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A Journey of Time in Untold Splendour

Experience heartfelt hospitality as you cruise down the historic Kings River. Loy Pela Voyages Bangkok River Cruise offers a unique way to experience the charms of Thailand, blessed by ample nature, wine, culture, and history. They welcome the guests on a spectacular journey through time on their cruises that blend the vibrant modern features of Bangkok with the fascinating rich past of ancient times.

Loy Pela Voyages is a fascinating way to explore the ‘Place of the Smiles’ along the majestic Chao Phraya River, heading from the new capital of Thailand, Bangkok, to the ancient capital, Ayutthaya, on a journey through the ages.

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How far is Loy Pela Voyages from the airport?

Loy Pela Voyages is 45 minutes from the airport.

Is Loy Pela Voyages All-Inclusive?

No, Loy Pela Voyages is not All-Inclusive.

Is Loy Pela Voyages Adult-Only?

No, Loy Pela Voyages is not Adult-Only.

Does Loy Pela Voyages have villas?

No, Loy Pela Voyages does not have villas.

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