Colcord Hotel

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The Colcord Hotel defines luxury as the highest level of service and pleasure. Till now, every day, they maintain their commitment of elegance to the visitors at Oklahoma City. Whether you’re a business traveler, a local, or looking for a nice place for your honeymoon, you’ll always be welcomed by the friendly staff at the Colcord Hotel.

Relax for a night or even longer, and they strive to surpass expectations and supply whatever you may want without delay. Relax in the shower, rest with peaceful music or keep up to date on your favorite program on TV. Mattresses with exquisite linens, free bottled drinks, silky robes, customized décor, innovative vaults, cordless table phones, and workstations are standard in all guestrooms.

You can bring your pups as well. Make a trip to Oklahoma City and stay at the Colcord Hotel. Enjoy your vacation with elegance.

How much does it cost to stay at Colcord Hotel?

The average cost to stay at Colcord Hotel is $164 to $233.

How many rooms does Colcord Hotel have?

Colcord Hotel has 108 rooms.

Is Colcord Hotel All-Inclusive?

No, Colcord Hotel is not All-Inclusive.

Is Colcord Hotel Adult-Only?

No, Colcord Hotel is not Adult-Only.

Does Colcord Hotel have villas?

No, Colcord Hotel does not have villas.

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