Do you identify as a foodie? If you’re planning a honeymoon and want to use the travel opportunity to share amazing meals with your new space, you’re in the right place. A foodie honeymoon is full of amazing meals at the world’s most popular foodie destinations.

Celebrating with food is the highlight of every meaningful occasion, so celebrate your newly wedded state with some great food. Planning your honeymoon with food in mind to be enjoyed in a romantic setting will provide you with memories for a lifetime.

What to Look for on a Foodie Honeymoon

Everyone has his or her favorite eateries at home. When enjoying a honeymoon getaway, how much more delightful is it to try new types of foods and check out the local markets? It’s an adventure in itself. Most cities and many restaurants provide cooking classes based on their local cuisine. By learning a few new recipes, you can stretch out that honeymoon for years – and impress the new in-laws with your skills.

Ensure that your choice of romantic meal is accompanied by a good, local wine. Many restaurants have classes in food and wine pairing.

Best Locations for a Foodie Honeymoon

Savannah, Georgia

This southern city is a sophisticated antebellum haven. Romance blooms here naturally, and not only because it is the site of Gone with The Wind’s Twelve Oaks, where Rhett first saw Scarlett. The historic fictional mansion is in Covington, a mere eight minutes from Savannah. Savannah is beautiful with a long history and great food. Your foodie honeymoon will be full of southern charm.

For romance, enjoy a picnic in the Moon River District. Visit the stunning flora in the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens and truly smell the roses. 

Our Recommendation: Cha Bella

Cha Bella is Savannah’s farm-to-table restaurant where everything is organic and fresh as they work with the local farmers and fishermen. This is food as it should be, the surroundings are white-tablecloth elegant, and the shrimp and crab risotto is a favorite. The bread is freshly baked, and the cocktails are strong.

Our Recommendation: The Chive Lounge

The Chive Lounge in Savannah’s historic district is slightly decadent and fully romantic – the ideal place for a secret tryst. Modeled after the excesses of the 1920s, this Savannah favorite is for special occasions and offers perfect food (like lobster) and old-fashioned cocktails. 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is a favorite romantic getaway for the elite. Located in the southern part of Baja California, it has many luxury resorts catering to honeymoon couples who enjoy romantic cruises, adventurous camel rides, whale and dolphin watching, and the best beaches. Your foodie honeymoon will be full of Mexican spice in Cabo.

Or they sail the waters with nothing but two glasses and a bottle of champagne. Life in Cabo is easy.

Our Recommendation: Mamazzita

Mamazzita, located within the Hotel Me Cabo by the incredible Medano Beach, has extraordinary and authentic Mexican cuisine such as beef rib barbecue tacos, lobster tacos, and marinated shrimp tacos – tacos redefined as haute cuisine.

All are washed down with Mexican cocktails. Mamazzita does give special attention to romantic diners. Opentable has awarded Mamazzita its Diner’s choice award.

Seville, Spain

Seville can rival any city, including Paris, as one of the most romantic cities in the world. This region is well-known, and loved, for its beautiful Moroccan architecture, flamenco dancing, and the best tapas. It’s a walkable city begging for a romantic stroll.  A must-see is the Alcazar Palace, a mixture of Moorish, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture once inhabited by Spanish royalty. 

Best of all, Seville is less expensive than other cities lauded for romance. The sangria is affordable, and the tapas won’t break the bank.

Even the weather in Seville smiles upon honeymooners. No coats needed, whatever the season. 

Our Recommendation: Lama La Uva

Lama La Uva is all about the grape – the liquid kind found in bottles. This is the place to go for the best wine in Seville. Wine tastings happen by candlelight, accompanied by plates of tapas and a charcuterie board. Wonderful food, excellent company, and great wine – an evening to remember.

Our Recommendation: Freiduria Puerta de la Carne

Freiduria Puerta de la Carne has been the fish fry haven for a hundred years. Without refrigeration, the restaurant was the first “to-go” fish frier in Spain to allow it to sell its fresh seafood quickly. The art of the fish fry continues with the same Sevillian family. Order a pound of mixed – anything from marinated sardines to fried shrimp – and enjoy an al fresco lunch.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket qualifies as one of the top honeymoon destinations. From watching the sun set on a golden beach to dancing the night away, it is a fun and inviting city. Enjoy a private dinner on Patong Beach, a great place for watersports, lazing on the sand, or enjoying a meal. 

Our Recommendation: Patong Beach

Patong Beach is one of the best places to enjoy a romantic private beach dinner. Enjoy the watersports or simply laze in the sand. People also come here for some of the best diving in the world.

Phuket has many beautiful temples to help honeymooners find their newly-wedded Zen. 

Our Recommendation: Bangla Road

Bangla Road is where to be in the evening. After the sun sets, traffic is banned, neon lights flash, and music and beer flow through the street. Dancing is expected. Dozens of restaurants and bars fill up quickly with customers.

Larome By The Sea specializes in French fusion delicacies. Couples can enjoy an aperitif at the rooftop bar before enjoying their dinner in the elegant restaurant portion. Dinners are available in seven or nine course degustation menu, much of which consists of the catches of the day. Great dining with a breathtaking view.

Aqua is Phuket’s finest Italian restaurant. The black and white decorations lend an air of aesthetic sophistication. It has won the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence annually since 2010. Its wine list has been rated the best in Phuket since 2017, and it received the 2016 to 2018 Restaurant of the Year award. Chef Frau has been named “King of Kitchen” “Western Masterchef,” and “Best 20 Chefs in Asia.” Aqua also received Thailand’s Top 20 Best Restaurant in 2018 and 2019. The Michelin Guide has awarded Aqua with the Michelin Plate.

The innovative menu includes Ossobuco with truffles, fire-roasted suckling pig, and quail with foie gras. 

For lovers of Thai cooking, the Thai Cooking Academy in Phuket will provide a few insider secrets to preparing fabulous Thai cuisine. 

Sintra, Portugal 

Sintra might be Portugal’s most romantic town, and Portugal might be the least expensive getaway of any of the surrounding European countries. This makes it a win-win honeymoon destination. It can be reached from Lisbon by car or a 40-minute train ride.

Our Recommendation: Quinta de Ribafria

Quinta de Ribafria is just one of Portugal’s many wonderful medieval castles. This 16th-century property, both castle and splendid gardens, can be visited via a self-guided tour. The garden consists of several lakes, fountains, and grottos. 

Our Recommendation: Pena Palace and Gardens

Pena Palace and Gardens are the best-loved attraction in Sintra. The castle, built and lived in by a real king, is bright red and yellow – much like a grand dollhouse castle. The inside of the palace exhibits the lavish decorations and furniture of the 19th century, complete with a view of Sintra. The romantic gardens have trails leading the King Fernando II’s statue (the king who created this gigantic doll palace), trees and plants from all over the world, a lake filled with fish and ducks, and a cozy chalet Ferdinando II built for his second wife.

Our Recommendation: Romaria de Baco

Romaria de Baco is located by the Church of St. Martinho and offers a long list of tapas and traditional Mediterranean dishes. For a city with half a dozen castles and accustomed to catering to kings and queens, Romaria de Baco is laid back and allows guests to simply focus on the delicious food.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Our Recommendation: Kahala Resort

The list of past guests to this breathtaking resort is long and includes, to name a few, Queen Elizabeth II, Frank Sinatra, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Taylor, Sir Elton John, and the Dalai Llama. That’s an esteemed list to have to satisfy, but the Kahala Resort met the challenge. There is an amazing ocean view wherever you turn, and their cultural classes include hula dancing.

Hoku is the resort’s award-winning restaurant under the supervision of Michelin-trained chef Mizukami. Every meal, with its stunning ocean vista, is unforgettable, and the Grand Tasting menu elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary. The appetizer includes caviar and smoked fish salad, to be followed by a heart of palm salad. The sweet potato is served with black truffles from Alba, to be enjoyed with coconut oil poached lobster. Finish this incredible meal with fresh mango granite and a salt caramel sorbet. Aloha to one and all.

Our Recommendation: Palace Saimin

Palace Saimin is Honolulu’s ramen go-to. It’s crowded, probably will have a line, and parking isn’t sufficient because everyone comes to this ramen heaven. The bowls are large and filled with every type of meat and topping, but the secret to Palace Saimin is its to-die-for broth. Created over 80 years ago, this broth combines beef and pork bones which are simmered for hours and hours. The line around the block believes the wait is worth it. Slurping here is mandatory and an art form.

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