Hotel Saint-Marc

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Hôtel Saint-Marc is situated in the heart of Paris, just steps from the Opera House, the Louvre, theatres, boutiques, and galleries, and offers an ultra-chic paradise where luxury, style, and discretion come together.

Seduced by the elegant and festive history of this secret 18th-century hôtel particulier that is considered a piece of French heritage, and inspired by a passion for Parisian culture, they dreamed of a place where spirit and beauty come together with meaning and refinement.

How much does it cost to stay at Hotel Saint-Marc?

The average cost to stay at Hotel Saint-Marc is $249 to $431.

How far is Hotel Saint-Marc from the airport?

Hotel Saint-Marc is 28 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Hotel Saint-Marc have?

Hotel Saint-Marc has 26 rooms.

Is Hotel Saint-Marc All-Inclusive?

No, Hotel Saint-Marc is not All-Inclusive.

Is Hotel Saint-Marc Adult-Only?

No, Hotel Saint-Marc is not Adult-Only.

Does Hotel Saint-Marc have villas?

No, Hotel Saint-Marc does not have villas.

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