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Nestled near the sea, Aira is the most beautiful and luxurious hotel in Israel. This 5-star hotel has the best significant sea area. In Israel, only Aria has direct private access to the sea.

They have comfortable and clean rooms. They offer property amenities including wifi, parking, restaurant, poolside bar, pool, spa, gym, and beach. Here you can enjoy many fun activities. Besides, many restaurants and attractions are nearby. Also, don’t forget to stroll the town.

In addition, you may not face any communication difficulties because staffs speak many languages. The warm hospitality and the cleanliness will surely ensure your enjoyment.

Aria makes super tasty foods that will make you want to visit Aria again and again. Moreover, the quiet location and everything they offer is splendid for romantic getaway/honeymooners. Therefore, experience flawless luxury in Aria.

How much does it cost to stay at Aria?

The average cost to stay at Aria is $162 to $443.

How many rooms does Aria have?

Aria has 246 rooms.

Is Aria All-Inclusive?

No, Aria is not All-Inclusive.

Is Aria Adult-Only?

No, Aria is not Adult-Only.

Does Aria have villas?

No, Aria does not have villas.

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