Carlton Tel Aviv

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Carlton Tel Aviv is a seafront famous hotel. This luxurious hotel rests near the Mediterranean sea, Tel Aviv, Israel. Carlton’s warm hospitality and outstanding service will leave a pleasant impression on your mind.

They provide many facilities, including parking, wifi, poolside bar, gym, spa, bagging storage, sun terrace, etc. The view of the sea from your private balcony is breathtaking as well.

Additionally, Carlton serves mesmerizing dishes that will fully satisfy you. You can also enjoy a buffet breakfast. And afterward, have a glass of wine while relaxing in the poolside. Moreover, there are many restaurants and attractions nearby, so don’t forget to visit them.

You may not face any communication difficulties as the staff of this hotel speaks many languages. Also, their outstanding service will convince you to visit Carlton again and again.

If you want to have a relaxing vacation, know Carlton Tel Aviv has the perfect holiday waiting for you. This 5-star hotel is safe, secluded, and best for honeymooners. So, make your dream vacation a reality here.

How much does it cost to stay at Carlton Tel Aviv?

The average cost to stay at Carlton Tel Aviv is $267 to $455.

How many rooms does Carlton Tel Aviv have?

Carlton Tel Aviv has 270 rooms.

Is Carlton Tel Aviv All-Inclusive?

No, Carlton Tel Aviv is not All-Inclusive.

Is Carlton Tel Aviv Adult-Only?

No, Carlton Tel Aviv is not Adult-Only.

Does Carlton Tel Aviv have villas?

No, Carlton Tel Aviv does not have villas.

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