A honeymoon is a special event for a newlywed couple. Many plan a honeymoon trip abroad to celebrate their marriage and create new memories. Nothing seems better than starting their new life in an exotic place.

Experiencing and exploring a new culture and a new place is an excellent way to spend a honeymoon. Bali is a popular honeymoon destination but is very expensive during peak season.

Planning a honeymoon in Bali is costly when the cost of the wedding, airfares, and hotel prices are taken into consideration. Couples with a tight budget can find gorgeous destinations in Asia that are pretty affordable.

A cheaper honeymoon does not have to compromise on comfort and luxury. There are resorts and hotels in other countries with an inexpensive cost of living. You get a better value for your money. Here is a list of cheaper Asian honeymoon destinations ideal for a fantastic start to a new life.


Due to its ideal beaches, crystal clear water, natural wonders, and vibrant culture, Thailand is among the most popular destinations for tourists worldwide. It is such a perfect place to spend an unforgettable honeymoon.

The fascinating country offers crazy nightlife, spiritual places, friendly people, world-famous cuisine, ideal beaches, and exotic and pristine nature. Thailand has boutique hotels or luxurious resorts with private beaches having budget-friendly accommodations. It is a matter of taste.

Thailand is a highly economical honeymoon spot. It was made famous by many travel books and movies. This destination is a go-to spot for couples who want to save money.

Cost and Best Time to Visit Thailand

A budget honeymoon in the Philippines costs from $50 to $100 per day. Luxury accommodations cost $300 or more per day. You want to check out the most favorable time to go to the Philippines.

The area has bad weather and typhoons during some times of the year. You do not want a honeymoon ruined by the weather. November to April is the dry season, with December through February as the most pleasant. May through October is known as the Shoulder season, being a month after the dry season and a month before the rainy months.


Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago. It spreads across Oceania and Southeast Asia with 18,000 islands. Some of the Earth’sEarth’s most pristine locations are in Indonesia. Bali is a popular destination, but other paradise islands are suited for a smaller budget.

The country captivates with unexplored mountains, dense forests, and white sand beaches. You will stand in awe of the diversity of floras and faunas, heart-touching beauty, and the lively cosmopolitanism for entertaining, relaxing, and shopping. Some suggested mind-blowing activities are

  • Immersing in the exotic calm vibe of Belitung
  • Sunbathing on the white sand beach of Gili Trawangan
  • An easy trek capturing the incredible beauty of Mt. Bromo
  • Snorkeling on Raja Ampat Island

Cost and Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Prices for the above suggestions are estimated to be

  • Belitung – $62 to $85 per person per night
  • Gili Trawagnan – $43 to $94 per person per night
  • Mt. Bromo – $19 per person per day
  • Raja Ampat Island – Average cost is $24 per person per night.

July through August is the dry season. Days are ideal for beach lounging. Room rates spike 50 percent during this time. The shoulder season for Indonesia is May, June, and September. It is dry but not hot.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has become one of Southeast Asia’s hottest tourism destinations in the past few years. It is a small paradise island with many things to experience and explore. Golden beaches, national parks, lush green landscapes, breathtaking sceneries, and ancient temples are scattered across Sri Lanka.

Worldwide travelers are attracted to this island. It is among the few destinations where you can observe wildlife in its natural habitat. There are accommodations for every budget inland and on the island’s coastline.

Options range from affordable boutique hotels on lush landscapes inland to beach resorts that offer ultimate luxury. Renting luxurious villas with private gardens and pools is very popular among newlyweds who want a romantic getaway. There is a long list of things to do in Sri Lanka; some of them include

  • A scenic train ride
  • Snorkeling and kit surfing
  • Taste delicious Sri Lankan food
  • Get a massage
  • Safari tours
  • Hit the beaches

Cost and Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Rupee is the currency in Sri Lanka. Honeymoon packages are available for 25,000 to 60,000 LKR, which converts to $69.48 to $166.75 in U.S. currency. Exchange money at the airport, or ATMs are available.

December to March is the best time to visit. The dry season is November to April, with December through February as the most pleasant months. May through October is known as the shoulder months, being a month after the dry season and a month before the rainy months.

The Philippines

Compared to Western standards, the Philippines is super cheap. The over 7000 islands of the Philippines are full of nature’s beauty, including wildlife, forests, and beaches.

The Philippines are known for being extremely hospitable and affordable. There are fantastic coral reefs, volcanos, and beautiful rice terraces to explore. It is perfect for snorkeling, and the lush water is ideal for lounging and swimming.

Filipinos are friendly people. You can stay on the beach in a beautiful, private guest house, wake to coffee and a smoothie bowl for five dollars, and enjoy world-class beaches with amazing people. Life doesn’t get much better.

Cost and Best Time to Visit The Philippines

Packages for a Philippines honeymoon range from $584.33 per person for eight days to $1957.33 per person for seven days. Those prices break down to about $74 and $217 per day.

The dry season is from November to April, with December through February the most pleasant, coolest months. Christmas, New Year, and Holy Week are fascinating and colorful times when resort prices may triple.

May through October is the shoulder season between the dry season and rainy months. June through September has rougher seas, and the chance of bad weather is greater.


Malaysia is a mixing pot of Asian culture and people, making it an excellent place to visit. Besides the mix of religion and people, the beautiful islands are ideal for a honeymoon.

On the west coast of Malaysia is the Langkawi archipelago consisting of 99 islands. Tanjung Rhu, Pantai Cenang, and Datai Bay are among the best rated beaches in the world.

Vast roads provide easy access to the vibrant beach towns. Luxurious resorts are scattered across the beauty of the Malaysian islands and beaches. Holiday villas offer a bit more privacy, having a private pool and very affordable rates. Honeymoon activities include

  • Cruising around Putrajaya Lake
  • Watching the sunset from Broga Hill Peak
  • Strolling on the beach
  • Going island hopping by ferry
  • Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park
  • Marveling at the view from Langkawi Skylab
  • Exploring Kuala Lumpur nightlife
  • Ziplining over the ocean

Cost and Best Time to Visit Malaysia

The price for a two-night stay in Maylasia ranges from the accommodations at Liu Men Melaka, priced from $68 to $113 to Datai Langkawi, priced from $332 to $1248. Malaysia has free colorful festivals.

Between January and February, the Chinese New Year is celebrated. In June, the king’s birthday is a national holiday. The annual Dragon Boat Festival takes place in June and July. Malaysia’s Independence Day is August 31. Christmas in December is magical.

The average temperature in Malaysia is between 77 and 86 degrees. April, October, and November have lots of rain. June through August is drier. September and November are humid months. December through March is dry and can be pretty hot.


Bustling cities, gushing rivers, and tranquil beaches are part of the allure of a Vietnam honeymoon. It is among the best budget Asian honeymoon destinations. The cost to stay, travel about, and eat is very reasonable. Some things a honeymoon couple can enjoy include

  • A biking or kayaking trip with locals
  • Crawling through Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Cruising in Mekong Delta
  • Eating Vietnamese noodles

Tourist attractions in Vietnam are

  • My Khe Beach
  • Tam Coc
  • Marble Mountains
  • Khai Dinh Tomb
  • Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Ha Long Bay

Cost and Best Time to Visit Vietnam

A six-night stay costs about $210 per day. Round trip airfare is approximately $400 per person, and a land package is available for around $430. From September to December is the best time to visit. A visa is required that can be obtained when you arrive if a travel agency gets prior online approval.


How do you find cheap honeymoon ideas?

Plan ahead. The most inexpensive airfare is typically found months ahead of a trip. Do not put off booking your flight until the last minute. Be flexible. Flying on Saturdays over holidays is more expensive than a red-eye flight in October. The shoulder months have lower room rates and fewer tourists.

What are some cheap activities for honeymoon couples?

Go sightseeing and become mesmerized by the beauty of nature. National parks are often an excellent place to enjoy nature and are usually free. Stroll along the beaches to spend some private time together. Visit sunset points. Indulge in watersports. Every country has special events, fairs, and festivals if you plan accordingly.

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