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Bequia is known for its term ‘the art of doing nothing.’ You will get to experience romantic walks on the white sandy beaches and get to know your other half better on an hour-long boat ride to the Tobago Cays. If you have a low budget, Bequia is the perfect place to choose for your romantic getaway. You get to have the most adventurous and beautiful experiences, even in a small budget.

About Bequia

Bequia is a thin piece of land surrounded by many villages and sandy beaches, the island covers only 7 square miles, and it is the second-largest island in the Grenadines.

The island was originally home to the Amerindians before it was taken over by French traders in the early 17th century.

Bequia is known for its rich history of boat making fishing, so you get to explore the island in their numerous whaling boats.

This Grenadines island is now still part of the British Commonwealth and was originally built by the British to fend off pirates in the early 18th century. You get to choose to live in some amazing hotels that have a direct view of the beach, such as the Bequia Beach Hotel.

Food is not a problem at all in Bequia; you get to experience a wide range of food items from local to regional to international meals. Be it fresh seafood, burgers, pizzas, or a world classic French food, you get to experience these entire lavish cuisines on one island. If you want to experience a nice cocktail night, then you should definitely head out to Port Elizabeth, where you’ll find different restaurant beach bars.


Best Time to Visit Bequia


You can visit Bequia pretty much any time of the year, if you want to avoid the busy beaches then it is best to go from early June to mid-November; you will also get to witness the famous Regatta during this time. December to early May is the busiest time to visit. However, you get to witness excellent sailing breezes and some beautiful sunsets.


Top Things to do in Bequia

Bequia might be a small island, but you get to witness and take part in some thriving and fun fledged activities. There’s a lot you can explore and do in Bequia such as:

  • Sailing to the nearby islands
  • Unwind on the white sandy beaches of Princess Margaret
  • Boat trips to the turtle sanctuary and the Tobago Cays
  • Water taxi ride to the beaches
  • Take a tour on Bequia’s heritage including the Bequia maritime museum
  • Learn and witness model boat building
  • Go on a hike on Mt Pleasant
  • Go for the Bequia music festival
  • Witness the famous Regatta

Weather in Bequia

Bequia has dry periods from December to May and a rainy season from June to November with short afternoon showers. Bequia has not experienced harsh weather conditions up till now.

How to Get to Bequia

There is no direct international flight to Bequia, but you can take a connecting flight from the international airport of Barbados. Flight time depends on the place you leave. The connecting flight from Barbados to Bequia is merely 60 minutes. You can also choose to take the ferry from St Vincent to Bequia.


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