It’s your honeymoon, and you’re looking for a calm and relaxing outdoor activity to spend your time with your lover and close people and enjoy nature and open air? Are you interested in having a luxurious picnic? If yes, this article is for you then.

Luxury picnics are one of the latest trends in outdoor celebrations. This article will learn everything you need to know about luxury picnics and how honeymooners can embrace these picnics.

What is a Luxury Picnic? 

Although luxury picnics are different from traditional parties, they have the same content: You gather around with your family and friends, enjoy delicious food and drinks, listen to music, and dance in the open air.

Many companies specialize in organizing luxury picnics. These picnics are held in honor of many occasions, such as a bachelorette party, a small and simple wedding, and an engagement party. These picnics are coordinated for dating dinners, birthdays and anniversaries, and honeymoons.

Choosing a location for your picnic is one of the most critical tasks. The appropriate decorations are selected, such as table arrangements, types of flowers, lighting, foods and drinks, colors of tablecloths, and pillows.

An essential element in choosing a location is the view. For lovers of the sea and the summer coastal atmosphere, the beach is the ideal and most popular choice for luxury picnic organizers. 

Some prefer less humid options such as flower gardens and vineyards. Others add an archaeological touch to their celebrations, holding luxurious picnics near historical sites. And we don’t have to go far. Sometimes, the backyard and the garden of the house can be turned into the most dreamy and charming place for a luxury picnic.

Planning Your Honeymoon Luxury Picnic

A honeymoon picnic should be full of romance, passion, and love where a couple has the opportunity to escape the tension, social restrictions, and pressures that accompany the wedding.

Honeymooners like to enjoy a realistic view on their picnic. For example, someplace in the mountains, on the beach, or even in a national park.

For honeymooners, picnics can be organized either in the morning or evening. 

Breakfast Luxury Picnics

Considering that breakfast is a meal to recover and get energy, the decorations will be inexpensive and straightforward, as will the quality of foods and drinks that generally consist of cheese, jams, light pancakes, and simple sweeteners accompanied by tea or refreshing fruit juices.

And since it’s a special morning meal, it’s not expensive and effortlessly prepared.

During the day, it will be possible to organize a picnic to relax and feel comfortable, especially with the presence of pillows and carpets. It is also an opportunity to enjoy a realistic view and contemplate the sunset scene on the beach, mountain, or tourist island.

There are snacks and a light dessert during a picnic like this, and it is possible to organize a tea or coffee session. And add some lovely roses such as chrysanthemums and lavender.

Romantic Dinner Luxury Picnic

Another option is to have it in the evening. You can organize a luxurious picnic on the beach or somewhere else for a romantic dinner, which will be magical.

In such a picnic, the atmosphere and decorations are prepared to be full of passion, candles are added, some may choose to be scented, roses with solid colors and red roses come in the forefront, and classic wine glasses.

Dinner consists of appetizers in addition to the main course, accompanied by wine of various kinds. The tables are coordinated with elegant white tablecloths to allow enjoying the natural view under the moonlight.


In brief, people tend to choose simplicity, liberation, spontaneity and mixing elegance with comfort as fashionable elements, whether in clothes, celebrations of all kinds, and organizing tourist trips and social events.

So, there is nothing more appropriate than a luxurious picnic on occasions as intimate as a honeymoon to add a unique, charming, and unforgettable touch.

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