Historic Park Inn

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Historic park hotel is famous for its unique design and is one of the top-rated hotels in Iowa.

They offer many facilities, including airport transportation, meeting rooms, banquet room, gym, etc. Rooms are spacious, comfortable, and decorated with modern features.

In addition, they serve mesmerizing healthy meals, and drinks from their bar are excellent. The hotel staffs are amicable, helpful, and they will guide you. Their warm hospitality and service will please you. They keep the hotel neat and clean, and sanitized.

Moreover, you can enjoy many activities during your stay. Many restaurants and attractions are within walking distance. Visit them in your free time. Besides, explore and experience the lifestyle of locals.

Historic Park Inn offers a secluded area, romantic environment, and private space for newlyweds and couples. This hotel can be a great destination for honeymoons, getaways, and other vacation destinations. Experience a great vacation in Historic Park Inn.

How much does it cost to stay at Historic Park Inn?

The average cost to stay at Historic Park Inn is $107 to $166.

How many rooms does Historic Park Inn have?

Historic Park Inn has 27 rooms.

Is Historic Park Inn All-Inclusive?

No, Historic Park Inn is not All-Inclusive.

Is Historic Park Inn Adult-Only?

No, Historic Park Inn is not Adult-Only.

Does Historic Park Inn have villas?

No, Historic Park Inn does not have villas.

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