Florida Keys is a magical place to spend your honeymoon. With beautiful beaches, amazing snorkeling, and lively nightlife, your Florida Keys honeymoon can be as action-packed or relaxed as you want.

Where else can you find warm Caribbean ocean water, amazingly beautiful state parks, and some of the most beautiful sunsets in the United States? The Florida Keys offer honeymooners an exotic, tropical experience without the price tag of going to a tropical country. The Florida Keys are full of things to do, whether you picture your honeymoon lounging on the beach, being adventurous outside, or exploring historic sites while eating amazing food.

We will tell you the best things to do in the Florida Keys, must-sees, when to go, and the best places to stay. The Florida Keys are full of beautiful resorts and hotels, amazing spas to go to and relax, beautiful beaches with warm water, and historic sites. It has everything and definitely will give you the perfect Florida Keys honeymoon.

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About Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a string of tropical Islands that stretch over about 120 miles off of the southern tip of Florida, making the archipelago the southernmost part of the continental United States, it is actually closer to Havana, Cuba than to Miami, Florida.

The word “key” is slang for the Spanish word “cayo”, which means small islands. So, there are over 800  “keys” that make up the Florida Keys, coming out to be around 198 square miles of land. Though there are so many islands, very few are populated and most of them are very, very small. To get from Island to Island, there are bridges, but there are only 42 bridges, connecting only 43 of the islands.

The Keys are broken into categories; Upper Keys, Middle Keys, Lower Keys, and Outlying Islands. The Upper Keys are located closest to the mainland of Florida and the groups extend out of there. Key West is the biggest city located in the Florida Keys and it is located in the Lower Keys. The Upper, Middle, and Lower Keys are accessible by bridge, but to get to the Outlying Islands, you have to take a quick boat ride.

The Keys were the largest town in Florida for a long time, it was a great trading port for trade with Cuba and the Bahamas, and was the main trade route from New Orleans. Ties with Cuba remain today and the Keys is often a destination for Cubans fleeing their home or going on vacation with their family.

When coming to the Keys for your honeymoon, you can either drive from the mainland of Florida and go over a bridge, or you can fly directly to the Islands. There are two airports; Marathon, which deals with mostly private planes, and another that caters to commercial flights in Key West.

Florida Keys is a popular vacation destination, and for a great reason. With countless activities for vacationers of all ages, it makes a classic vacation destination. There are plenty of activities to do with your newly wed to make your Florida Keys honeymoon romantic and full of adventure. Going to Florida Keys allows you to feel as though you are in a completely different country, on a far away tropical beach, without having to leave the United States. It is an absolute paradise, one that you and your new spouse will talk about for the rest of your lives together.

Best Time to Visit Florida Keys

The best time to visit Florida Keys is generally from November to April. The “winter” here is quite beautiful, with lows only around 60 and highs around 75. You can expect a steady warm breeze as you relax on the beach with a good book. Since this is definitely the high season, you can expect the islands to be busy and resort prices to be higher than in the off season. It is completely worth it.

From June to October is the wet season, and this is when hurricanes are most likely to form and hit land. Florida experiences a lot of hurricanes, so it is wise to stick to the traditional schedule and go to the Florida Keys during “winter”, November through April.

If you go during this season, you can escape any chance of cold that you probably have in your home city. The Florida Keys have never experienced frost, meaning there is not even a chance you will get unlucky and have a cold trip. It is truly a lovers’ paradise to visit between November and April. Spending your winter on your Florida Keys honeymoon will make you never want to return to real life, meaning you’ll be making the most of every second.

Top Things to do in Florida Keys

There are so many activities you can choose from, you will never be bored on your Florida Keys honeymoon. From spending time on the beach and in the water, to exploring the cities and small towns and island hopping, there are endless activities you won’t have time to cram them all into your Florida Keys honeymoon!

If you are a beach goer, you will enjoy the Keys. Between all the islands, there are miles and miles of beaches available for tanning, napping, and reading. If you get enough sun, lather up with some sunscreen and hop in the water! The water is warm all year round, perfect for a swim, some exercise laps, or snorkeling! If you’re looking for a workout you can try stand up paddle boarding or even do a yoga class on a paddle board! The beaches and the Caribbean warm water surrounding them offer endless entertainment for all ages. You will have no problem filling your day with romantic activities with you and your better half.

A must do during the day in the Keys is hopping on a boat for a little cruise around the islands. You can get a tour or you can charter a sailboat and spend the day sailing the perfectly-blue seas. If you’re a couple looking for even more adventure, the area is full of dive sites where both experienced and beginner scuba divers can explore the beautiful coral reefs and abandoned shipwrecks, where many creatures now call home. If you want some seriously cool diving experience, head about 70miles west of Key West by boat and find the imposing Fort Jefferson above ground, shipwrecks and coral reefs beneath the surface. If you’re feeling like being extra secluded with your newly wed, try camping out on the grounds for a night. It is truly a magical and romantic experience to make your Florida Keys honeymoon perfect.

If being out in the sun all day is exhausting after a little while, try visiting some of the historic sites found on the Keys! Located in the heart of Old Town Key West, the unique property was home to one of America’s most respected and loved authors, Ernest Hemmingway. Hemingway loved the Florida Keys and often escaped his cold home in the North for the beautiful, warm beaches the Florida Keys have to offer. Though Hemmingway isn’t famous for being the most faithful husband, a visit to this home will be romantic and take you and your lover back in time. All the furniture in the home is left the way he had decorated it. It has a vintage and rustic feel that you will love. After visiting the home, it is worth looking around Old Town Key West, where you can find delicious restaurants and fun bars, a night out on the town is a great way to end a day in paradise.

An absolutely can’t miss in the Florida Keys are the sunsets. The sunsets are some of the best in the world, and the Florida Keys knows how to take advantage of them. Try taking a boat cruise and watch the sky change colors over the water. You can take your Florida Keys honeymoon to the lively bars with live music, where you can watch the sunset and then dance the night away. No matter what you do, even if it is just sitting on the sand and watching the sky, you cannot miss the sunsets on your Florida Keys honeymoon.

Weather in Florida Keys

The climate in the Florida Keys is more like that of the Caribbean than the rest of Florida or the southern United States. The climate is tropical savanna, meaning that the Florida Keys are the only areas in the continental United States never report freezing temperatures.

Generally, there are two main seasons in the Florida Keys, the hot and wet season runs from June through October and the dry season runs from November to April. From November to April there is barely any rainfall, sunny skies and a constant warm breeze. In this season, the average temperatures are between 60 and 75 degrees F. For this reason, this is the high season for tourists and vacationers.

Be wary if visiting between June and October, as this is the hurricane season.

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