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You’ve never been to a place like Mauritius, a culturally-rich island, and lots of activities perfect for bringing you and your new spouse closer together. Whether you’re looking for a bit of adventure during your honeymoon, an immersive cultural experience, or to relax and enjoy each other’s company, the island has it all.

Mauritius is a popular honeymoon destination. You can find lots of packages for designing the perfect honeymoon experience on the island. With beautifully designed resort suites or romantic dinners on the beach, Mauritius is the ideal setting for anyone’s honeymoon.

About Mauritius

Mauritius is a small island located in the middle of the Indian Ocean with lots to offer for visitors. Although closest to Africa, based on geographical location, the island is a French territory.

Mauritius is a peculiar island thanks to a storied history – the different settlements throughout its past and frequent change of control created a diverse, multicultural country. You can see influences from many parts of the world in nearly every aspect of the island – it blends cultures from Europe to Africa.

You’ll see everything from colonial architecture remaining from early European settlements; local dishes inspired by Indian, French, Creole, and Chinese dishes; Hindu religious influences in the way of life and temples as more than half the country practices the religion.

Tourism is a major industry for Mauritius, attracting over one million people every year. Tourists come from all over the world for rest, relaxation, and of course, honeymoons! It offers a variety of things to do from beautiful beaches, perfect weather for water sports and outdoor recreation, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and more.

You’ll have endless fun and excitement during your time on Mauritius.

Things to do in Mauritius

Le Morne Beach

Visit the Southwestern tip of Mauritius to discover Le Morne Beach, a destination combining a culturally rich history with one of the best beach sceneries.

Le Morne Beach is a popular destination for enjoying the white sands and clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The surrounding lagoon is abundant with marine life and has ideal wind conditions to make it attractive for wind or kite surfing.

The backdrop of the Beach is the Le Morne mountain, a towering cliff that once served as a refuge for runaway slaves. Visitors can hike to the mountain summit for panoramic views of the beach and landscape.

Trou-aux-Cerfs Volcano

Visiting Mauritius gives you a rare opportunity to hike up to the crater of a volcano. Add a bit of adventure to your honeymoon by taking a trip to the Trou-aux-Cerfs Volcano, a dormant volcano known for its beautiful crater and views of the surrounding area.

Hike or drive up to the crater to see the thick, green forests growing around the mouth of the volcano. Visitors can walk the one-kilometer trail around the crater and enjoy fantastic views of Curepipe city or the nearby mountain ranges depending on your vantage point.

Le Caudan Waterfront

Spend some time in the capital of Port Louis and visit the Le Caudan Waterfront, one of the top places to visit in the city.

Le Cuadan Waterfront is in the tourist hub surrounded by lots of shops, dining, and overall great views. Enjoy a romantic stroll beneath the colorful umbrella canopy and stop by the market stalls to pick up a few locally-made handicrafts.

You’ll find fantastic food options along the Waterfront from street food to more upscale dining – you can enjoy all of the best local dishes in the incredible atmosphere.

Le Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park

Le Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park has some of the best natural sights on all of Mauritius. Established in 1998, the park is one of the famous places to visit on the island and great for spending a day on your honeymoon.

The highlight of the park is the unique 23 colored Earth attraction, a unique multicolored landscape formed from volcanic activity.

Explore the park’s diverse landscape with your spouse, consisting of mountains, valleys, plateaus, crater-lakes, and more. There are three prominent waterfalls with scenic views from various perspectives. Trek through the lush green forests to discover some of the rarest endemic plants and animals in Mauritius.

Charamel Colored Earth and Waterfalls

While there are a few places to see the uniquely colorful landscape of Mauritius, one of the premier destinations to go is the Charamel Coloured Earth Geopark. The park, located in the Rivière Noire District, provides the best view of the seven-colored landscape.

The park is a place of education and information about the rare geological phenomenon to form the colorful landscape. The best time to visit is on sunny days when you can see the colors in full hue.

Some of the other activities in the park include petting giant tortoises, viewing the nearby waterfall, or dining at the onsite restaurant with great views of the colorful land.


Catamaran Cruise

You can’t spend your honeymoon in Mauritius without taking one of the famous catamaran cruises. You can find cruises for you and your spouse from nearly anywhere on the island, and each one is in high demand.

Catamaran cruises offer various tours around the island. Some journeys take you to some of the nearby islands such as Ile aux Cerf, Flat Island, and Ilot Gabriel; others take you out to enjoy water activities in the open sea, such as snorkeling and diving.

The cruises create an entire experience for their passengers, typically providing an authentic Mauritanian lunch on board and plenty of time to enjoy the scenery or sunbathe on the deck.


Grand River South East Waterfalls

As the name suggests, the Grand River South East Waterfalls is located on the Southeastern Coast of Mauritius. It’s one of the main attractions of the area, with visitors flocking daily to see the mighty falls flowing from the Grand River.

You can visit the waterfalls via boat tours, generally as part of a larger tour, to see the falls from the river below, or choose a viewpoint from the top – both offer amazing views of the falls.

Forest areas surround the waterfalls, and it’s common to run into monkeys along the way. After visiting the falls, stop by the Grand River South East Village to see a traditional fishing village.


Ile aux Cerf Island

Experience paradise inside of paradise when you take a day trip to the famous Ile aux Cerf Island. Located within the largest lagoon in Mauritius, the intimate island gives you everything from water fun to relaxation to dining.

You can arrive on the island via catamaran cruise, speed boat, or hire a private taxi. Once you arrive, you’re in for a day full of fun – water sports are popular such as snorkeling, swimming, and parasailing. The pristine beaches are great for lounging around and enjoying the scenery.

Other things to do on the island include visiting the island’s waterfall or practicing your stroke on the 18-hole golf course.

Best Time to Visit Mauritius


The best time to visit Mauritius is during the island’s winter season or beginning summer, between May to December. The temperatures are usually dry and cool with lots of sunshine for enjoying the outdoors during your entire honeymoon.

The busy tourist season on Mauritius is from June to August. Since the beaches and tourist activities can get crowded during these months, try to plan your honeymoon before or after the crowds.

Spending your honeymoon in Mauritius in April or September lets you avoid the significant tourist traffic while still enjoying the beautiful tropical weather.

Weather in Mauritius

Mauritius has a tropical climate all year long thanks to its located near the Tropic of Capricorn. It only has two seasons, summer, which lasts from November to April, and winter, from May to September.

In the summertime, the weather is usually warm and humid, with a daily average temperature of 24.7 °C (76.5 °F). Most of the island’s rainfall occurs during the summer, especially from January to March, when there is a higher probability of tropical cyclones.

In the wintertime, the island has a cool, dry climate. Since it’s still a tropical island, the winter maintains a daily average temperature of 20.4 °C (68.7 °F).

The diverse landscape slightly changes the average climate around the island, such as cooler reported temperatures on the East coast due to trade winds.

How to Get to Mauritius

The best way to travel to Mauritius is via airplane. The island is remotely located in the Indian Ocean, so there are very few options for arriving there.

Mauritius has one airport, the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, located right outside of the capital city, Port Louis. All arrivals will come through this airport, where you can then rent a car or take a taxi to arrive at your specific destination on the island.

Honeymooners from nearby islands such as Reunion Island, Seychelles, and Madagascar can find ferry service to Mauritius.

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