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An Untouched and Exquisite West Indian Paradise

Called by the early Caribs as ‘Oualie’ or ‘Land of the Beautiful Seas,’ some simply call it Nevis the ‘Queen of the Caribbean.’ An unspoiled beauty, full of beautiful flora and gardens, and busy with spectacular wildlife and stunning tropical birds. Nevis is part of the Union of St Kitts and Nevis – islands separated by a two-mile channel – The Narrows.

Unparalleled beaches surround the island, natural freshwater springs, and volcanic hot springs scattered along the coastal plain, creating a true island paradise. Nevis Peak, the striking volcano in the center of Nevis, is responsible for the spectacular black sand that, along with the exquisite white coral sand, shapes the idyllic sandy beaches that surround the island.

Tap into this paradise with Paradise Beach. Immerse yourself in an astonishing world of reefs, wrecks, and volcanic vents, just minutes offshore in the beautiful waters

How far is Paradise Beach Nevis from the airport?

Paradise Beach Nevis is 8 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Paradise Beach Nevis have?

Paradise Beach Nevis has 13 rooms.

Is Paradise Beach Nevis All-Inclusive?

No, Paradise Beach Nevis is not All-Inclusive.

Is Paradise Beach Nevis Adult-Only?

No, Paradise Beach Nevis is not Adult-Only.

Does Paradise Beach Nevis have villas?

No, Paradise Beach Nevis does not have villas.

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