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Welcome to a World of Exquisite Elegance

The Albergo Miramare resort in Positano has an enviable waterfront position, with many of their guests coming from congested towns or busy lives. They want to ensure that the calming benefits of natural space, stylish and restful interior decoration are felt by them. The resort’s distinctive allure has always been that “hidden” gem that belongs fully to its landscape.

Blending spectacular vistas of the charming pastel-colored houses and the sea with classic understated elegant accommodation and impeccable service.

On the west side of town, The Miramare is set near the top of the “theater” that is Positano, and all rooms face the sea. They all have terraces, whether small or large, where you’ll be tempted to spend many hours over wine and sunsets. Décor is quintessentially, vivaciously southern Italian, with terracotta floors, floral or nautical upholstery and bedding, colorful Vietri tiles, and warm antiques.

How much does it cost to stay at Albergo Miramare?

The average cost to stay at Albergo Miramare is $360 to $774.

How far is Albergo Miramare from the airport?

Albergo Miramare is 73 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Albergo Miramare have?

Albergo Miramare has 18 rooms.

Is Albergo Miramare All-Inclusive?

No, Albergo Miramare is not All-Inclusive.

Is Albergo Miramare Adult-Only?

No, Albergo Miramare is not Adult-Only.

Does Albergo Miramare have villas?

No, Albergo Miramare does not have villas.

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