Mango Bay Resort

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Indulge Yourself and Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

Mango Bay Resort is a luxurious beach resort situated in a remote location amid the wonders of nature. Located on 10 hectares of beachfront land 10 km north of Duong Dong, the main town on the island, Mango Bay’s ethos is to build something similar to nature, an unpretentious resort which is the antithesis of luxury.

Snorkelling around the coral reefs, paddle boarding, canoeing, yoga at sunset in front of the spa and tai chi on the beach are just the beginning. Kayaking enthusiasts can take traditional, wooden-style fishing boats out into the sea while the resort also provides free rental of bicycles.

Phu Quoc is a seafood paradise. The fabulous shrimp and other fish are caught fresh every day, and our squid is arguably the finest on the planet. To make the most of these wonderful ingredients, Mango Bay has developed its own style of fusion cuisine; a finely balanced mixture of Eastern and Western food styles with Vietnamese as the main underlying theme.

How much does it cost to stay at Mango Bay Resort?

The average cost to stay at Mango Bay Resort is $238 to $780.

How far is Mango Bay Resort from the airport?

Mango Bay Resort is 3 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Mango Bay Resort have?

Mango Bay Resort has 22 rooms.

Is Mango Bay Resort All-Inclusive?

No, Mango Bay Resort is not All-Inclusive.

Is Mango Bay Resort Adult-Only?

No, Mango Bay Resort is not Adult-Only.

Does Mango Bay Resort have villas?

No, Mango Bay Resort does not have villas.

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