Hotel Three Sixty

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A One of a Kind Luxury Boutique Hotel

In this adult-only hotel in Ojochal, located on the South West coast of Costa Rica, experience a complete transformation from your normal holiday. The most fully encompassing view of the coastline, islands, beaches, mountains, and rainforest has been captured by this exquisite destination. You will find an astonishing panoramic view of Costa Rican nature from every perspective.

Whether in your private villa while in the open-air reception room, gourmet restaurant, infinity pool, or from your own balcony. Holds an unforgettable sight everywhere you look.

A full rotation, absolute circumference, a total and complete transformation is defined as Three Sixty. Ojochal’s new Three Sixty adult-only hotel suits this description to perfection. An experience of full and total luxury is the perfect definition of private villas. From inside and from their terrace, each of the twelve villas offers unique views.

How much does it cost to stay at Hotel Three Sixty?

The average cost to stay at Hotel Three Sixty is $296 to $531.

How far is Hotel Three Sixty from the airport?

Hotel Three Sixty is 146 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Hotel Three Sixty have?

Hotel Three Sixty has 12 rooms.

Is Hotel Three Sixty All-Inclusive?

No, Hotel Three Sixty is not All-Inclusive.

Is Hotel Three Sixty Adult-Only?

Yes, Hotel Three Sixty is Adult-Only.

Does Hotel Three Sixty have villas?

Yes, Hotel Three Sixty has villas. 🍹🥂

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