Rendezvous Resort

Average Price Range: $400 to $1000

Distance to Airport: 2 minutes

Number of Rooms: 100

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: Yes

Rendezvous is an all-inclusive luxury resort exclusively for for couples. Secluded, tranquil and tailor-made for honeymoons, the rendezvous offers a perfect honeymoon getaway.

Surrounded by two miles of powdery beach and exotic tropical gardens, the only outside influence is entirely at your discretion – impeccable service, a host of activities, and exceptional menus and wine lists.

Rendezvous has been called β€œthe romantic holiday.” It’s hard to imagine a more alluring corner of the world for two people to escape to. A world away from the everyday, it’s a uniquely intimate island retreat. From the long stretches of deserted beach to the lazy-river pool that winds its way through quiet nooks and secret hideaways, every aspect of this all-inclusive luxury resort has been created to give couples the space and time they need to be alone.

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