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Aruba features lots of things to do for couples visiting on their honeymoon. Whether you want to be active or relax in the scenic beauty of the island, Aruba offers it all.

You should spend your honeymoon in Aruba to experience one of the most exclusive islands in the Caribbean with an ideal setting for romance.

About Aruba

Aruba is a tiny island just off the coast of Venezuela but has grown to a major destination for spending a honeymoon. It’s approximately 30-kilometers long and under 10-kilometers wide, making it easy to explore the entire island even with a week-long stay.

Aruba is famous for its white-sand beaches and scenic views of the sea. The southern coast is known for its beautiful beaches, with soft sands leading into the mellow Caribbean Sea waters. The north coast features a more rugged coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean but also has popular attractions like the natural bridge.

Romantic vacations are common in Aruba, with lots of tourism dedicated to honeymoons and weddings. You’ll be able to find special packages, resorts, and events specified for couples. One of the most notable events is the largest vow renewal in the Caribbean.

Visit Aruba for your honeymoon to enjoy the natural beauty of the island and plenty of things to create a memorable trip.

Top things to do in Aruba

Relax on the Beach

Scenic beaches surround the entire island of Aruba. The best beaches in Aruba are along the Caribbean coast – you’ll have beautiful views and calm waters to enjoy in the hot climate.

Sunbathing on the beach is always a favorite activity for honeymooners in Aruba. A few of the top beaches in Aruba are Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, and Manchebo Beach. Each of the beaches also has perfect water temperatures for enjoying swimming.

Many of the favorite beaches in Aruba have resorts located nearby. If you’re staying at one of the resorts on the beach, you can borrow chairs for the day while lounging underneath the palm leaf umbrellas.

Hang out with Flamingos

Aruba is famous for getting up close to flamingos. If you’ve seen the beautiful pictures online, now you can experience it in real life by visiting Flamingo Beach in Aruba. It’s a private beach located on an island operated by Renaissance Hotel in Aruba.

Guests can visit the beach freely, but other visitors need a day pass for entering the beach. Take a boat to the island and hop off right on the beach where a flock of flamingos welcome you.

The flamingos are people-friendly, and you’re free to hang out with them on the beach or in the water. One of the popular activities to do is feed the flamingos. There are lots of bird food dispensers around the beach to grab a handful – the birds will literally be eating out of the palm of your hand.

Feet-in-the-Water Dining

For a new way to enjoy the beach scenery in Aruba, try out the signature feet-in-the-water dining experience from The Flying Fishbone. Rated in the top beach restaurants around the world, The Flying Fishbone is the first restaurant in Aruba for the experience.

Guests can enjoy a beautiful sunset or candlelight dinner with your feet soaking in the warm waters. You’ll have beach-side service with professional waiters to ensure you have everything you need without having to leave the perfect dining spot.

The Flying Fishbone serves a variety of fresh seafood and international food options.

In case you prefer to just enjoy the views without your feet in the water, they provide other seating a bit further back on the beach.

Sunset Cruise

Sail out into the Caribbean Sea for a breath-taking view of the sunset falling below the horizon. Board a luxury catamaran cruise designed especially for the experience.

The cruises happen in the evening, lasting for a couple of hours, so you have lots of time to enjoy out in the sea. You’ll have great views of the Aruba coastline and the colorful sky as the sun begins to set.

There are several tour providers for finding sunset cruises in Aruba, each creating a unique atmosphere for enjoying the scenery. Many provide live music and an open bar. Newlyweds can toast on the deck or lounging in the sunning nets.

UTV Off-roading in Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park makes up nearly a fifth of the Aruban island. It designated the area for environment conservation, now becoming a major tourist destination to appreciate the island’s natural beauty.

One of the best ways to see the park is via UTV off-roading tours. Hop in the driver’s seat of a UTV vehicle and speed through the landscape on a guided tour to some of the park’s top points of interest. Some of the things you’ll visit are Black Rock Beach, limestone caves, the California lighthouse, and gold mine ruins.

A half-day tour gives enough time for swimming in some of the park’s natural pools.

Visit Downtown Oranjestad

One of the main hubs in Aruba is the capital, Oranjestad. Take a break from the beach and experience some of the other island tourist attractions located around the historic downtown area.

You’ll immediately notice the colorful buildings, designed in a Dutch colonial architecture style. Walk along the main street or ride in the tram that takes you around the entire district.

Downtown Oranjestad is a popular place for shopping at the Royal Plaza, eating at some of the local restaurants, or enjoying a drink at one of the many bars.

Some of the top sights downtown include the “I Love Aruba” sign, Fort Zoutman, and a handful of museums.

Diving and Snorkeling Tours

Just off Aruba’s coast are some of the best diving spots in the world. The warm water conditions and ocean visibility make it excellent for beginners or advanced divers.

Check out some of the off-shore diving spots or hop in a boat to take you a bit further out at sea for some of the best locations.

The top diving and snorkeling spots in Aruba are Shallow Reef, known for the massive coral reef off the coast; the Antilla shipwreck, a famous historical shipwreck location for swimming through the ruins; and seeing the extraordinary coral formations at Pedernales.

Renew Your Vows

Every year, Aruba hosts the largest vow renewal celebration in the Caribbean. The annual event attracts hundreds of couples to Eagle Beach for an evening of celebration and saying, “I Do.”

Although you just got married, top it off by saying “I Do” again at one of the most romantic events happening on the island. Join couples from around the world on the beach while enjoying lots of couples’ activities.

Take photos at the “I Do” sign or enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. The entire beach is decorated in beautiful island décor with live music and drinks for the whole evening.

You’ll even get to see the picturesque sunset by the end of the event.

Best Time to Visit Aruba


If you’re thinking about spending your honeymoon in Aruba, there are a few times of the year to consider for the best experience.

The peak travel season in Aruba is from January to March. The weather is a bit cooler, and just after the rainy season, so you’ll be able to enjoy outdoors all day long. The downside to these months is that the beaches, restaurants, and tours might be more crowded.

As an alternative, visit Aruba between April to August for your honeymoon. You’ll have a lot of dates to choose from but is also outside of the busy travel season for the island. It’s hotter on the island, but still outside of the rainy season. You’ll have better rates and more access to all the activities you want to do during your honeymoon.

Weather in Aruba

Aruba is slightly north of the Equator, giving it a tropical climate all year long. Thanks to the consistent trade winds, it’s a bit cooler than many of the nearby islands, giving it a perfect temperature for enjoying outdoors in any season.

Aruba has two seasons, dry season and rainy season. The dry season lasts from February to September; the short rainy season is from October to January.

Regardless of the season, you can expect average temperatures to stay between 26°C (80°F) to 32°C (90°F). The island gets lots of sunshine all year, but the rainy season can have daily showers lasting only briefly – you’ll still be able to enjoy your time.

The best part about Aruba’s climate is that it’s located outside of the hurricane region, so it only gets residual rainfall from the storms.

Aruba is a tiny, flat island, so the climate is consistent.

How to get to Aruba

To reach the island of Aruba, you have to primary options – flying or by boat.

Aruba operates the Queen Beatrix International Airport from the capital, Oranjestad. The island is small enough to make it easy to navigate after arriving.

Another popular way for visitors to arrive is by boat. Aruba is a popular Caribbean cruise destination with the main port located nearby Downtown Oranjestad.

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