Casa Nova Hotel

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Casa Nova is a romantic and modernly furnished hotel. This hotel rests at Ha’mazalot Alley 5 Mifrayz Shelomo, Jaffa, Israel.

As the beach is nearby, enjoy lazy strolling and the fantastic sunset. This hotel serves many facilities, including seafront rooms, free parking, free wifi, and a rooftop terrace. Besides, there are many nearby restaurants and attractions. You can free up your time to visit them as well.

They serve the most amazing dishes, and their drinks are mind-blowing. Therefore, their clean, spacious rooms and warm hospitality will please you. Moreover, Casa Nova offers an airport shuttle for guests. Also, their staffs speak multiple languages; including English, French, Russian, and Hebrew. As a result, you should not face any communications problem here.

Casa Nova is perfect for honeymooners; thanks to the calm, romantic, and safe surroundings. So, for an ideal romantic getaway, try Casa Nova.

How much does it cost to stay at Casa Nova Hotel?

The average cost to stay at Casa Nova Hotel is $211 to $350.

How many rooms does Casa Nova Hotel have?

Casa Nova Hotel has 5 rooms.

Is Casa Nova Hotel All-Inclusive?

No, Casa Nova Hotel is not All-Inclusive.

Is Casa Nova Hotel Adult-Only?

Yes, Casa Nova Hotel is Adult-Only.

Does Casa Nova Hotel have villas?

Yes, Casa Nova Hotel has villas. 🍹🥂

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