Reykjavik Residence Hotel

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Situated in Reykjavik, Iceland, the Reykjavik Residence hotel is highly recommended by travelers. This residence offers a brand new apartment with some unique features. Making travelers feel at a new home far away from their nest, thanks to the service and warm hospitality.

Each residence room has a microwave, minibar, kitchenware, kitchenette, and much helpful staff. In addition, it provides wi-fi, paid parking, street parking, and 24 hours service.

Moreover, this hotel serves mouthwatering dishes and two types of breakfast. You can also choose from their breakfast basket or can have your breakfast in your room.

Besides, many restaurants and attractions are nearby. Explore them in your free time. As Iceland is full of natural beauties, this place attracts travelers the most.

Reykjavik Residence hotel is waiting to make your romantic getaway or honeymoon comfortable and memorable. So, let your dream of a perfect vacation come true at this peaceful escape.

How much does it cost to stay at Reykjavik Residence Hotel?

The average cost to stay at Reykjavik Residence Hotel is $107 to $339.

How many rooms does Reykjavik Residence Hotel have?

Reykjavik Residence Hotel has 47 rooms.

Is Reykjavik Residence Hotel All-Inclusive?

No, Reykjavik Residence Hotel is not All-Inclusive.

Is Reykjavik Residence Hotel Adult-Only?

Yes, Reykjavik Residence Hotel is Adult-Only.

Does Reykjavik Residence Hotel have villas?

Yes, Reykjavik Residence Hotel has villas. 🍹🥂

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