon, its capital city, offers bustling cosmopolitan energy while the Douro Valley of northern Portugal leaves visitors enchanted with its wineries and vineyards.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable wedding setting that will make you feel like royalty, look no further than Sintra – just outside Lisbon. This enchanting community boasts several majestic castles sure to bring your fairy-tale dreams come alive!

South Africa

south africa wedding
south africa wedding

If you’re searching for a dreamy wedding destination with breathtaking coastal beaches, vineyards spanning the horizon and majestic mountains just steps away, South Africa is your ideal spot.

And to add even more excitement to your special day, why not plan an unforgettable honeymoon safari nearby? So make plans today for a big event that will forever be remembered!

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