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Yountville’s Premier Leisure Destination

Set within the 22-acre compound, there’s no mistaking the breezy, sexy vibe Hotel Villago exudes amid its lush vineyard surroundings. With an effortless and confident glamour, its contemporary architecture appeals to urbane travelers who seek a luxed-up wine escape.


From the moment of arrival, senses are both soothed and heightened in an inviting, modern playground. This is where you’ll tap into your most convivial side, enjoying a connected, of-the-moment poolside scene, meeting your tribe under the glow of the outdoor fireplace, or sipping a creative pre- or post-dinner cocktail at our frisky bar.


When it’s time to surrender to relaxation, the 112 guestrooms and 22 suites are designed as self-contained, pampering sanctuaries. Lose yourself in a soothing enclave dressed with natural materials, honest textures pop of viticulture-inspired color, and thoughtful touches that encourage recharging.

How much does it cost to stay at Hotel Villagio?

The average cost to stay at Hotel Villagio is $497 to $1187.

How far is Hotel Villagio from the airport?

Hotel Villagio is 92 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Hotel Villagio have?

Hotel Villagio has 113 rooms.

Is Hotel Villagio All-Inclusive?

No, Hotel Villagio is not All-Inclusive.

Is Hotel Villagio Adult-Only?

No, Hotel Villagio is not Adult-Only.

Does Hotel Villagio have villas?

No, Hotel Villagio does not have villas.

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