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Life’s a Beach at LUX* Le Morne

A tropical resort on the wild west coast of Mauritius. Blessed with the best sunset on the island, the LUX * Le Morne beach, situated on the tip of the island at the foot of Le Morne Mountain, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. No more than a few steps separate your bed from the coconut palm beach.

Expect service with a smile, morning walks on the beach, freshly caught sea urchin, hiking along the nearby Black River Gorges National Park, hours of sunbathing, and regular dips in the warm sea. You are privileged to be situated on the finest stretch of golden sand in the vicinity, which is manicured back to perfection each and every night.

The beach offers perfect crystal clear waters with no tides, natural protection from the surrounding winds, and a specially reserved area for safe swimming and snorkeling. With stunning corals and fish, just meters from the shore, and of course the famous LUX* service back on dry land with sunglass cleaning, face mists, a full range of snacks and drinks brought straight to your lounger.

How much does it cost to stay at LUX* Le Morne?

The average cost to stay at LUX* Le Morne is $155 to $515.

How far is LUX* Le Morne from the airport?

LUX* Le Morne is 79 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does LUX* Le Morne have?

LUX* Le Morne has 149 rooms.

Is LUX* Le Morne All-Inclusive?

Yes, LUX* Le Morne is All-Inclusive. 🍹🥂

Is LUX* Le Morne Adult-Only?

No, LUX* Le Morne is not Adult-Only.

Does LUX* Le Morne have villas?

No, LUX* Le Morne does not have villas.

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