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On the northern shore of the island of St Barthélemy, the road plunges down to a secluded bay, turning towards the sea. It’s in this unique environment that Christopher Hotel, a 5-star hotel, hoisted its sails. Nestled between crystal clear seas and Pointe Milou, shielded by trade waves, this intimate setting provides stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and surrounding islands. Imagine a large house with a classic, elegant design in the form of a trendy loft… a perfect refuge, hip and relaxed, so that honeymooners feel comfortable and at ease.

Luxury and tranquility abound, with the ocean as a background. 42 rooms and suites with an elegant contemporary design overlook the sea, with stunning views of the bay. There is no sand, maybe the price of such anonymity, but one of the biggest infinity pools on the island. Perched over the sea, guests can relax in the sunset-facing outdoor loungers and drink in the atmosphere of the setting and the relaxing charms of St. Barts.

How much does it cost to stay at Christopher St. Barts?

The average cost to stay at Christopher St. Barts is $560 to $1750.

How far is Christopher St. Barts from the airport?

Christopher St. Barts is 10 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Christopher St. Barts have?

Christopher St. Barts has 42 rooms.

Is Christopher St. Barts All-Inclusive?

No, Christopher St. Barts is not All-Inclusive.

Is Christopher St. Barts Adult-Only?

No, Christopher St. Barts is not Adult-Only.

Does Christopher St. Barts have villas?

No, Christopher St. Barts does not have villas.

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