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St. Barts is the most diminutive yet the most beautiful island of the French West Indies. One does not have to wonder much why most of the world’s glitterati are drawn to this place. There’s no arguing the elegance of the warm green-blue waters, the white sandy beaches, and the vibrant rolling landscapes. A St. Barts honeymoon really means the taste of a good life.

St. Barts (full name Saint Barthelemy) is a Caribbean Island dominated by the French language and culture. The island is popular for its designer shops and gorgeous beaches.

Gustavia is the capital of this island, which encircles the harbor filled with yachts, surrounded by historical attractions and elite restaurants. The traditional dishes of St. Barts include stuffed crabs, blood or fish sausage, Cristophine, which is a local squash made with codfish, and the ‘accras,’ which are small fritters, made out of deep-fried codfish.

Best Time to Visit St. Barts


From mid-December to mid-April is the high season at St. Barts. Although summers are pretty intense here, they are gorgeous nonetheless.

November until June remains the most popular time for vacationing and honeymooning in St. Barts.

December is the peak season here, so if you plan to visit around this month, you will have to make bookings at least six months before your visit.

The stormiest months of the year remain September, October, and November. Cheval Blanc remains closed for the public from September to mid-October.


The temperature changes little throughout the year. The minimum temperature ranges from 23 degrees Celsius from January until March and 26 degree Celsius from June to September. The maximum temperature ranges between 24 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius during these periods.


How to Get to St. Barts

You can land at St. Martins from PHL, through San Juan. From there on, you can take a ferry or else opt for a short commuter flight to St. Barts. The most opted for, and another alternative is to book a flight with Tradewind Aviation, which is a luxurious shuttle service. It flies directly from St. Juan to St. Jean


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