Royal Palms Hotel

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The elegant Royal Palms Hotel, situated on a tree-lined lane near Hamilton, offers the best of Bermudian hospitality for your honeymoon. This quintessential boutique hotel boasts a blend of Colonial and Bermudian architecture in a tranquil garden setting with coral-coloured walls, white shutters and a colonial wraparound porch with comfortable chairs for relaxing.

You are graciously welcomed to one of two pink, 19th century manor houses, which are nestled in lush gardens where you may enjoy the sun from lawn chairs or take a dip in the secluded pool.

Just ten minutes from the nearest beach, Royal Palms is a central location to access any island spot. Royal Palms is also home to a fantastic fine dining restaurant, Ascots. There is also the more casual dining option of Just 24 serving dinner on Ascots enclosed patio in a lovely garden setting.

How much does it cost to stay at Royal Palms Hotel?

The average cost to stay at Royal Palms Hotel is $304 to $493.

How far is Royal Palms Hotel from the airport?

Royal Palms Hotel is 25 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Royal Palms Hotel have?

Royal Palms Hotel has 32 rooms.

Is Royal Palms Hotel All-Inclusive?

No, Royal Palms Hotel is not All-Inclusive.

Is Royal Palms Hotel Adult-Only?

No, Royal Palms Hotel is not Adult-Only.

Does Royal Palms Hotel have villas?

No, Royal Palms Hotel does not have villas.

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