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The Ultimate Indulgence

Carried away from the city on the whimsy of the decor, the mind is free to pursue pleasure amid a fantasy setting conjured through artwork, sofas, caucuses, and divans. Perfectly at home, honeymooners see their room open out onto a plush setting where life revolves around the ritual of tea-time, play, and rendezvous before and after dinner. A temple to hedonism, the Maison Souquet is home to 20 rooms, including six suites with unique interiors.

Bold, lavish, and of eminently good taste, Jacques Garcia has an inimitable style. The renowned French interior designer is by far the most gifted in creating atmospheres of unmatched elegance, a blend of genres born of his intuition, and his passion for precious materials, rare objects, and the stories they tell.

His unrestrained thinking grants him the freedom to design a hotel inspired by houses of carnal pleasure at the same time as designing spaces in the Louvre dedicated to 18th-century French furniture or even refurbishing the royal apartments in the Palace of Versailles.
With the Maison Souquet, he has created an unaffected combination of Arabian style and Napoleon III plush in an eclectic collection of furniture, artwork, and paintings whose authenticity infuses the spirit of the place, magical and enchanting.

How much does it cost to stay at Maison Souquet?

The average cost to stay at Maison Souquet is $350 to $493.

How far is Maison Souquet from the airport?

Maison Souquet is 28 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Maison Souquet have?

Maison Souquet has 20 rooms.

Is Maison Souquet All-Inclusive?

No, Maison Souquet is not All-Inclusive.

Is Maison Souquet Adult-Only?

No, Maison Souquet is not Adult-Only.

Does Maison Souquet have villas?

No, Maison Souquet does not have villas.

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