Cocobay Resort (Antigua)

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The Romantic Caribbean Getaway

Welcome to Cocobay Resort, an adult-only, all-inclusive getaway on Antigua’s sunset side. Cocobay is widely regarded as the most romantic and relaxing resort in Antigua, offering the ideal Caribbean environment for honeymoons, romantic holidays, special adventures, barefoot comfort, and wellness in the island theme.

The resort consists of a cheerful array of pastel cottages that crown a breezy hillside, winding down to two beaches of white sand and miles of Caribbean Sea turquoise. There are many infinity pools and rough terraces in the rustic facilities, blessed with some of the most dramatic ocean views and spaces on the island.

In the intimate restaurants and bars or bespoke, private locations, and pop-up dining stations, enjoy the chef’s culinary creations and vibrant cocktails. Cocobay is surrounded by a calming nature-filled aura, and the beautiful beachfront venue, cozy Caribbean cottages, fabulous food, and superb service make Cocobay an enticing option for your next vacation in Antigua.

How much does it cost to stay at Cocobay Resort (Antigua)?

The average cost to stay at Cocobay Resort (Antigua) is $346 to $657.

How far is Cocobay Resort (Antigua) from the airport?

Cocobay Resort (Antigua) is 21 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Cocobay Resort (Antigua) have?

Cocobay Resort (Antigua) has 65 rooms.

Is Cocobay Resort (Antigua) All-Inclusive?

Yes, Cocobay Resort (Antigua) is All-Inclusive. 🍹🥂

Is Cocobay Resort (Antigua) Adult-Only?

Yes, Cocobay Resort (Antigua) is Adult-Only.

Does Cocobay Resort (Antigua) have villas?

Yes, Cocobay Resort (Antigua) has villas. 🍹🥂

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