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Celebrate the Goodness of Life

A lively, forward-looking luxury hotel in Mauritius that truly captures the best island living experience. LUX * Belle Mare, a beautiful resort nestled on the wild east coast of Mauritius. It encapsulates island living at its best: a glittering lagoon and sugar-white sandy beach, unrivaled service and charm, a large swimming pool, exquisitely designed villas, fabulous restaurants, and the most creative pop-up dining experiences, and even in-house coffee and ice cream brands are organic.

Exploring the lively culture of an incredible local, it introduces the history, language, and flavors of Sugar Island. With 112 rums to be sampled, guests are also invited to indulge in sugar tastings with no less than 12 local variants to discover. Add enjoyable cocktail sessions with the hotel’s general manager to the mix, plus Creole lessons, Sega dance classes, and accompanying musical acts-Mar Kontan is the heart of the resort after the sunsets.

How much does it cost to stay at LUX* Belle Mare?

The average cost to stay at LUX* Belle Mare is $132 to $493.

How far is LUX* Belle Mare from the airport?

LUX* Belle Mare is 68 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does LUX* Belle Mare have?

LUX* Belle Mare has 174 rooms.

Is LUX* Belle Mare All-Inclusive?

Yes, LUX* Belle Mare is All-Inclusive. 🍹🥂

Is LUX* Belle Mare Adult-Only?

No, LUX* Belle Mare is not Adult-Only.

Does LUX* Belle Mare have villas?

No, LUX* Belle Mare does not have villas.

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