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Instinctively Exceptional Resort Experience Unlike Any Other

Bardessono, where the earth meets the sky, souls meet men, and nature meets form. You can breathe deeply here, and live with the purity of nature. Couples are coming to rejuvenate, to deepen the bond, and to boost their romance. This is your spot to relax, stroll through the gardens, immerse yourself in the vistas, and taste the wine.


Sleep comfortably like never before and wake up in a position that ends up feeling perfect. Your digital detox here. Your comfort is sure, contemporary in style and energy, and your mood is simple. Your place at Bardessono combines clear lines with nature’s beauty and simplicity.


Easily walk to wineries, bike along vineyards, shop the marketplace, celebrate the festivals, and taste life.

How much does it cost to stay at Bardessono?

The average cost to stay at Bardessono is $712 to $1617.

How far is Bardessono from the airport?

Bardessono is 92 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Bardessono have?

Bardessono has 62 rooms.

Is Bardessono All-Inclusive?

No, Bardessono is not All-Inclusive.

Is Bardessono Adult-Only?

No, Bardessono is not Adult-Only.

Does Bardessono have villas?

No, Bardessono does not have villas.

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