Maca Bana

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Discover the Spirit of the Caribbean through Maca Bana

At Maca Bana, an unparalleled retreat thoughtfully designed by hospitality connoisseurs, the Hotel welcomes you to explore the fusion of convenience, efficiency, and eco-luxury. If you’re searching for laid-back luxury, explore Maca Bana, a group of cozy villas built on an immaculate 2-acre slope offering panoramic views of Granada.

The resort consists of 7 individually built villas. Every villa has been artistically designed to reflect the tropical fruit for which it is named; you will instantly feel welcomed and secure in your holiday home with a casual Caribbean style of luxury. All of the seven spacious villas are air-conditioned, beautifully decorated, and fully furnished with every possible amenity, solar-powered and private hot tubs, and free wifi.

How much does it cost to stay at Maca Bana?

The average cost to stay at Maca Bana is $399 to $750.

How far is Maca Bana from the airport?

Maca Bana is 2 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Maca Bana have?

Maca Bana has 7 rooms.

Is Maca Bana All-Inclusive?

No, Maca Bana is not All-Inclusive.

Is Maca Bana Adult-Only?

No, Maca Bana is not Adult-Only.

Does Maca Bana have villas?

No, Maca Bana does not have villas.

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