Hotel de Tourny

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Situated in a quiet area in the center of Bordeaux, the Hôtel de Tourny has two 18th-century mansions totally restored and tastefully decorated, mixing the timeless elegance of the old and the luxury furniture.

The hotel’s 15 rooms give a subtle luxury décor and high-end convenience while preserving the uniqueness of the Bordeaux house. The workers, accessible and responsive, will make every effort to better your stay.

Charm, style, convenience, convenient place, easy parking, coffee, warm welcome and attentive service… everything is designed to offer you complete satisfaction during your honeymoon. Congratulations to one of Bordeaux’s most stunning addresses!

How much does it cost to stay at Hotel de Tourny?

The average cost to stay at Hotel de Tourny is $120 to $320.

How far is Hotel de Tourny from the airport?

Hotel de Tourny is 30 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Hotel de Tourny have?

Hotel de Tourny has 15 rooms.

Is Hotel de Tourny All-Inclusive?

No, Hotel de Tourny is not All-Inclusive.

Is Hotel de Tourny Adult-Only?

No, Hotel de Tourny is not Adult-Only.

Does Hotel de Tourny have villas?

No, Hotel de Tourny does not have villas.

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