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Retro-Chic Tropical Resort Reimagined

A completely renovated retro-chic tropical resort in Grand Gaube, on the north coast of Mauritius. LUX* Grand Gaube is a completely re-imagined retro-chic tropical retreat, tucked away on a peninsula bordering two coves, embraces life in the tropics like LUX *.

Kelly Hoppen’s eye-catching architecture blends seamlessly with the surrounding tropical greenery, and every bed, suite, and the villa is made to feel like home — that is, if the home has an outdoor bathtub overlooking the Indian Ocean. The resort is renowned for its emphasis on health and its culinary gems, including a fabulous Peruvian restaurant, an overwater Turkish restaurant, and even a rum treehouse.

Slow down. Unroll your yoga mat on the beach. Go for that exhilarating swim in the Indian Ocean. LUX* Grand Gaube is the perfect place to get away and focus on your wellbeing. And this is all before you have even reached our LUX* Me Spa—a holistic wellness concept that encompasses wellbeing, fitness, beauty, and nutrition.

How much does it cost to stay at LUX* Grand Gaube?

The average cost to stay at LUX* Grand Gaube is $132 to $402.

How far is LUX* Grand Gaube from the airport?

LUX* Grand Gaube is 54 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does LUX* Grand Gaube have?

LUX* Grand Gaube has 186 rooms.

Is LUX* Grand Gaube All-Inclusive?

Yes, LUX* Grand Gaube is All-Inclusive. 🍹🥂

Is LUX* Grand Gaube Adult-Only?

No, LUX* Grand Gaube is not Adult-Only.

Does LUX* Grand Gaube have villas?

No, LUX* Grand Gaube does not have villas.

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