At, we help thousands of honeymooners plan their honeymoons every day. We decided to analyze the trends of honeymoon bookings over the past year and a half. It is a surprise to no one that travel levels dropped significantly in 2020 with international travel dropping by 74%. In addition to the Coronavirus pandemic, the travel industry is now battling supply chain issues and labor shortages, which contribute to rising prices.

Costs are going up. Inflation hit a 40 year high in March of 2022 and is raising the price on everything from gas to groceries. After a year of delays, our customers are booking their honeymoons in record numbers. Increased demand is also raising thre cost of travel. But how much? We set out to understand just how much these changes have impacted travel and honeymoon costs.

How Much More Expensive Are Honeymoons?

We analyzed 1,226 honeymoons from January 2021 through March of 2022. All of these honeymoons are 7+ day long trips to all-inclusive international resorts (outside of the US).

We found that the average cost of a honeymoon has increased 16% from Q1 2021 to Q1 2022.

The average cost increased by about $1,000 from $5,788 to $6,723.

Here is the data:

QuarterAverage Honeymoon Cost
Q1 2021$5,788
Q2 2021$5,900
Q3 2021$6,493
Q4 2021$6,574
Q1 2022$6,723

How To Save Money When Booking Your Honeymoon

Costs are going up do to global and macroeconomic trends. So what can you do about it?

Read our 9 tips on how to save money when booking your honeymoon:

  1. Set Your Priorities
  2. Use A Travel Agent
  3. Travel Off-season
  4. Eat With The Locals
  5. Go Somewhere Close
  6. Book Early
  7. Or Book Last Minute
  8. Fly To Less Popular Airports
  9. Consider an All-Inclusive Hotel or Cruise

Be safe out there and happy honeymoon planning!

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