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Anguilla is mainly comprised a small island and several other offshore islets. It is situated in the eastern Caribbean and is a British Overseas Territory. It has a wide range of beaches, including Rendezvous Bay’s long sandy stretches to overlooking the island of St. Martin as its neighbor. There are also secluded little coves such as Little Bay, which have to be reached by boat.

The beach settings of Anguilla with the lush tropical properties are enough to take your breath away. There is no more perfect setting than the relaxed and peaceful nature of the hotels that look upon the Maundays Bay. The couple spa treatments on the exclusive rental villas along with private dinners for two on the beaches seal the deal for you. 

Local seafood resources are star food items here. Anguilla enjoys spiny lobsters and conch, prawns, crawfish, crabs, shrimps, and the local fish, including mahi-mahi, red snapper, marlin, and grouper.


Best Time to Visit Anguilla


From May until August is the best time to visit Anguilla. You have a good chance during these months of securing a great package deal.

A trip during these months will also keep you safe from the hurricane months, which are from June till November. September to October sees the lowest rates of the hotel, but then the choice available is very sparse. This is because many public properties close down during these months.

Mid- December to mid-April is the peak time in Anguilla when the weather is ideal for a vacation, but the flight deals also disappear, and the hotel prices skyrocket.

Top Things to Do in Anguilla

If you find yourself in Anguilla for your honeymoon, here’s are all the things you must absolutely do:

  • Anguilla has 33 beaches. Explore them all
  • Anguilla’s crayfish are the best you will ever find. Try them when you’re there
  • Spend an entire day on Tradition Sailing’s sailboat
  • Visit the Sandy Island
  • Ken’s BBQ is Anguilla’s best local street food
  • Gwen’s Reggae Grill serves the best rum punch on Sunday. Do try it when you’re there.
  • Take a road trip around the island
  • You most definitely should visit Little Bay
  • Get a taste of the Villa Life
  • Make sure you visit the Mermaid School
  • Experience the divine sunsets



There is a year-round tropical climate in Anguilla. The temperatures annually range between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit and 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Hurricanes occur mostly in or around September.

There are approximately 3000 sunshine hours here.

The islands contain high levels of precipitation all through the year, but the winds never it to stay for long.



How to Get to Anguilla

One of the biggest appeals of a Anguilla honeymoon is the exclusivity and tranquilly. This makes getting to the island difficult. The easiest way of getting to Anguilla is to travel through St. Maarten’s SXM Princess Juliana International Airport. From there on arriving in Anguilla via the air transfer, ferry, or sea-shuttle.


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