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Immerse and Envelop Yourself Otherworldly Beauty

Escape, in the aptly named Empty Quarter, from everyday life and into the desert. Just an hour and a half minutes from Abu Dhabi, in Liwa Hotel in Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest sand desert envelops you in otherworldly beauty. Travel in over blazing dunes by helicopter, or go in by camel procession. Luxuriate in the seclusion of the pool villa, with only ten villas dotted across the countryside.

Each experience at Abu Dhabi’s Royal Pavilion Villas is private and personalized. Dine with your personal chef on hand in your leisure time. For adventure and discovery, head out. Your desert sanctuary awaits, unparalleled in seclusion and majesty. Swimming, lounging, and dining, surrounded by nothing but sand dunes. Dine as and when you like, with our restaurants exclusively reserved for guests of the Royal Pavilion and open upon request. Customize each meal with your chef. Cross the desert to dining at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, for a change of scene. All of this gives fine dining in Abu Dhabi a new definition.

How much does it cost to stay at Royal Pavilion Villas?

The average cost to stay at Royal Pavilion Villas is $2010 to $2010.

How far is Royal Pavilion Villas from the airport?

Royal Pavilion Villas is 120 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Royal Pavilion Villas have?

Royal Pavilion Villas has 75 rooms.

Is Royal Pavilion Villas All-Inclusive?

No, Royal Pavilion Villas is not All-Inclusive.

Is Royal Pavilion Villas Adult-Only?

No, Royal Pavilion Villas is not Adult-Only.

Does Royal Pavilion Villas have villas?

No, Royal Pavilion Villas does not have villas.

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