Many couples are choosing to include a honeymoon option in their wedding registries, or to replace the traditional bridal registry altogether with a travel-focused honeymoon registry. This is a great idea, since it helps them plan for and ultimately take the trip of their dreams with the help of loved ones and friends. 

If you’re thinking of going with a honeymoon registry, take a look at seven of the best ones available. We’ll go over how they work and what you need to know.

1. Honeyfund

This site is serious about helping couples fund their honeymoons. As a secure cash gifting site, Honeyfund has already helped over a million couples achieve their honeymoon goals. It’s been around for over 15 years, maintaining an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau every year.

This free online honeymoon registry lets you set and share your goals, and then guests can start donating cash gifts or gift cards to your unique link through Stripe or PayPal. Your guests never have to pay a fee; neither do you if you’re receiving gift cards. If you’re getting automatic deposits into your bank or PayPal account, low transaction processing fees are charged.

See our full Honeyfund Review here.


  • Cash directly to you
  • Freedom to book your own travels
  • Also available for home down payments

2. Hitchd

The creators of Hitchd firmly believe in funding memories. This honeymoon registry lets you personalize your experience by creating the details of your trip and the look of your page. You can include different items for your guests to help fund, including flights, tours, accommodations, activities, adventures, dinners, and more. You can also set up a cash fund. 

Once you create your adventure and launch (for a one-time fee … many other registries are free) and share your registry page, your guests can start sending you contributions paid with their credit cards. Money goes into your bank account. You can personally thank each of your contributors directly through the platform. 


  • Customizable trips, pages, and thank you notes
  • Serves couples in 24 countries
  • Funds are transferred to your bank account 

3. Honeymoon Cash Funds at Zola

Zola is a wedding registry that lets you build your list your way. You can select from many different options, including gifts, experiences, cash funds, and honeymoon funds. Create your own cash funds to use for your dream honeymoon, specifying the amount you’d like to receive. Guests can contribute what they want or fixed amounts; they pay directly through your page, and you can transfer funds to your bank account whenever you wish.

Guests can use PayPal, Venmo, or credit cards to contribute to your fund. The site offers many other services as well, including providing wedding vendor listings. It’s a home shopping platform that offers free-to-use registries.


  • Create a honeymoon cash fund
  • Or start other cash funds, such as for a charity
  • Customizable funds for plane tickets, honeymoon resorts, and more

4. Newlywed Fund at The Knot

As a wedding marketplace, The Knot strives to connect couples with vendors and services that can help make the big day a huge success. It offers a newlywed registry that can be used for whatever the couple wants, including a honeymoon trip.

After you start your account, you can set up a cash honeymoon registry and share it with your wedding guests, family, and friends. Track what you receive and manage everything from your page. It works like a cash registry and is free to use. A low transaction fee is charged to transfer amounts to your bank account.


  • The site offers many services useful for couples planning a wedding
  • Use your cash registry for a trip, a down payment for a home, or anything
  • It takes three weeks for contributions to be deposited into your account (longer than most other registries)

5. Traveler’s Joy

With over half a million members and free options available, this honeymoon registry that focuses on memory-making trips (their home page boldly states “Skip the blender”) provides a travel-centric platform for couples to use. 

Traveler’s Joy works a lot like the other registries: you formulate a goal, make a page, and share it with your wedding guests. There are no upgrade fees, and you have the freedom to book your own travels with the money you receive as gifts.


  • Completely free options available
  • Fully customizable with images and travel plans
  • A small fee is charged only when givers use a credit card

6. Wanderable

Another free and customizable honeymoon registry, Wanderable distinguishes itself by focusing on attractive pages to share with your guests. They’ve carefully prepared beautiful layouts, fonts, and colours that couples can integrate to create eye-popping, personalized registries.

Completely free options are available and there are no upgrade fees. You can use the cash fund option for trips or anything you want. Cash or check gifts are completely free; credit card gifts have a nominal service charge. 


  • Easy to use, complete with themes and gift image library 
  • Flexible gift redemption choices are available
  • Use the instantly generated list of guests and gifts to help with your thank you notes

7. Honeymoon Wishes

This honeymoon registry can boast that it’s served over 847,000 happy couples since launching in 2003. Focusing on great experiences, Honeymoon Wishes lets you list very general or super specific items on your registry, giving you a great deal of flexibility.

Signing up is free; the site charges guests a service and handling fee, but you can choose to deduct the amount from your gift total instead of charging your guests. Funds can go directly to you or, in some cases, to the tour company or hotel you’re booking with. 


  • Responsive live customer service is available
  • You can withdraw your funds any time
  • Book your travel either with the site’s travel agent partners or on your own

Ready to Start Planning Your Honeymoon?

A honeymoon registry can fund your trip. With that part taken care of, you can focus on the fun part of planning and preparing for the honeymoon of your dreams. 

Turn to Honeymoon Goals for planning guides and tips that can help you narrow down where you want to go and take care of the details. Start with our free honeymoon planning service to get going. 

Or if you prefer, use our convenient resort finding tool to explore what’s available. We’re here to make your planning fun and easy. Give us a try today. 

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