Nothing quite beats the feeling of an all romance-filled honeymoon with enthralling scenery and second to none hospitality. If you and your spouse are in search of an exquisite and luxurious destination to memorialize the beginning of a new journey, then you should certainly have your honeymoon in Greece.

A Greece honeymoon is an unparalleled getaway for newlyweds.

Renowned for its ancient buildings, multiple islands, and unrivaled scenes, Greece is a must-visit for couples seeking to have a memorable honeymoon. The abundance of activities to get engaged in is also one of the many reasons why you and your spouse should have your honeymoon in Greece.

Greece is an epitome of perfection that constitutes everything you and your spouse can dream of — spanning from the captivating waterfalls, wildlife, ancient structures, bonding activities, primeval museums, beautiful sunsets, and a lot more. Greece is the ultimate destination for a honeymoon.

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Tania Milos

A Canvas to Paint Your Dreams

Tania Milos is situated on the enchanting island of Milos in the picturesque coastal village of Pollonia. Our primary concern is to satisfy your every need. Enjoy our amenities under the sun of the Aegean sky, which in its brisk mornings colors the Aegean Sea light blue and gold as the sun reflects on its waters during the sunset.

Our Home is our childhood, enchanted by the sea, waves, sunrise, and the sunset that paint the landscape in such a way that the creator, nature itself, is jealous of the most aspiring artists. So we decided to share with you the experience!

Luxurious rooms await your arrival at Tania Milos, as well as a suite ideal for couples. Our main concern is to provide genuine hospitality and all the comforts of luxurious accommodation in luxurious rooms, in an exclusive location surrounded by pure natural perfection that can boast of selective places in the world.

More Information on Tania Milos

Average Price Range: $217 to $315

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Distance to Airport: 20 minutes

Number of Rooms: 10


Andronis Luxury Suites

A Greek Paradise for the Soul

Santorini is a God-blessed paradise, a place where dreams come true. When looking for more than just romance, luxury, and beauty, the island is the perfect destination. Breathtaking scenery and distinctive culture add something truly memorable. Thousands of years ago, a volcanic eruption gave Santorini its distinctive crescent shape, which has since attracted tourists and locals alike. Unwind in the serenity of your suite, with panoramic views of the shimmering sea high on the crest of the cliffs.

For its tranquility and unique sense of elegance, Andronis Luxury Suites is renowned. In the picturesque jigsaw of houses in Oia, Santorini, the 29 award-winning luxury suites and villas in Santorini are built in the traditional style. The perfect places for relaxing and enjoying the deep blue Aegean and the volcanic caldera that frames the spectacular view are private infinity pools, cave pools, and heated jacuzzis. Relax and rejuvenate at the exclusive therapies of a Mare Sanus Spa

More Information on Andronis Luxury Suites

Average Price Range: $531 to $1274

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: Yes

Distance to Airport: 18 minutes

Number of Rooms: 27


Atrium Platinum Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa

Outstanding Setting Amazing Sea and Sunset Views

In its charmingly designed interior and exterior spaces, the Atrium Platinum Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa encapsulates the essence of premium living, inviting world travelers to step into a heaven of excellence in leisure, wellness, and hospitality.

The Atrium Platinum luxury 5-star hotel in Ixia Rhodes, Greece, is naturally nestled in the pristine cove of Ixia Bay, on the slope below the island’s Acropolis, mixing the cosmopolitan feel of a 5-star city hotel with the unrivaled elegance of a resort.

Privileged guests staying at this magnificent sea view hotel on the public beach of Ixia are welcome to surrender to the pleasures of luxury, make use of a large variety of state-of-the-art facilities and take advantage of the wide range of VIP services. Enjoy an eclectic collection of luxurious accommodation in Rhodes, pamper yourselves with personal health and beauty treatments, enjoy a series of exciting leisure activities and enjoy delicious culinary proposals at some of the finest restaurants in Ixia Rhodes

More Information on Atrium Platinum Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa

Average Price Range: $120 to $287

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 21 minutes

Number of Rooms: 300


Villa Marandi Luxury Suites

Unique Ambience, Superior Services for Memorable Holidays

Welcome to all suites, luxury boutique hotels, and the beautiful island of Naxos, Greece at Villa Marandi. Set on a quiet beach, just 5 km from Naxos town, Luxury Suites Villa Marandi in Naxos, your home away from home.

The luxurious suites of Villa Marandi in Naxos are also the perfect destination for discerning travelers who are searching for a quiet and high-quality place for their holidays. Being centrally located, you can not only enjoy the island’s best beaches but also explore the beautiful nature and learn the history of Naxos. The comfortable and secure environment makes it an excellent choice for families.

Start with a hearty breakfast full of local delicacies, homemade pastries, fresh fruits, and juices. Continue to take a stroll on our garden’s cobbled paths.

More Information on Villa Marandi Luxury Suites

Average Price Range: $181 to $493

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 2 minutes

Number of Rooms: 16


Avaton Resort And Spa

Philosophy Of wellness and Individuality

Located on the edge of the Imerovigli cliffs and just two kilometers from the main town of Fira, this luxury boutique hotel enchants its guests with a privileged sea view of the caldera and sunset. Avaton evokes a feeling of ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation of mind and body, and living in the moment. Giving is our pleasure at Avaton Hotel & Spa, and it is this fundamental, but profound concept.

Avaton Santorini Resort, a luxurious spa hotel on the edge of Imerovigli’s cliffs. Where the ultimate service is inspired by a passion for hospitality. “Avaton” is a lifestyle and the essence of this Imerovigli, Santorini Hotel & Spa. A room bathed in natural light, open, airy, and inviting.

Yummy, nutritious meals, refreshing beverages In the preparation of all our dishes, only the freshest local items are used and to take great pride in the imaginative and mouth-watering menu. Room service in Avaton is an experience in itself.

More Information on Avaton Resort And Spa

Average Price Range: $244 to $563

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 19 minutes

Number of Rooms: 9


Andromeda Resort

Unforgettable Romantic Experience

The Andromeda Resort in Astypalea is one of the best places to stay! 8 discreetly decorated rooms that ensure a romantic residence with all the comforts provided. Enjoy the amazing view from the hotel’s private balconies. In front of you, Chora, with the Venetian castle on top of the hill, the windmills, and the Aegean, is unfolding. Staying at the Andromeda Resort will be an unforgettable experience!

Built-in Astypalea ‘s magnificent Chora. Andromeda Resort is built with a sense of discreet luxury that produces an excellent offer of accommodation.

The hotel accommodation is sure to be unforgettable. To enjoy an outstanding experience, Andromeda Resort welcomes you. Each of the rooms is fully equipped with a private bathroom, air conditioning, a telephone, and a private balcony overlooking the castle of Veneto, the windmills, and the white houses of Chora. Relax by taking in the amazing views of the blue Aegean Sea.

More Information on Andromeda Resort

Average Price Range: $75 to $218

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 18 minutes

Number of Rooms: 8


Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa Resort and Villas

A Luxurious Romantic Hide Away

The Atrium Prestige is one of the finest luxury resorts in Rhodes, Greece, offering spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea from all three descending levels. The ambiance and outstanding decoration complement a lifetime of beloved treasure moments.

There are endless choices, from daytime entertainment and sports activities to live music shows in the evenings. The Atrium prestige beach hotel, in addition to entertainment, offers an exceptional range of VIP services, personalized organizing and planning solutions for meetings and events, as well as premium services that stand out for their prestige and style for dream luxury weddings in Rhodes.

The five-star Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa hotel in Rhodes is located directly on the seafront, on the south-east coast of Rhodes Island. You are welcome to hide away in the unspoiled landscape of Lachania, right on the beach of Lachania and close to Prasonisi, where the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas meet. Amazing Greek architecture with divine azure views, captivating scenery, fabulous rooms, and fabulous accommodation

More Information on Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa Resort and Villas

Average Price Range: $166 to $336

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Distance to Airport: 75 minutes

Number of Rooms: 254


Lindos Mare Hotel

Spacious Verandas and Breathtaking Views

The 5-star hotel is conveniently located 2 km from the charming village of Lindos, one of the most famous and historic landmarks of Rhodes, built on hillside terraces, overlooking endless panoramic views of the beautiful Vlicha Bay.

Renowned for its serenity, welcoming atmosphere, and outstanding service, Lindos Mare offers couples and families an unforgettable holiday experience. Modern architecture, sun-filled surroundings, attentive personalized service, and many outstanding dining options create an ideal setting for those who want to experience the island of Rhodes’ luxurious and relaxing seaside lifestyle.

In a contemporary, spacious setting in Rhodes, dreaming of memorable holidays? Double rooms, junior suites, deluxe panoramic rooms, or deluxe pool-front rooms are all equipped with modern amenities and standard amenities.

More Information on Lindos Mare Hotel

Average Price Range: $153 to $278

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 57 minutes

Number of Rooms: 142


Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

A spectacular view of the Aegean Sea is offered for all Mykonos Grand luxury suites with a private pool. Mykonos Grand Luxury Hotel & Resort is a five-star luxury hotel on the beach in Mykonos, Greece. The perfect setting for rare moments of romance, luxury, and personalized service is provided by Mykonos Grand. One of Greece’s small luxury hotels.

The essence of a superb honeymoon in Mykonos is defined by the Mykonos Grand. We make honeymoons seamless and inspiring as a target setting. Package to View. Spacious rooms with an Aegean-inspired atmosphere, all made with the finest Greek Marble standard and Mykonian architecture’s classic colors, white & blue.

You can walk through the luxurious 5-star Mykonos Grand Beachfront Hotel and Resort hallway and people will think yours are whispering secrets of love as the waves smash into the rocks below.

More Information on Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

Average Price Range: $267 to $846

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 12 minutes

Number of Rooms: 96



A Stunning Discreet Oasis

Located in a peaceful location with breathtaking views, the boutique hotel Gerofinikas welcomes its guests to a warm, relaxed, and modern environment. The Gerofinikas boutique hotel offers its guests a genuine recreational experience with a wide range of facilities and activities.

It is about hospitality in a comfortable, cozy, and homely space. The 12 suites of the complex featuring beds of traditional architecture, simple decoration, and soft colors make up an oasis of aesthetics and relaxation.

The island has always been and continues to be renowned for its culinary heritage, with Nikolaos Tselementes, one of the most famous Greek chefs of the early 20th century, born and raised in Sifnos. The island has always been and continues to be renowned for its culinary heritage, with Nikolaos Tselementes, one of the most famous Greek chefs of the early 20th century, born and raised in Sifnos.

More Information on Gerofinikas

Average Price Range: $137 to $250

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 158 minutes

Number of Rooms: 12

About Greece

Enriched with forests, mountains, and lakes, Greece is located in south-eastern Europe with the longest coastline. There are three broad divisions of Greece: the islands, the mainland, and Peloponnese.

Greece is a distinct country. It is characterized by over 3.7 million people and is quite renowned for its culture and the people’s way of life. The preservation and high regard for its artifacts and museums are somewhat enviable. A closer look into the country and you will effortlessly identify the strategic implementation and fusion of prehistoric origin and modern-day customs, which paves the way for diversity and all-inclusive society- the perfect blend! This is evident in their lifestyle, food, dressing, and a lot more.

Coupled with the country’s near perfection are its unique architectural designs; The integration of modern-day architecture in the ancient city is another brilliant attribute that magnets the hearts of people to the country, with the warmest hospitality to visitors and mouth-watering dishes. With sophisticated resorts, incredible waterfalls, spellbinding views, the romance in Greece is guaranteed with an unending list of possibilities.

Rated as one of the best countries to visit, Greece has continuously served as the Zenith of Tourism. Tourists worldwide visit for multiple purposes such as vacations, honeymoon, relaxation, and so much more. The commitments to the safety of tourists have, over the years, encouraged more people to visit. Fun is guaranteed when in Greece.

Best Time to Visit Greece

Greece is a great country that attracts lots of tourists and is perfect throughout the year. This implies that a lot of people are always visiting the country for different reasons. The best time to visit Greece is based on the type of holiday you and your spouse want to have and your preferred weather.

Usually, people would opt to visit Greece in August because of the weather, but that is a hectic time, and many other tourists visit in August. This can lead to a bit of rowdiness. Additionally, a visit to Greece in August is not entirely favorable for tourists. It is scorching in August and is a terrible idea for those coming from colder regions. Also, prices skyrocket, and it becomes harder to enjoy your time to the maximum due to finances.

Other options you can go for include a visit to Greece between April and October if your reason for travel is to go Swim. If you are operating on a budget and would like to limit finances when in Greece, you should visit between October and March.

There are so many other activities in Greece that are captivating and can be experienced in different months of the year. For example, for sightseeing and to capture the beauties of the country, then you and your spouse should visit between April and June. The perfect weather during this time contributes to the spellbinding panorama and fascinating scenery.

For the ideal Greece Honeymoon, you and your partner should visit between late May and October. The weather during this time is flawless, the sea stays warm for you and your partner to exploit, and the rain is light.

Top Things to do in Greece

Top Things To Do In Greece

Either for a vacation, honeymoon, family getaway, or relaxation, there are endless activities to dive into when in Greece, from sightseeing to Skiing, Swimming, and so much more.

Mount Olympus

If you are a passionate fan of Greek Mythology, this is worth seeing for you and your spouse, whether you are on vacation or honeymoon. It is one of the most famous mountains in the world and a fantastic view to behold.

To get to Mount Olympus, you need first to ensure that you have rock climbing materials in place such as Enough Water, A good pair of shoes to ensure easy climbing, and most importantly, your fitness level must be up to par. To find your way to the mountain, you will have to travel down to Litochoro. There are other requirements put in place for easy access and an enjoyable moment at the mountain.


This is probably the location we are all familiar with the most due to its distinct architectural design. It is a dream location for many people and the ideal setting for Honeymooners.

Tagged as one of the most beautiful places globally, Santorini in Greece is an angelic setting with ancient architectural designs. Thira, as it is officially known, is also a perfect place to witness the sunrise like never before. The outstanding design, coupled with a touch of heavenly colors, contributes to the enthralling scenery of the location.

It is a must-visit location for the complete Greece Honeymoon. You can also take a walk to the rock, which is the ideal location for photography, and take a boat tour to witness the sunrise from another fantastic view. Overall, it is a captivating experience.

The Samaria Gorge

This is unmissable for Nature lovers. Located on the island of Crete, the Samaria Gorge is an enchanting sight to behold. It is one of the best locations to visit for hikers and one of the best national parks in Europe. It is also an opportunity to witness the White Mountains.

The Samaria Gorge is 18km long. The walk takes about five to seven hours if you wish to complete the entire section. There are several provisions put in place to ensure that you have the best experience.

The Melissane Cave

Visit the Melissane Cave when in Greece, it is renowned for its natural beauty due to its natural existing form. One of its most attractive attributes is the natural light that shines into the cave and the natural water over the rocks.

The Melissane cave is 4 kilometers long and can be accessed through a tunnel with a boat. The artistic appeal of the cave is a highlight of the encompassing experience. It is shaped in the form of a letter B with separate chambers and a rooftop that provides tourists with front-row views, which aids them in experiencing the artistic scenery of the cave.

The perfect time to visit the cave is noon when the sun is up high in the sky. At this moment, the sun hits the blue waters, and the cave is filled with natural blue lights from the reflection of the waters.

The Corinth Canal

What is a perfect Greece honeymoon without a visit to the Corinth canal? The Corinth Canal is a narrow waterway that was built as early as 1882. The canal is 3.9 miles long, with a water depth of 26feet.

It was created by the Roman Emperor, Nero, and is cut through rocks. It is a magnificent sight to behold and an engineering master class. The narrow canal with the incredible blue waters and towering rocks is a sight to behold.

Balos Beach

Explore Balos Beach when in Greece. Located on the island of Crete, the iconic Balos Beach is one of the best relaxation areas in Europe. The natural scenery and ambiance contribute to the overall cosmic feel.

The illustrious Balos Beach constitutes natural lakes and lagoons that are aesthetically pleasing to the mind and soul. It is an ideal setting to go swimming or Sunbathing.

Take a walk around the beach and breathe in the pure air it emits. Have a go at the mysteriously striking scenery, adore the wild natural life and let your eyes feed on the turquoise waters.

Weather in Greece

The weather in Greece is characterized by dry summers and wet winters. It is always cold during the winters with some parts experiencing snow and is attributed to a sunny climate throughout the year. There are four seasons in Greece; Summer- June to September, Autumn-October to November, Winter-December to February, spring- March to May.

During the summer, the weather in Greece is always scorching, and in later parts of the season, such as July and August, the temperature rises to 35 °C and sometimes up to 40 ° C. The southern area of Greece is typically hotter than the north. During the wintertime, the country is usually cold, with an average temperature of around 55 °F.

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