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Fiji’s warm climate found all year round, the luxurious spas and resorts add more to the overall appeal of Fiji for honeymooners. Couples may choose several exotic islands to explore while on their honeymoon in Fiji, including the Wakaya Island, Taveuni Island, The Yasawa Islands, Vanua Island, and many others.

About Fiji

Most of the Fiji islands formed due to volcanic activities nearly 150 million years ago. Owing to the abundance of forests, fish resources, and minerals, Fiji is included among the Pacific’s most developed economies. Fiji culture is a vibrant fusion of the Indo Fijian, Asian, Fijian, and European traditions.  This fusion contributes to the language, social policy, beliefs, arts and crafts, architecture, sports, dance, music, and food. The local cuisine vastly comprises of seafood, taro, cassava, and a variety of other vegetables. Fiji is typically has a national identity that is multicultural and unique.


Best Time to Visit Fiji


For honeymooners wanting to avoid huge tourist crowds, the best months are the low season months of January through March and September to November. This is the ideal time, particularly for couples.

June to August are the busiest months of the year for Fiji. Most vacationers come to Fiji during the school winter break of New Zealand and Australia. The Christmas and New Year season today sees resorts packed with families taking a holiday during the summer break of the Southern Hemisphere. 

Top Things to Do in Fiji

When on honeymoon in Fiji, here’s what you must do:

  •       Bask in the gorgeous beaches
  •       Snorkeling in the coral reefs
  •       Underwater diving
  •       Go kayaking with your spouse
  •       Taking a hiking trip and explore the natural wonders of Fiji
  •       Take a luxurious cruise trip and revel in the gorgeous sights
  •       Get marooned on an island( temporarily of course)
  •       Partake in a kava ceremony
  •       Visit local villages
  •       Watch the exotic birds of Fiji
  •       Go board surfing
  •       Go skydiving
  •       Don’t miss the traditional Fijian Lovo
  •       Go zip-lining through the jungles
  •       Learn all you can about coconuts
  •       Celebrate your love by the beachfront of Fiji
  •       Enjoy a banana leaf massage


Fiji is a tropical destination with pleasant and fairly mild weather throughout the year. The wet season comes around summer with high temperatures leading to higher humidity and precipitation. This also often causes higher risks of cyclones.

How to Reach Fiji

Your destination to get to Fiji is the Nadi International Airport. From New Zealand, it takes a three hours long flight and four hours long from Australia. NAD is the code for the Nadi International Airport.  Airlines with direct flights to Fiji are the Air Pacific, Air New Zealand, and Qantas Airways.

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