La Maison Favart

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More Than a Hotel, It’s Your Home in Paris

Steeped in history, it bears the name of the famous Favart couple, founders of the Comic Opera in Paris. You will be transported into their world, immersed in an exciting, surprising, and 18th-century Parisian decor; you will discover a theatrical jewel-box, rich in detail yet discreet, in the very heart of Paris.

A new angle on a classic 18th-century style, with fine-striped heavy curtains, where rich reds blend with chocolate; where memories of journeys dot the fine decor of the House. Every glance reveals another secret or an anecdote from the life of Monsieur and Madame favorite.

Decorated in an excitingly 18th-century style, each room are welcoming, very comfortable and each one specially designed with its own unique atmosphere. Find the perfect one for your honeymoon.

How much does it cost to stay at La Maison Favart?

The average cost to stay at La Maison Favart is $247 to $436.

How far is La Maison Favart from the airport?

La Maison Favart is 15 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does La Maison Favart have?

La Maison Favart has 39 rooms.

Is La Maison Favart All-Inclusive?

No, La Maison Favart is not All-Inclusive.

Is La Maison Favart Adult-Only?

No, La Maison Favart is not Adult-Only.

Does La Maison Favart have villas?

No, La Maison Favart does not have villas.

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